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I am so surprised to know that your real name is actually Moon Joonwon:

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Frequently and reliable data backup is very important and can't be neglected or even be missed totally. If no backup is performed it soon can be to late at all. Therefore we offer a backup service on a regular basis to you. The online shop also forms part of its corporate identity. We adapt your SmartStore. NET online shop optically, put 4 slides into the content slider and create 10 new content pages. Do you have an idea or need extra functions or extensions? We bring your ideas to life with the competence of the manufacturer.

Perfect Design Stand out from your competitors! Easy Handling In the sleek admin backend you have everything under control easily: Multi-Store Manage multiple stores from a single installation and database in order to boost brands, make the most of seasonal sales, satisfy consumers and business buyers, promote special products and much more. Mobile Commerce The continuous implementation of a responsive design provides a shop layout which is optimized for mobile devices and gives your customers a perfect shopping experience.

Multilingual Ready to go global? Latest technology The state-of-the-art architecture of SmartStore. NET offers designers a cutting-edge foundation for creativity, thereby enabling shop design at the highest level. Stock level management With the integrated stock level management, you get an overview of which products need to be reordered. Order and customer management In the integrated back office, you can print invoices as well as enable product ratings and blog entries.

Management of different customer groups Define customer groups and specify the visibility of prices for different customer groups. Surveys Create surveys and receive feedback on your products or campaigns. Gift vouchers Offer your customers the option to buy gift vouchers for your shop.

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Payment on delivery, pre-payment, credit card In SmartStore. Paypal Express PayPal Express offers your customers a particularly quick payment method by shortening the purchasing process, thereby reducing the number of purchase cancellations at your shop. More Features More payment interfaces can be found here.

Demo We have set up a live demo for you to be able to test SmartStore. The very name Sekigahara is evocative for anyone who knows anything about Japanese history.

Its outcome would end the Warring States Period and determine a ruler for the new era. He soon decides to return home as a guerrilla fighter alongside Che and the National Liberation Army of Bolivia, in a doomed attempt to overthrow the government. The titular shop was run for years by the kindly Mr. Namiya, an elderly man who imparted homespun wisdom to customers in need of advice. In , as three youths hide out in the now derelict store following a burglary, a letter is slipped through the door — allegedly written by a girl three decades earlier.

Miyuki lost her mother in the tsunami disaster in Fukushima. Working as a city clerk, she shares temporary housing with her father, a rice farmer who has lost his livelihood as his fields are now in the nuclear contamination zone.

Out of financial necessity, and to escape her grinding existence in the disaster area, she journeys to Tokyo on the weekends where she works as a prostitute.

There she meets Miura who becomes her driver, guardian and confidant. Stephen Nomura Schible Starring: Shot over a period of five years, the film opens with the humanitarian Sakamoto examining a nuclear contamination zone in Fukushima and proceeds to chronicle his cancer diagnosis, his beginnings in music, and his thoughts about the world — ultimately depicting Sakamoto as a visionary with a complex, caring, and creative mind.

Aspiring young director Kenji dreams of making films and spends his days at his favourite theatre, the Romance Gekijo, watching old black-and-white films. Still in black and white, Kenji takes her out to introduce her to the beauty of color: The film quietly evokes the enigma of discovering the private life of a loved one, whether dead or alive; and the elasticity of familial bonds.

He deceives the homeowner Sasuke to get it for next to nothing. In fact Sasuke is merely the house-sitter and made the tea cup himself. Five years after surviving the all-out war between the Sanno and Hanabishi crime families, former yakuza boss Otomo now works in South Korea for Mr. Chang, a renowned fixer whose influence extends into Japan. Based on his popular play about the struggles of the Zainichi ethnic Korean community in Japan, director Wishing Chong tells the story of one family in s Osaka.

Yong Gil immigrated from South Korea and operates a barbecue restaurant with his wife and three tempestuous daughters. Oldest daughter Jung-Hwa is dating Tetsuo but they break up. Middle daughter Yi-Hwa loves Tetsuo and marries him, but he still loves her older sister and they divorce.

The youngest daughter Mi-Hwa wants to become a singer, but she is in love with a married man. The latest film from the director of the Oscar-winning Departures tells the story of culinary genius Mitsuru Sasaki, a formerly renowned chef who now capitalizes on his gift: He is commissioned to cook a meal as the last request of dying gourmet for a fee lofty enough to save his floundering business.

But where is the recipe now and what was the secret that Yamagata risked his life to hide? Towako lives with Jinji a man 15 years her senior.

Nachdem die Open-Source-Community gegen restriktive Lizenzbestimmungen protestieren, die unter anderem ein Benchmark-Verbot beinhalteten, hat Intel nun nachgegeben. Das Plug-in überwacht browserseitig die sichere Ausführung von Webprotokollen.

Sie gehört zu einer zielgerichteten Spionagekampagne. Die Verteilung erfolgt über eine legitim erscheinende Porno-App.

Derzeit nehmen die Hintermänner überwiegend Ziele in Israel ins Visier. Die Kampagne ist Bitdefender zufolge weiterhin aktiv. Betroffen sind die Versionen CC und Ein Angreifer kann auch ohne Wissen des Nutzers Schadcode einschleusen und ausführen. Angriffe auf die Lücken hält Adobe für unwahrscheinlich.

Die Hintermänner sammeln in nur zwei Wochen mehr als Ein Opfer soll bis zu Microsoft übernimmt per Gerichtsbeschluss die Kontrolle über die Domains. Neue Regeln sollen Entwicklern und Anbietern helfen, einer fälschlichen Erkennung ihrer Software vorzubeugen.

Microsoft empfiehlt unter anderem die Signierung von Installationsdateien. Der auffälligste Trend in den Statistiken des ersten Quartals Angeblich erbeutet er 90 GByte Daten. Apple dementiert eine Kompromittierung von Kundendaten. Seine Taten bescheren dem Jugendlichen angeblich einen gewissen Bekanntheitsgrad in der internationalen Hacker-Community.

WordPress kennt die Schwachstelle schon seit Anfang

Spionage-Apps im Mac App Store aufgetaucht

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