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Compare with Beauxbatons and Hogwarts, which are simply French and British, respectively. In Bailey School Kids book Mrs. Jeepers to her childhood home in Eastern Europe, which unsurprisingly turns out to be one of these.

Although the Black Forest is actually a few hundred miles to the west of most portrayals of this trope, the 16th-early 17th century setting justifies it. It can be read here. Deliberately and glaringly averted in The Historian — it's a novel featuring Dracula that deliberately tries to portray South-Eastern Europe and its culture realistically and in depth, instead of as a stereotyped evil fairyland.

This might be because the name "Dracula" is based on Romanian world "Dracul" which means "dragon" and was derived from Prince Vlad II of Wallachia's membership in the Order of the Dragon. Mason and Alex, from Wizards of Waverly Place , go to Transylvania , apparently near an ancient, medieval castle, only during the night, for a more Later, Mason transforms into a werewolf there.

The few flashbacks we get to Transylvania and Dracula's description of the place in Young Dracula reveal it to be essentially unchanged since the time of Bram Stoker 's novel. The town of Winden from Netflix original show Dark is next to one of these.

When the soft white shrouds of morning dew lay down on the meadows green, Thy prais is due, but keep thy poetry for the night you haven't seen For when the sun doth set in Carpathia Then the creature leaves the lair and the ghost is on the stair It is the title song of a Concept Album inspired by Cthulhu Mythos , making it an interesting example in which this overlaps with Campbell Country. Ghoul claim to be from the country of "Creepsylvania", which incorporates every single stereotype that could possibly be associated with this trope.

Ghost is fond of this trope. Iron Maiden has an instrumental titled "Transylvania," the single's cover art depicts Eddie with with a stake and mallet about to kill Dracula and a creepy castle with bats is in the background. The Principality of Boldavia in Mystara , a province of Glantri "rumored to" be rife with undead. Things got a bit grimmer in Boldavia, but business goes on as usual.

Some of the other wizards in Glantri know what Prince Morphail is, but they realize that if someone manages to destroy him — and he's a top-ranked Glantrian — all his undead magic-using spawn will become fully free-willed at once, and no-one wants to see how that may end. More or less sums up the domain of Barovia in the Ravenloft which also happens to be the seat of its oldest and most iconic Big Bad , although virtually all the prominent domains embody the trope at least a little.

This should come as no surprise, as Ravenloft itself drew heavily upon gothic horror, both in the form of the original literature and movies such as the Hammer series. Eberron 's Karnnath used to be like this. In some places in the current era, the trope is still played straight. The titular plane in the Magic: The Gathering expansion Innistrad is home to vampires, werewolves, demons, zombies, ghosts, geists, and all sorts of nasty things. And smack-dab in the midst of this monster mash are the huddled masses of humanity, fighting an endless war against the darkness.

Then, when Avacyn is freed from the Helvault The earlier The Dark expansion was another attempt to embody this trope. The Homelands expansion was also an Überwald-flavored set. This realm has Varisians Roma as the primary human ethnic group, a Lich as in, The Undead serving as its ruler for a few centuries in its past, and features vampires, lycanthropes, mad scientists, ghosts, and evil cults.

Except for the County of Versex, which is more in line with Lovecraft Country so, not really an improvement. Not surprisingly, it serves as the setting for Carrion Crown the gothic horror Adventure Path. Warhammer Sylvania, ruled for centuries by the Von Carstein bloodline, is considered remarkably backwards even by the standards of the Old World.

Steeped in sinister magic and dark legend, it has many charming local traditions such as burying the dead face down so that if they start digging they won't be able to run well, shamble around the place. Not that it works often, mind. Most peasants live in houses with boarded up windows and heavy doors adorned with strong locking bolts and charms and fetishes to dozens of gods.

The province of Mousillon in Bretonnia is a dreary swampland where most of the people died in a plague years ago, and the survivors spend their days catching frogs and snails, tending to skinny goats, rebuilding their homes or grave robbing.

