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He also sang "Blue Moon" in the movie "Grease".

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The group is best known for their original version of "Lookin' For A Love" , later recorded by Bobby as a solo artist and by the J. Eddie Lewis, tenor singer and last original member of the Olympics, who gave us "Western Movies" , died Wednesday May 31 of unspecified causes. Eddie was the cousin of lead singer Walter Ward. Olivia Newton-John has been forced to postpone all concerts for the month of June as the back pain which had been attributed to sciatica, turned out to be a recurrence of her breast cancer that has now metastasized to the sacrum.

The announcement was made Tuesday May The 68 year-old had postponed her May concerts nearly a month ago. Olivia will complete a course of photon radiation therapy and undergo natural wellness therapies. He had been in the Mayo Clinic last August and cancelled his upcoming concerts for this year but denied reports last month that he was in hospice. He underwent a liver transplant in after contracting hepatitis C.

Born in Nashville and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida, he and his brother Duane formed the Allman Joys later Hour Glass , recording for Liberty Records in and recording two albums to little acclaim. A live album recorded at the Fillmore East brought them to the attention of the public but a motorcycle crash killed Duane in Meanwhile, he recorded solo-- "Midnight Rider" from his album, "Laid Back" was a 19 tune in The Allman Brothers Band broke up a year later, though it re-formed several times later and continues today.

Gregg married Cher in one of six marriages and it resulted in the birth of Elijah Blue Allman one of his five children a year later. Despite recording an album together, they divorced in His autobiography, "My Cross To Bear", was released in A movie based on the book was halted after a tragic railroad accident during filming. Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones underwent surgery May 25 to remove a lesion on his lung. Doictors say additional treatment will not be necessary and te surgery will not affect the upcoming Stones tour.

The Corona, California native first married at the age of 16 and was the father of actor of actor James Parks. On television he had a recurring role on "Twin Peaks". As a singer he recorded eight albums, though he never returned to the charts after his one hit single.

Barry Manilow has been forced to postpone shows in Los Angeles and Chicago May 14 and 17 to rest his strained vocal cords. Again, the dates will be made up. And Tony Bennett canceled a concert in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania scheduled for May 13 because of the flu.

However, the hotel originally opened under that name in , though the name has changed several times over the years. The suit contends that new owners went back to the name in and have tried to profit from an association with the band's tune, including the sale of memorabilia.

The lawsuit is seeking an injuction, all related profits and relief. Guitarist Craig Chaquico, founding member of Jefferson Starship, filed suit in San Francisco April 27 against former bandmates David Freiberg and Donny Baldwin for using the group's name without permission.

Craig joined the offshoot of Jefferson Airplane in after having played on projects with Paul Kantner and Grace Slick and continued with them during the name change to Starship. Craig says they agreed to retire the Starship name, though Paul was granted a temporary license that expired with his death last year. Elton John spent two days in intensive care in a Las Vegas hospital with a serious bacterial infection before being released Saturday April He has cancelled his Las Vegas engagements for the next two months as he combats the illness, which he contracted recently in South America.

He will return to performing June 3. This was the home Elvis owned before buying Graceland. The house was unoccupied at the time. Efforts to revive the 72 year-old proved fruitless. The Detroit native was John Geils, guitarist and leader of the J.

Death was believed to be from natural causes. Meanwhile, their energetic live shows opening for bands like the Byrds and the Allman Brothers Band won them a strong following. But with a more new-wave sound in the '80s they achieved their greatest success.

However, Wolf left for a solo career that year and within two years the group disbanded. They reunited several times in the 's, although John sued them at one point for touring under his name without him. John spent much of his time restoring old cars, but did record two albums with Magic Dick under the name Bluestime. The group had been nominated twice for the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, but has yet to be selected.

Stevie Wonder has announced that he will get married for the third time on June The 66 year-old will marry 42 year-old Tomeeka Bracy in Jamaica. She is the mother of his three year-old daughter. Stevie's nine children will serve as bridesmaids and groomsmen.

She had suffered from fibromyalgia for many years. She was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon and grew up in Anchorage, Alaska before moving near San Diego, where she formed the Originals while still in high school. Adding a melody, the group traveled to San Marcos, California and recorded a demo.

