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Vikings: Beyond the Legend at Melbourne Museum reveals truth about Scandinavian raiders

This badge is dated however I believe it was produced a few years later but before This badge came in three grades:

No horned helmets

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We look forward to helping you with your collection. We have been in business over 50 years and your satisfaction is guaranteed on all your purchases. Orders and Decorations, Militaria - Historical Collectibles. We have a comprehensive collection german material, but also other countries that have played a role during this period are represented We endeavour to accurately describe and photograph the items for sale.

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We travel up and down the country looking for WWII memorabilia we are always looking for interesting items. We do as much research as we can on each item that we intend to sell and much of our stock that we generate will be German Third Reich memorabilia and for the future we intend to stock British military items to include deactivated weapons RAF and field equipment, so give us a look and see what we have on offer.

Deactivated weapons bought and sold. We have a stock of high quality Denison smocks, repros for re-enactors and collectors —all sizes up to XXXL!

Secure On line shop With loads of Stock! Take alook at our web site, you'll be amazed at what we have to offer. Please visit my website and contact me directly.

I am looking to buy genuine items at any time. British and German equipment, Helmets and uniform items generally.

Just a few of the mainly Combat orientated or Historically Significant pieces I continue to offer. Everything is guaranteed genuine and of pre manufacture. I'm also doing wholesale to order militaria dealers. Our retail shop is open Tursday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.

We operate from an online shop - as well as fairs and markets. We now have a retail store in Totton. We have more than products and we produce everything on our own. We source these parts from all over the world and have the most extensive inventory in Europe. They embody the sprit of the iconic Willys Jeep in every detail. The case, dial and hands capture the characteristic features of the Jeep.

The first is made from real leather and the second from canvas webbing — both carefully chosen to match the securing straps used on Willys Jeeps in World War Two. John has traded since Party shield is a pocher, with nice age crazing and mostly intact. The shell shows some repairs the front and overall and wear; the liner is a get this--double ply reinforced aluminum But it has been in forever and the pins show the fuzzy patina that only age produces; and they are untouched.

There are corrosion spots on the top, otherwise this helmet is a semi-salty early beauty. Here is a nearly stone mint example of a rare type of Q62 SS M It is in chalky mint condition with factory applied Quist pattern runic and party shields. The shell, interestingly, is an M35, but it is thoroughly factory produced as an M40 helmet.

That signifies this is one of the last M35 shells to go through the production system, a leftover in a sense. Given the liner date, this was one of the many early M40s that were produced with two decals--I have an example in my collection that is an M40 shell, but it is rare to see one of these that is an M35 shell but thrown into the M40 production process.

The liner is mint and untouched. The pigskin chinstrap yes, they had these even in the late '30s, is fragile and has become separated. The veteran who brought this back has passed and his obituary is available to the buyer. A helmet this nice won't last long, and it's destined for a top shelf position in an SS helmet collection.

Price includes my lifetime guarantee of authenticity This helmet is a consignment from a fellow collector interested in selling it at a value commensurate with its condition and caveats. The helmet is a Quist M35 with a late early steel lot range, and shows heavy use.

The factory paint is covered in a heavily worn field grey paint that obscured the party shield, but left the Quist runic shield visible. The liner and strap are original, but are dated single ply early liner band , and on further note, the liner retaining pins appear refinished and purposefully rusted on the inside you want to see patina and oxidation, not rust, on a helmet that is worn but not rusted. Given these factors, a 8 to 9 thousand dollar M35 becomes something less in value.

Still a real helmet, with a real liner.. Therefore, the price is lowered accordingly. My guarantee will be caveated in accordance with these specific conditions of the helmet. Assuming ET or possibly factory Pocher decals on the factory finsh.

Then, the helmet was repurposed for field use as did happen with these during the late VT - early Waffen period; consisting of an outer finish of feldgrau and a final set of pocher runic and party shields. This one shows the hasty field removal of the party shield, but runes being left intact. The liner and strap are untouched. Very solid Waffen-SS combat helmet. Excellently priced at 8. Here is an opportunity to own one of these rare specimens, potentially representing a true einsatzkommando or anti-partisan piece of headgear.

M40 versions of the reverse decal are almost unheard of. Characteristic of these helmets, many were originally Polizei-issue helmets the police shield is underneath the CA Pocher runic shield This helmet possesses the smooth dark green feldgrau finish of the M40 police issue. The M and M40 types were seen more among the Einsatzgruppen or mobile killing squads operating in Poland early in the war; or issued within the SS-Polizei-Division.