A lot of the dead don't even need help getting out of the grave. The previous lord of Mousillon was murderously insane and never pulled up the visor of his helmet for some reason. The rest of Bretonnia has pretty much abandoned the place. The nation of Mauristatia in the Fighting Fantasy gamebook and RPG universe is like this, with vampire lords lurking in castles and mad scientists alchemists trying to build monsters out of bits of corpses.

A version of the roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu using the Gumshoe system called Trail Of Cthulhu has the scenario book Shadows Over Filmland inspired by horror films from the s. It also introduces this setting, here referred to as Backlot Gothic. Hello there, Tanz Der Vampire. There's wolves, wilderness, an ancient castle, and the dangerous Count von Krolock. That said, in a world where everyone including you is a vampire, calling someone a vampire would be redundant. Battalion Wars has the Xylvania and its Iron Legions.

The kingdom of Gilneas in Cataclysm expansion. A sizeable number of its population have chosen to become Worgen to protect themselves from the invading zombies and Forsaken. And Silverpine Forest, the second place a Worgen will visit, is a similar pinewood paradise simply infested with wolves, bats, giant spiders, rogue Worgen and the invading Forsaken. It rains almost constantly, there's always a full moon, and everybody sounds like they're either nobility, or choking on a cockney.

Tirisfal Glades to the north, starting zone of the Forsaken, isn't any better. While your enemies are more likely to be things that have been mutated by the Plague, there seems to be a mad scientist in every house, dwellings have a similar 18th century vibe, and the woods are no less creepy just because of the Sickly Green Glow. Most of the Castlevania games take place in an Überwald setting.

Morytania in RuneScape , complete with all kinds of classic horror tropes: The nation of Ulm in Dominions has turned into this in the Late Age. Vampires, wolves and sinister gypsies are included. Local Illuminati add some extra color with their plots and blood magic. The Blackmarsh in the Awakening expansion for Dragon Age: The world in the first Legacy of Kain is a pretty straight Überwald.

Less so in the following games. Its 'attractions' include communist gnomes, vampires who want to take over, an alcoholic Forest God, and left-over Soviet research projects. Dracula as well, of course though in a subversion of the usual trope, here he's an immortal vampire hunter. Rift has Gloamwood, a dark and spooky region of forest known for its giant spiders, werewolves, ghosts and walking dead, and an ancient Hag.

Johnson admitted that election assistance would be granted to states regardless of any formal designation. Furthermore, he could not adequately explain why it was immediately necessary.

Americans need to know that the November election—the voting process itself—was not hacked or subject to manipulation in any way. No credible evidence of hacking, including attempted hacking of voting machines or vote counting, was ever presented or discovered in any state. State and local autonomy over elections is our greatest asset against malicious cyberattacks and manipulation.

While we recognize the need to share information on threats and risk mitigation in our elections at all levels of government, as we did throughout the election cycle, it is unclear why a critical infrastructure classification is now necessary. Additionally, Louisiana citizens who oppose the designation are encouraged to visit www. Secretary Schedler will administer the oaths of office to the eight electors of the Republican Party prior to their official votes for president and vice president of the United States.

Harsch, 2nd Congressional District; Charles L. Rhys, 6th Congressional District. The Electoral College, administered by the National Archives and Records Administration, is a process that began as part of the original design of the United States Constitution.

The Founding Fathers established the Electoral College as a compromise between election of the president by Congress and election by a popular voter. The people of the United States vote for the electors who then vote for president. For more information on the Electoral College, visit https: Orleans Parish will not test until Friday, Dec.

In addition to the runoff for U. Senate as well as Congressional Districts 3 and 4, voters will also be deciding municipal races in many parishes along with propositions in 44 parishes.

Eligible voters will be casting ballots for the presidential election, U. Senate and six constitutional amendments as well as an assortment of local races and propositions beginning at 6 A. Polls open at 6 a. Ballot selfies are legal, but voters are reminded to be courteous of voters waiting in line. Remember, your ballot is protected and private unless you disclose it.

Business Compliance Division is not affiliated or associated with Louisiana state government in any way. It is a private company, and Louisiana corporations are not required to call or have any dealings with this company at all.

Phone calls earlier this year came from a company named Louisiana Council for Corporations and were also fraudulent. View the listings by parish to find your new location. Turnout to date has been extremely high, breaking record numbers from and On average, close to 73, people cast their vote daily during the early voting period statewide.