The haunting saxophone part was actually by bassist Tony Gomez because the real sax player couldn't make the trip-- having to mow his parents' lawn! The song was picked up by Highland records and reached 5 in Convinced that she could make it a a solo singer, Rosie listed as "formerly with The Originals" recorded "Lonely Blue Nights", which made it to 66 that year on Brunswick Records.

Rosie grew weary of the recording business having seen little, if any, money for her efforts and settled down with her guitar player, Noah Tafolla to start a family in She went on to become an art teacher.

She was just shy of her 71st birthday. Born in Sherman Oaks, California, her father was the leendary Carl Fischer, well-known composer and pianist and her mother was big band singer Terry Fischer.

Along with her sister Carol and neighbor Sally Gordon, they were hired by friend Mike Post to provide backup vocal on sessions he produced at Gold Star Studios. But when the follow-up single, "Heartbreak Ahead", bubbled-under the national chart at , the group's brief career was over though Fowley released other singles under the name by other singers.

Terry went on to collage and recorded with the Brazilian-themed group, the Carnival. She also sang backup for various TV shows and in concert before reforming the group in and playing the oldies circuit. Billy, the youngest of 19 children, was born in Wilmington, South Carolina. While he charted four more times on the Hot , none of the tunes broke out of the top 90 and by he quit music, eventually opening a soul food restaurant in Harlem.

The Philadelphia native was Born in Trinidad, Clem came to England when he was 15 and became a professional boxer. He joined a local group, The Ramong Sound as a backup singer but, after many changes he emerged as the lead singer and the group was now called the Foundations. After a solo career, he went on to perform in musicals in London's West End. Eric Clapton was forced to postpone shows at the Los Angeles Forum Saturday March 25 and Sunday because of a severe case of bronchitis.

The concerts have been rescheduled for September. But Chuck's later job as overseer of "American Bandstand" for ABC-TV after the payola scandal nearly came to an end when a song he wrote, "Palisades Park" recorded by Freddy Cannon became a hit on the show and across the country.

In addition to his game shows, he also produced Bobby Vinton's syndicated variety TV show from Paramedics were called to the home and found the 90 year-old unresponsive and could not revive him. Louis not Santa Clarita, California as he said to a young lady who later became his publicist in order to impress her , he was studying to be a beautician when he traveled to Chicago and hooked up with Muddy Waters and, through him, impressed Leonard Chess of Chess Records.

An adaptation by Chuck of the country tune "Ida Red" that he called "Maybellene", became a 5 hit for him in Amazingly, his only 1 hit was the live recording in London of the risque tune, "My Ding-A-Ling" in Along the way, Chuck who was incarcerated in for armed robbery was jailed for taking an underaged girl across state lines for an immoral purpose in and income tax evasion in His recording of "Johnny B.

Goode" was included on a "golden record" sent along with the Voyager I spacecraft which is presently outside our solar system. Gerry was helped offstage after telling the audience he was scheduled to undergo knee surgery next week.

He did not return and a spokesperson said only that he was "ill". The group postponed a concert for Friday night in Weymouth. The 74 year-old underwent a heart bypass operation in and a valve replacement five years ago. No cause of death was immediately known.

Joni, along with her sisters Debra, Kim and Kathy, formed the group in in Philadelphia, initially recording for Money Records. It was immediately followed by "We Are Family" But six more chart appearances yielded only one more hit, a cover of Mary Wells' "My Guy" 23 in Kathy left for a solo career in , but the remaining three sisters continued performing.

The Brooklyn native was believed to be After leaving the Fireflies in , Ritchie continued with a solo career, releasing records for the next twenty years. Petersburg, Florida after suffering a heart attack. He was also known as "The Father of Jazz Ukulele" for his work with his first love. He claims she forced him to tour despite poor health and otherwise kept him at home in moldy conditions that forced him to use oxygen.

Congratulations to the inductees into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, announced Wednesday February In addition, Jay-Z became the first rapper to be inducted. Induction will take place June 15 in New York.

David Cassidy revealed Monday February 20 that he is suffering from dementia. The 66 year-old says his grandfather and mother battled the disease as well. On Saturday, David appeared to slur his words and fall of the stage at a concert in Agoura, California. He told the concert-goers that he was retiring from performing. It's not known what role his dementia played in the performance.