The foreign volunteers of the Baltics and the Ukraine came later, and were issued M42 DD police helmets, and when standardized from Schutzmannschaften to SS, given a runic shield to cover the police shield. These and the M40 police helmets comprise the largest number of reverse decal SS helmet types, for the above stated reasons. This one is un-named as far as I can tell and while the liner date is present, it has that gentle oxydized fuzz that can obscure the date and I'm not going to bend it and clean it to see the year-- suffice it to say with a steel lot number it is about a late or earlier helmet.

That puts it right in the early stages of the war in the East, right at the time of the Einsatzgruppen activities. The amount of use and wear this helmet displays is also an indicator of heavy field duty, likely anti-partisan in nature. All components are untouched and fully original to the helmet. Full of history, these helmets are as "mainstream SS" as any other type, given the size of that force that was dedicated to the deadly mission of those units. To me, these are among the most historic of the SS wartime helmets, because they are hard evidence of the most notorious period of nazi eastward expansion; the ghettos, the einsatzgruppen, the holocaust.

This is from my personal collection; an ET ckl 62 shell size stamping says 64, but it's definitely a 62, with proper size 54 liner, untouched original to the helmet. The liner and strap are mint, factory installed, and untouched. Nearly impossible to upgrade. For the interest of fellow collectors, I've included a picture from a private collection of an identical CKL M42, same lot number , same mismarked size ckl64, but is actually a 62 shell, outfitted with 55 or 54 liner size.

Very interesting and just like anything else in a wartime economy, it is not difficult for us to understand how the Eisenhuttenwerke Thale factory would make the relatively insignificant, tiny adjustment necessary to get these otherwise perfect helmets issued to soldiers who need them. For me, anomalies like this are an historical bonus and make collecting fun!

This helmet is one that deserves special mention because it represents one that has been with the SS since the first part of the war, then refurbished and re-decaled with a fine CA Pocher rune, then back into combat for a lengthy period of time.

Every aspect of it shows the wear and age of prolonged combat use. The size 56 M40 style liner and strap are original untouched to the piece. The heavy dark feldgrau is painted atop a rough texture reissue finish.

The air vents are caked with paint but are clearly M The maker and heat lot number are coated with paint and illegible. Condition overall is very good-plus, with no flaws. Strap is not present.

A decent combat helmet opportunity, perfect to top off a combat display. This offering is for a very nice mint example of the second pattern W-SS helmet cover, in eichentarn muster. The stitching is exactly the expected, correct method with imperfections and anomalies associated with old fashioned machine stitched items from the wartime period.

The colors are vivid, and the construction of the cover includes use of plain-tree scraps as spring channels on the autumn side see photos. The pull-tails for installation of the spring anchors still remain untrimmed. The rocker clips are grey steel with correct peening of the rivets.

There is no discernable size marking on the rear of this one, but it fits nicely on a size 66 M42 shell for reference. All in all a one-look beauty that can't be upgraded. This helmet is a vet purchase by the consignor. I have examined it in great detail and observe it to be a Q66 Waffen-SS single decal M40, that has been repainted in a paint color very closely resembling battleship grey, and decorated with hand-rendered Wehrmacht insignia as pictured. The insignia all show age crazing as does the paint.

I believe it is an example of a GI art piece that was used during unit functions around the end of the war or early occupation period. I also note the lack of any names or inscriptions that might suggest American or Allied usage; leaving some question as to the function of this helmet. The offerings below are among the best and rarest SS helmets offered anywhere. Some are veteran purchases by pickers or myself, estate sale finds, and some come from old, advanced collections.

This is a chance to own some of the creme of these collections. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Max Show, where we will have some of these offerings available in person. A word to fellow collectors and customers They come from the finest collections in the world. Those who desire to own the best of what has been collected and conserved over the decades since the war, this is your chance to obtain examples from among those helmets.

Rather than being stored in a garage or attic and being discovered in heartbreaking condition many decades later, these helmets are those that came out in the early days, mainly from veteran or close-veteran sources; and have been carefully curated over the years by passionate, sincere collectors.

As these lifetime collectors age, where do their helmets go? They go to trusted others who can offer them on a platform such as this or other reputable websites, where they can be available to all who wish to own one of them.