Through Saturday, , voters have participated in early voting. A total of 3 million people are registered to vote in Louisiana. In addition to the election for president, there are more than races statewide involving candidates. Additionally, there are six constitutional amendments voters will be asked to decide as well as 78 propositions across 38 parishes. Election Integrity Dear Louisiana Citizens, I and the undersigned state leaders wish to address growing concerns and rumors about the integrity of the state's election system after a series of national news stories indicated the possibility of hackers gaining access to both registration systems as well as voting machines in states other than Louisiana.

It is important to emphasize the fact that Louisiana has a nationally recognized process that includes multiple layers of checks and balances which protect our election process and makes it uniquely secure. As Secretary of State it is my job to make voting easy and cheating hard.

It's a delicate balance to make sure that our citizens can vote without hassle, but that those intent on breaking the law are easily detected. As we have reviewed our security measures, I feel we have the right balance in place.

Louisiana doesn't have same day registration, Louisiana doesn't have universal registration. And Louisiana is not a mail ballot state. If we had those components, I would worry more about Election Day fraud, but we don't. What we do have is a long-standing photo I. Our voting machines are never connected to the internet and have the most up to date software available. That's not the case in every state, but voters can rest assured that our machine counts are extremely accurate and can be backed up with a paper audit after each election.

In addition to addressing voting machine security, I along with other state leaders wish to provide reassurance that Louisiana's online voter registration system includes security features aimed at preventing hacks similar to those in Arizona and Illinois.

While citizens can register to vote online through sos. Instead, voter's information is sent from the website to each parish Registrar of Voters' Office for verification and final processing. This provides the checks and balances necessary to ensure the integrity of our election systems. The Secretary of State's Office has also been working cooperatively with Louisiana's Clerks of Court and Registrars of Voters to reassure voters and Election Day commissioners about machine security as well as registration data.

As your secretary of state I addressed registrars during the annual Election Academy held in August and addressed the Louisiana Clerks of Court Association meeting in mid-September. Voters should know their vote will count and should not be discouraged from participating. Voter fraud is no joking matter and executing a fair election is a job we all take very seriously as demonstrated by our processes which include back-ups and paper records which have proven valuable not only for security purposes but in times of disaster such as after Hurricane Katrina.

Our systems are tested and we are on high alert for any irregularities which might be detected. Danny Martiny House Rep. And remember, anyone who votes early, in-person, will receive a limited edition Blue Dog I Voted sticker to wear proudly. Early voting begins in Louisiana on Oct. Election Day across the country is Tuesday, Nov. A native of New Iberia, La. He wanted to be a part of something; he wanted a country; he wanted to be an American.

At last he found the country in which he is happy, in which he can fulfill the dream of his forefathers of living somewhere where freedom exists.

Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Also on view is his famous Washington Blue Dog , featuring the U. Capitol and the White House. It is also such a positive symbol for our state and helps spread the word about the outstanding work done by the Rodrigue Foundation in terms of art education for our young people.

GRFA encourages the use of art within all curriculums and supports a variety of arts educational program, providing educators with the tools needed to incorporate the arts into their classrooms. GRFA programs are open to all accredited schools in Louisiana, and online resources benefit schools worldwide. To learn more about the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts visit www.

And to find out more about voting in Louisiana go to www. Secretary Schedler will be joined in both locations by several special guests who have partnered with him on this unique Louisiana project for the Nov. Louisiana was one of only two states in the nation to increase participation during the Presidential Election cycle reaching The last day to register to vote for the November election is Tuesday, Oct.

Lunch is served at The Press Club is open to the public, but only members of the Press Club and members of the news media are allowed to ask questions during the question-and-answer portion of the program. Below are some basic steps to salvage water damaged documents: If items have been submerged, leave them submerged until they can be air dried or frozen.

Move to clean water if possible. Move into an area where the air is circulating if possible. Use fans if available. Do not direct stream of air onto documents but into the room to keep air moving. Screens can be laid on top to prevent items from blowing around.