Dave left school to join the group-- which charted several times from to , when he left to play with a series of other northwest Ohio bands. After retiring from music to lead a more normal life he had a long career with Libbey-Owens-Ford Company.

He performed only twice more in the last fifty years. After being diagnosed with his tumor, Peter was ordained a priest by the Church of England last October, fulfilling his lifelong dream. Walter "Junie" Morrison, keyboardist with the Ohio Players from to and musical director with Parliament-Funkadelic from to , has died at the age of Details were not forthcoming. The current members of the Three Degrees filed suit February 7 against Sony Entertainment and the widow of the manager, alleging they never received royalties for their recordings, including "When Will I See You Again".

They claim that their manager and now his widow kept the monies owed and that Sony knew about it and never informed the group of their rights. Rick Deringer was charged Friday February 10 with having a loaded gun in his carry-on bag on a flight from Cancun January 9. The gun was discovered at a stop in Atlanta. Apparently, Rick had the gun on his flight from Sarasota, Florida through Atlanta and to Mexico, as well.

The screener in Florida has been terminated. Rick, who has a Florida permit for the gun, told air marshals he travels times a year with the gun and has never been stopped. A criminal complaint has been filed. Sonny Geraci, lead singer of the Outsiders and later, Climax, died Sunday February 5 nearly four years after suffering a brain aneurysm.

The Outsiders started as a Cleveland band called the Starfires, who changed their name in when they signed with Capitol Records. Three subsequent singles only "bubbled under" the hot chart, as did another on Bell Records with Sonny and a re-formed Outsiders the original group had broken up at this point listing him as lead singer. A legal battle over the name ensued and Sonny changed this new group now based in Los Angeles to Climax.

In , they recorded "Precious And Few". But the record sat on the shelves for nearly two years before being released by Bell Records' Carousel label, thanks to airplay in Santa Barbara, California. The song zoomed to 3 in early but the follow-up, "Life And Breath" on Rocky Road Records same label as Carousel with a different name only reached 52 that year and Sonny saw his second group disband in Sonny recorded one album as Peter Emmett before essential leaving music for 25 years.

He later returned to play the oldies circuit as both the Outsiders and Climax. He even filled at one point for Rob Grill in the Grass Roots before a aneurysm ended his career. A tribute concert was held in Streetsboro, Ohio in November of to help with his medical expenses. Born in San Francisco, Bobby began recording at the age of 14 with a doo-wop group called the Romancers, who had three releases on Dootone and Baytone Records.

He later formed the West Coast Vocaleers to even less success. But it was as a solo artist that Jubilee Records heard some demos he recorded and signed Bobby, releasing a more polished version of "Do You Want To Dance". It was followed by "S-W-I-M" , but subsequent releases merely "bubbled under" the Hot charts.

After graduating from Ohio State University and serving in the U. As a sideline, he recorded under the name Joey Rogers in to no success. Joey went on to form a booking agency and worked as a music producer, winning a Dove Award in with the group Whitecross. By then he had received his divinity degree, founded a Church in Keyport, New Jersey and served as a missionary in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he started an orphanage.

The Jacksonville, Florida-born Butch was 69 and had four children and four great grandchildren. The Birmingham, England native was The glam-rock group, produced by David Bowie, charted twice more in the U. And Ronald "Bingo" Mundy, tenor singer with the Marcels on their tunes "Blue Moon" , "Summertime" and "Heartaches , died Friday January 20 of pneumonia at a Pittsburgh hospital at the age of For their part, Sony said the lawsuit was "unnecessary and premature" and said they were "disappointed" by his actions.

A statue of the late Cilla Black was unveiled Monday January 16 outside Liverpool's Cavern Club where the singer once worked in the cloakroom. The statue was funded by her three sons and donated to the city. Cilla died 17 months ago at the age of A plaque at the bottom reads "You're My World" in honor of her biggest hit.

Richie Ingui, one of the vocalists in the Soul Survivors along with his brother Charlie and Kenny Jeremiah , died on Friday January 13 of unspecified causes. By the '70s, the group had disbanded and Richie became a house painted. He kept his hand in music, though and re-formed the group with his brother in the '90s, performing until his death. The two were walking across the train tracks en route to a concert they were performing there.