My goal with this website of now 10 years since February, is to help these helmets find a responsible new owner to curate them forward into the next generations. It seems to me that WWII German Militaria has a unique attraction to historical collectors, in some cases, far beyond other periods and armies. All are fine, guaranteed Original items of SS Steel. I am dividing the page in a more structured manner to refect the significant time periods these helmets represent.

I strongly urge collectors to pay attention to all of the time periods, because the evolution of the style and functionality of all SS helmets contains examples from each stage of evolution, making each type a truly remarkable collectible. When you see an M40 or 42 helmet, you think of the noise and violence of combat in the east front. But if you put each helmet in historical context, you then non only see helmets that are from that tumultous eastern campaign; but you also see helmets worn during the enormous Nurnberg rallies by the warriors who participated in huge historic gambles taken by ,DF' and his regime, to boldly occupy the Rheinland, boldly and with arms occupy the Sudetenland, to brazenly annex Austria; and to attack the Low Countries and France with speed, surprise and skill.

If we put on our historical lens, we see how exciting and important those periods and these helmets were to the whole historic picture. Please enjoy these listings and offerings, which are now presented in more proper categories. Scroll Down for early and late Waffen-SS helmets, as well as helmet covers in their proper associated time periods. Here is one of the few original Italian SS helmets that may actually exist. The seller reports that a number of years back, when he first showed it to me, he had gotten it from the in-laws of his cousin.

The father, named Davis, had served with Patton's 3rd Army which fought prominently throughout Italy. You can buy in our armory different weapons for hunting, sport shooting as well as shooting of leisure. Deactivated weapons bought and sold. We have a stock of high quality Denison smocks, repros for re-enactors and collectors —all sizes up to XXXL!

Please visit my website and contact me directly. I am looking to buy genuine items at any time. I'm also doing wholesale to order militaria dealers. John has traded since Ranging from cap badges to uniforms and deactivated weapons.

Stock is changing all the time so please take a look at our shop. Now in our 37th year serving our loyal customer base of over who appreciate great value and superb service.

A legend in the trade. Items to enhance any collection. We specialise in high quality and rare deactivated and historic firearms.

We specialise in original and top quality reproduction WW2 German uniforms, equipment and deactivated weapons. Deactivated weapons, accessories and militaria bought and sold. We sell de-activated weapons , antiques, and are also Registered Firearms Dealers. We specialise in the supply of deactivated firearms and non pressure bearing parts and firearm accessories.

D and B Militaria has been trading for over 12 years and we are very well respected and known particularly for our expertise in deactivated weapons and accessories. Dealers in UK specification deactivated weapons of all types, related accessories and general militaria. A small UK based company who supply original and reproduction military items to reenactors, collectors and the TV and film industry. Based in the Norfolk countryside I have a retail shop selling among other things items of militaria.

Group West is a type 08 importer of surplus equipment to the United States. A wide range of pre collectable militaria. We have been in the business of restoring cannon and artillery in our Hereford workshops since , applying the latest technology to conservation of period artillery.

Le Holdy Militaria buys and sells military equipment collection and tourist souvenirs. Specialist in parts and accessories for all models of the classic Lee Enfield rifles. We sell only original Third Reich militaria items that are guaranteed to have been produced during the Nazi Reich period to We have many items for the Willys Jeep Nekaf M38a1 in stock.

We offer a selection of military and related items from British and American Forces and a selection of Homefront items from all era's. We are a new Midlands based company specializing in old spec deactivated weapons from pistols, rifles, machine guns, sub machine guns and militaria from World War II to the present day.

Manufacturers of military film props. We sell deactivated weapons, edged weapons, helmets and headwear. Our aim is no different online today, as it was 30 years ago when our store first opened, we want to engage with like minded customers who enjoy the kit we sell just as much as we do! The very best of mixed world militaria from to present day. Established in we specialise in legally de - activated weapons and general militaria.

We specialize in 20th century militaria, army-surplus and custom airsoft guns, accessories and related equipment. With over 30 years in the military business Soldier of Fortune have the expertise to kit you out from head to toe with clothing, webbing, insignia and equipment alongside supplying those finishing touches to your uniform. We sell collectors military vehicles. WW2 Military vehicles and Militaria bought and sold.

Our company sells military vehicles to collectors -over military vehicles in stock, - spares military surplus, original deactivated weapons, military clothing and uniforms, etc. Surrey Militaria buys and sells genuine military items including edged weapons,uniforms, photographs and emphera, medals and deactivated guns.

We are trading with tanks and armoured vehiclse as well as demilitarized goods.

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