Put wet material on an absorbent layer of blotter material like blank newsprint or paper towels. Change blotting material beneath the materials as it becomes soaked. If small clumps of records are fanned out to dry, they should be turned every few hours to encourage evaporation from both sides. If the volume of material is great, freeze those items which cannot be air dried within 48 hours.

The material can then be unthawed when you have the time and materials to air dry. This can be accomplished with a common household freezer. If items can be left in the freezer for a few months, they will dry themselves through a process called sublimation. Additionally, the steps below can be used for photographs that have been water logged: For qualifiers who are concerned about getting original signatures to us in time, they may fax to Postal Service as follow up.

They may also scan documents and email them to admin sos. The deadline for the chairman and secretary of the state central committee or the chairman and secretary of the convention to file the required documentation with the Louisiana secretary of state is AUG.

If the state central committee does not meet the aforementioned deadline, the national chairman may file the required documentation no later than AUG. People I respect ask me to step into leadership positions, and I always do. During his tenure as NASS president, Schedler and his secretary of state colleagues have focused their efforts on hosting training sessions for participating states including conferences focusing on information technology and communication strategies.

Additionally, NASS assisted states impacted by the Panama Papers by suggesting national solutions using existing resources instead of costly federal legislation that has proven controversial. Schedler was first asked to serve on the NASS Executive Board as secretary in and was later appointed as treasurer in by Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett, placing Schedler in line for the presidency in The association has key initiatives in the areas of elections and voting, state business services and digital archiving, international relations and state securities regulation, as well as several well-established awards programs.

Citizens wishing to register by mail can complete the application at http: To register and vote in Louisiana individuals must be: Louisiana's annual Voter Registration Week will be observed statewide from May , Wednesday, May 11 from 10 a. Burger Zone, N. Big B's Supermarket Wednesday, May 11 from Pierre Part Library Thursday, May 12 from 8: Robert's Food Store Friday, May 13 from Castor Branch Library Tuesday, May 10 from Saline Branch Library Wednesday, May 11 from 9: Ringgold Branch Library Wednesday, May 11 from Monday, May 9 from noon Monday, May 9 from Tuesday, May 10 from noon Wednesday, May 11 from 9: Wednesday, May 11 from Drive Thursday, May 12 from 9: Thursday, May 12 from noon Drive Calcasieu Parish Monday, May 9 from a.

Epps Memorial Library, N. Calcasieu Parish Courthouse, Ryan St. Cameron Library, Marshall St. Hackberry Library, Main St. Monday, May 9 from p. River Center Branch Library, St. Wednesday, May 11 from p. Thursday, May 12 from p. Rosedale Branch Library Wednesday, May 11 from 11 a. Delta College, Republic Ave. Lockport Library, Crescent Ave.

Golden Meadow Library, N. Madison Parish Library, N. Chill's Barbershop, Carrollton Ave. Algiers Regional Library Monday, May 9 from 11 a. Smith Library Monday, May 9 from Clark High School Tuesday, May 10 from Woldenberg Village Thursday, May 12 from Chateau de Notre Dame Friday, May 13 from Immigration Friday, May 13 from 11 a.

Hope Credit Union Friday, May 13 from 11 a. Canterbury House Assisted Living , 16th St. Pineville Library, W. Bernard Parish Library, Palmisano Blvd. Stage Department Store, W. Walgreens Drug Store, W. South Lake Food Store, E. Bernard, LA St. Charles Parish Tuesday, May 10 from 9 a. Boutte Post Office, Highway 90 St.

Bebo's, Highway 38, Kentwood Wednesday, May 11 from Fletcher Community College, St. Charles Street, Houma Monday, May 9 from Shady Land Apartments, W. Thursday, May 12 from a. Shady Acres Senior Center, W. Friday, May 13 from a. Louisiana State Capitol, Rotunda. Early voting begins on Saturday, March 26 and continues through Saturday, April 2 from 8: John The Baptist, St.

Public outreach and education will be a central focus for the group, which includes the following members: The PPP allows electors of each political party in the state with 40, or more registered members to express their preference for a person to be the nominee for president of the United States. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party will also have their state central committee and parish executive committee elections. In Louisiana, the PPP and the state and local party elections are the only closed elections held statewide meaning voters can only cast ballots for a candidate affiliated with the party in which the voter is registered.