The two were said to be "responsive and being treated at a local hospital. The Owasso, Oklahoma native was Tommy was scheduled to perform again this year at the Surf Ballroom on the anniversary of Buddy's death, as he had done many times in the past.

Over the years he played with many other musicians such as Roy Orbison and Willie Nelson and, at one time, had a nightclub called the "Heads Up" after the coin flip that saved his life. Armando "Buddy" Greco, the Philadelphia crooner who started out singing with Benny Goodman for four years on tunes like "It Isn't Fair", and-- as a solo artist-- was best remembered for "Ooh!

Buddy originally appeared on radio at the age of five and studied to be a pianist before stepping up as a vocalist. Lonely" , which Bobby Vinton reclaimed as a hit in He had been suffering with cancer and Alzheimer's Disease. Ray Davies of the Kinks will receive a knighthood for "services to the arts". Lest you take it all too seriously, Victoria Posh Spice Beckham of the Spice Girls will be given an Officer of the Order of the British Empire medal for "services to the fashion industry.

The class of will be chosen beginning next September. Mary Frances Debbie Reynolds was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles Wednesday December 28 where she passed away one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, died from a heart attack suffered December Carrie was also the daughter of the late singer Eddie Fisher and ex-wife of singer Paul Simon.

As a singer, Debbie was best remembered for singing the theme song from her movie, "Tammy And The Bachelor". But it was as a stage and screen actress that the El Paso, Texas native made her mark. On stage, she was nominated for a Tony award for her leading performance in "Irene". She was awarded two stars for theatre and for film on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He had a severe infection following a fall that injured his shoulder.

Rick and Frances Rossi formed the group in and, while they had only one top 40 hit in the U. The city's mayor was on hand for the honorary dedication and presented Stevie with the key to the city. The group, known for their long, dyed-blonde hair, were originally formed as Ricky Knight and the Crusaders after their original lead singer, but changed to a play-on-words of their home town. Produced by Americans Hugo and Luigi, they broke up in The Broadway production of "Jersey Boys: The Story of the Four Seasons", will close January 15 after 11 years and 4, performances.

It's the 12th longest-running musical in Broadway history. The Springfield, Missouri-born Jim was Jim retired from broadcasting in and served on the board of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Ralph Johnson, a member of the Impressions from and died Sunday December 4 at the age of Though primarily an album-oriented band including the classics "Pictures At An Exhibition" and "Brain Salad Surgery" , they charted four times on the singles charts, as well, with staples like "Lucky Man" and and "From The Beginning" - with Greg producing most of their material.

The group broke up in having sold a reported 49 million records and earning 7 gold records though Greg and Keith re-formed ELP with Cozy Powell in Mick also has five grandchildren and a great-grandchild. The award was "created to celebrate critically acclaimed artists who have used their talents for personal artistic expression and whose bodies of work have contributed to our society in a singular manner.

Mentor was in a relationship with singer Lynn Anderson from the '80s through her death last year. The Lawton, Oklahoma native was Leon learned to play piano at the age of four and while in high school in Tulsa, played in a group with David Gates of Bread and later in one with J.

As a recording artists Leon charted 11 times, including "Tight Rope" and "Lady Blue" Doug Edwards, Guitarist with the Canadian group Skylark and co-writer of their only American hit, "Wildflower" , died Friday November 11 in Vancouver at the age of He had heart bypass surgery in February and was being treated for cancer. When the group broke up in , Doug continued working as a session musician and for the last 20 years played with Chilliwack.

Born in Westmount, Quebec, he sang with a folk trio in Canada before completing his education and moving to the Greek isle of Hydra, where he novels and books of poetry. It was meeting Judy Collins in New York that got one of his poems-set-to-music, "Suzanne", recorded in That led to his own recording career.

Though none of his singles ever charted and none of his four charted albums ever got any higher than 63, he was an influence on many singers and songwriters-- so much so that he was elected to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in As a recording artist himself, he charted with the TV theme "Bonanza 19 in and the movie theme "The Magnificent Seven" All told, the Jersey City, New Jersey native recorded over 50 albums.

He played on hundreds of commercial jingles and issued a series of best-selling guitar instruction books. Born Katherine Laverne Starks in Dougherty, Oklahoma, she sang on the radio as a child in Dallas and Memphis before settling in under her new name as a girl vocalist with Joe Venuti's orchestra at the age of Stints with other bands followed, including Glen Miller and Bob Crosby, before Kay signed a solo contract with Capitol Records in Hits like "Hoop-De-Doo" and "Bonaparte's Retreat" followed and in she switched to RCA Records, only to see her chart popularity wane in the face of rock 'n' roll music.

She continued to perform onstage for many years and was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Billie Holiday herself once remarked that Kay Starr was "the only white woman that could sing the blues". John is still remembered for the novelty hit, "Dinner With Drac" 6. Continuing his career with his brother and friend as the Shadows he was lead singer since he knew all the words , the group even hired a young Bob Dylan calling himself Elston Gunnn to play piano.

But Bob's piano skills were limited and pianos weren't very portable in those days, so he soon left. The Shadows with Bobby getting top billing recorded a tune called "Suzie Baby" in , which was released by Soma Records in Minneapolis and picked up for national distribution by Liberty Records. Though it only reached 77, it encouraged Liberty to continue working with the group.

All told, Bobby charted 38 times in 12 years. He was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Winners will be announced in December with induction in April. Induction will take place next June in New York City. Robert "Big Sonny" Edwards, founding member of Philadelphia's Intruders, died Saturday October 15 from a heart attack at the age of Originally formed in as a doo-wop group, the group recorded for Gowen Records before coming to the attention of producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, who signed them to their newly formed Gamble label in Big Sonny left the group in to devote himself to his religion.

Diminutive Canadian singer Pat Hervey has died of cancer. The 5'3" Pat was a protTgT of Chet Atkins and, while she never charted in the states, appeared four times on the charts in her native Toronto Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature Thursday October 13 , the first American to be honored since In announcing the prize, the committee said that, "having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition Dylan has the status of an icon.

His influence on contemporary music is profound, and he is the object of a steady stream of secondary literature. Bateman had travelled from his native Detroit to California last month when he suffered cardiac arrest and fell into a coma. Robert, who also sang in a group called the Satintones and were Motown's first group to release a single- narrowly edging the Miracles , is best remembered for discovering the Marvelettes and writing "Please Mr.

Postman", "Playboy" and "Twistin' Postman" for the group. He commented afterwards that it was a "truly monumental honour. Born in Plainfield, New Jersey, he joined a local group called the Vibratones in though some of the members had already backed him up on a solo recording the previous year.

It was followed up by an ever bigger hit, "Mr. The group broke up in as Don enlisted in the Air Force, but two years after his return he was invited to join the Four Seasons and played guitar and sang on "Who Loves You" and "December," Leaving in , Don became a commercial jingle writer, toured with Tommy James as his musical director and, in later ears, re-formed the Critters.

Formed to compete in a high school talent contest in as the Mel-Tones , they caught the eye of Joe "You Talk Too Much" Jones who became their manager despite their not winning the contest.

The success of "Chapel Of Love" was followed by "People Say" and "Iko Iko" but a year later Joan left to battle sickle cell anemia and devote herself to her church. British Songwriter Rod Temperton, keyboardist with Heatwave and composer of their hits "Boogie Nights" and "Always And Forever", died of cancer Wednesday October 5 just four days shy of his 69th birthday. Loudermilk passed away Wednesday September 21 at the age of Born in Durham, North Carolina his cousins were the country singers, the Louvin Brothers , John worked as a handyman at a local TV station and convinced the owner to let him sing a song he wrote over-the-air.

Official induction will take place November 3. Both Terry and Susan Jacks-- long divorced-- are hospitalized at this time. Terry has suffered his second stroke in five months and Susan was on life support until recently with kidney problems. She underwent a kidney transplant in Our prayers go out to both halves of the Poppy Family. Jerry Corbetta, lead singer and keyboard player with Sugarloaf, died Friday September 16 at a hospice in his home town of Denver.

The 68 year-old had suffered from Pick's Disease a frontal lobe disorder for the past six-plus years. Jerry and guitarist Bob Webber had played together in Denver in a group called the Moonrakers, who recorded for Tower Records. They then formed Chocolate Hair and were signed by Liberty Records.