In other words, only Democrats can vote for Democrats, and Republicans can vote for Republicans. Tammany, Tangipahoa and West Baton Rouge. Below are several reminders to assist citizens on Election Day: Download the GeauxVote Mobile smartphone app to find polling locations, review sample ballots and monitor election results in real-time.

Sample ballots are also available at www. Voters in line at 8 p. Secretary Schedler encourages voters to check with their Registrar of Voters Office before heading out to vote in case their local office is affected. Currently, early voting will be suspended in the following parishes: John the Baptist, St. Early voting will re-open Wednesday morning at 8: Early voting is a convenient way to get your ballot cast ahead of time and is typically quick and easy.

House Concurrent Resolution No. Individuals can register to vote online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www. The PPP will be held March 5, and allows electors of each political party in the state with 40, or more registered members to express their preference for a person to be the nominee for president of the United States.

However, we can all agree that our military heroes, who fought in numerous wars to ensure our freedoms, deserve our respect and admiration. Exercising your right to vote and dedicating that vote to an individual is a wonderful expression of thanks. Secretary Schedler encourages voters to participate in this patriotic program during each and every election to honor the many service members who have heroically protected our rights and freedoms.

Statewide, there are more than candidate races including races for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and a number of legislative seats. Get informed and cast your ballot. Statewide, there are more than candidate races including several statewide elected officials and legislators. Download the GeauxVote Mobile smartphone app to sign up for Election Day text notifications, find polling locations, review sample ballots and monitor election results in real-time.

Sample ballots are available at www. Bring a photo I. By law, each voter is allowed 3 minutes to cast their ballot in order to expedite long lines. Graphical, Text and Mobile Allow three to five minutes between refreshing the results for optimal functionality.

Early voting locations are open from 8: The exhibit, on display through Nov. Through rare photographs, historic drawings, vintage artifacts and period advertisements, the exhibit features the mid-century backyard of the s from the rise of the suburbs and tract houses and the beauty of post-war garden design to the birth of the environmental movement. In the s, America was a nation emerging from the shadow of World War II, searching for ways to enjoy its newfound peace and prosperity.

Post-war trends such as the baby boom, a growing middle class, the do-it-yourself concept and a dramatic rise in home ownership remade much of the U. The mid-century backyard became an extension of the house, a room designed for relaxing, recreation and entertaining. Private backyard pools were an affordable luxury for many, and the patio became the perfect place for a backyard grill and patio furniture made with new materials like plastic and aluminum.

The public reception will take place on Sept. There is no charge for admission to the reception. The museum is open to the public Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.

Tours are free of charge. View the agenda for the Oct. All candidates for legislative, parish and municipal races will qualify with their parish Clerk of Court. Check with your local Clerk of Court for specific parish hours of operation. Robert's Food Store Friday, Sept. All reviewers have been verified to have contacted this dealer. All reviewers have been verified to have contacted this dealer — Learn More. Knowledgeable, friendly and very reasonable.

Overall best car buying experience I have ever had. Very profession, honest and trustworthy. No pressure just great service and a nice new car. Didn't end up purchase here but great and responsive. Show older dealer reviews There were no problems and they were very helpful in arranging the required service due. These people know cars. Great people with quality automobiles.

I recently bought a pre-owned Mercedes Benz from European Motors. I was very impressed with the professionalism, straight talk, no pressure approach of Mr.

Odenwald and the rest of the staff. They addressed without any reservations all my questions. It was a refreshing experience. The car is in excellent condition. I highly recommend European Motors. Went down there but I don't think they really wanted to help me buy. Easy to do business with! I purchased this vehicle, sight unseen. I will pick it up in Jan- Feb Did not hear from the dealer, but went to the location and the picture looked better than the car did in person.

Left multiple inquiries via. CarGurus email interface, their own website, and on their phone - to never get any response: Uwe and Gabriele, the owners, were courteous, knowledgeable and passionate about the Mercedes brand.

The car I bought was in great condition; my trade-in's value was generous.


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