After a last minute change to Sugarloaf a mountain outside Boulder, Colorado the group reached 3 in with "Green-Eyed Lady". The follow-up off their second album, "Tongue In Cheek", reached only 55 and "Mother Nature's Wine" floundered at 88 the following year. It reached 9 in early , but again, its follow-ups never got any higher than 87 on the national charts.

In later years, he toured with the Classic Rock All-Stars before retiring to fight his disease in The Ron Howard-directed documentary film, "The Beatles: He is expected to resume performing October Joe, who changed his name from Joe Stafford to avoid confusion with the female Jo Stafford, was Their name came from an play about the uprising by Eastern European weavers nearly 50 years earlier.

When Pete and Lee were identified as members of the Communist Party and called to testify before the House Committee on Unamerican Activities in Lee pleaded the Fifth Amendment, Pete refused to answer on First Amendment grounds though he had left the party in and was indicted for contempt of Congress , the group's success was over.

Decca had already dropped their contract in , they were blacklisted from radio and television and the group eventually split up. When the group disbanded, Fred continued working in thebusiness, playing guitar on Joan Baez' first two albums and producing Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant", among other feats. The Weavers reunited in for a documentary film, "The Weavers: Wasn't That A Time," which was released two years later.

The award is presented to television visionaries who have carried on the pioneering work of the late comedian. Michael is a Dallas native. Mark Chapman, convicted murderer of John Lennon, was denied parole for the ninth time Monday August He is currently incarcerated in western New York.

He will be eligible for parole again in Cilla had a top ten British hit with the song in The Sox won the game Due to doctors' orders, Aretha Franklin has been forced to cancel upcoming concerts over the next two month. Aretha made the announcement Monday August 22 , saying, "I decided it was time to go home and take care of myself consistent with doctors' orders. Tatia plays bass and sings in the group Belakiss.

Her dad is now a drummer with the Who. Mary Wilson of the Supremes will host. Glenn Yarbrough, founding member and tenor with the Limeliters who had a long solo career, died Thursday August 11 in Nashville after suffering with dementia.

Glenn was born in Milwaukee but grew up in New York. Jac's connection with folk artist Woody Guthrie convinced Glenn to take up guitar, as well. After serving in the Army, Glenn eventually managed a small club in Aspen, Colorado called the Limelite, where he formed a folk trio named after the establishment. In , the group charted for the only time with "A Dollar Down" While the followup, "It's Gonna Be Fine" was his last appearance on the charts, his folk performances continued to please audiences into the 21st century.

A failed surgery on his larynx in put him in cardiac arrest and left him unable to continue singing. Gregg Allman was released from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota Tuesday August 9 and has cancelled all concert dates through October 29 due to the "serious health issues" that caused his hospitalization last week.

He collaborated with Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys on an album in the '70s. Most recently, he had been performing a tribute show to his late father.

His book, "That's Amore", was published in Carman Romano, baritone and co-founder of the Staten Island doo-wop group, the Elegants, died Tuesday August 2 , just short of his 77th birthday. The ultimate one-hit wonder, their song "Little Star" reached 1 in and was the group's only chart entry. The Cubs won George passed away in Pat Upton, lead vocalist and guitarist with the Spiral Starecase, and writer of their big hit, "More Today Than Yesterday" , died Wednesday July 27 at the age of 75 after what was termed a "long illness".

Pat was born in Geraldine, Alabama, but while serving in the US Air Force in Sacramento, competed in a talent contest with four other airmen.

Leaving the service, the Fydallions-- as they called themselves-- came to the attention of Columbia Records, who signed them but insisted on a name change. For their new name, the group chose the Dorothy McGuire movie, "The Spiral Staircase," but with a different spelling. Unfortunately, internal squabbles led to their breakup in Pat worked as a backup guitarist and sang with Rick Nelson before opening his own club in Guntersville, Alabama.

The club turned out to be the site of Rick's last performance in before his fatal plane crash. Gary Rossington of Lynyrd Skynyrd has undergone heart surgery to repair blockage in his arteries and the group has put its current tour on hold until August 4 at the earliest. It's been a bad health month for the group as lead singer Johnny Van Zandt was hospitalized for bronchitis on July The 64 year-old Gary suffered a heart attack last October, requiring surgery. Lewie Steinberg, original bass player with Booker T.

He had been battling cancer in recent years. Lewis was replaced by Donald "Duck" Dunn in He was 77 and suffered from Hepatitis C-- which almost took his life in Born in Coffeyville, Kansas, he was raised in Arizona where he started his first band at age 14, eventually dropping out of school to become a performer. Sponge out of Water Paul Tibbitt. Sponge out of Water Paul Tibbitt SpongeBob goes on a quest to discover a stolen recipe that takes him to our dimension, our world, where he tangles with a pirate.

Magic Mike XXL Gregory Jacobs Three years after Mike bowed out of the stripper life at the top of his game, he and the remaining Kings of Tampa hit the road to Myrtle Beach to put on one last blow-out performance. Untouched Raphael Vieira.

Untouched Raphael Vieira A Savannah attorney must face the darkest event from his past in order to acquit a teenager accused of murder. Crackerjack Bryan Coley. Breaking at the Edge Predrag Antonijevic. Four Senses Ruediger Von Spies. Savannah Annette Haywood-Carter.

The Sacrament Ti West. The Sacrament Ti West A newsteam trails a man as he travels to an undisclosed location to find his missing sister. Zombies Richard Shenkman. Desires of the Heart James Kicklighter. First Class Matthew Vaughn. My Future Boyfriend Michael Lange. My Future Boyfriend Michael Lange An archaeologist from years in the future uncovers a romance novel written in our time. The Conspirator Robert Redford.

The Conspirator Robert Redford Mary Surratt is the lone female charged as a co-conspirator in the assassination trial of Abraham Lincoln. The Last Song Julie Anne Robinson A drama centered on a rebellious girl who is sent to a Southern beach town for the summer to stay with her father.

Cut From Home Jason Shahinfar. Baby Blues Lars Jacobson and Amardeep Kaleka In a secluded family farm, a mother suffers a psychotic break due to postpartum depression, forcing the eldest son to protect his siblings from the mother they have always known and loved.

Undertow David Gordon Green. Haunted Mansion Rob Minkoff. The Gift Sam Raimi. The Gift Sam Raimi A woman with extrasensory perception is asked to help find a young woman who has disappeared. The Legend of Bagger Vance Robert Redford A down-and-out golfer attempts to recover his game and his life with help from a mystical caddy. Forces of Nature Bronwen Hughes. Forces of Nature Bronwen Hughes A soon-to-be-married man encounters an exciting stranger after his plane suffers an accident on takeoff.

The General's Daughter Simon West. The General's Daughter Simon West When the daughter of a well-known and well-respected base commander is murdered, an undercover detective is summoned to look into the matter and finds a slew of cover-ups at West Point.

The Gingerbread Man Robert Altman. Wild America William Dear. Now and Then Lesli Linka Glatter. Now and Then Lesli Linka Glatter Four year-old girls grow up together during an eventful small-town summer in Something to Talk About Lasse Hallstrom. Camilla Deepa Mehta. Forrest Gump Robert Zemeckis. Forrest Gump Robert Zemeckis Forrest Gump, while not intelligent, has accidentally been present at many historic moments, but his true love, Jenny Curran, eludes him.

Love Crimes Lizzie Borden. Love Crimes Lizzie Borden A tough female district attorney investigates a man who targets beautiful women by posing as a famous photographer, then takes pictures of them, then pushes on their submissive tendencies and takes advantage of them physically and financially. Flight of the Intruder John Milius. The Judas Project James H. Barden A modernized 2nd coming of Christ. The Rose and the Jackal Jack Gold. Glory Edward Zwick. Pals Lou Antonio.

The Slayer J. Tales of Ordinary Madness Marco Ferreri. When the Circus Came to Town Boris Sagal Mary Flynn Elizabeth Montgomery is a Southern spinster who, after devoting her life to the care of her recently departed father, runs away from home, joins a flea-bitten one-ring circus, and falls in love with Duke Royal Christopher Plummer , its owner.

The Last Shark Enzo G. Castellari James Franciscus tries to save hundreds of swimmers in a coastal resort after a Great White Shark starts terrorizing the area. Carny Robert Kaylor. Carny Robert Kaylor A carnival comes to a small town. City of the Living Dead Lucio Fulci. City of the Living Dead Lucio Fulci A reporter and a psychic race to close the Gates of Hell after the suicide of a clergyman caused them to open, allowing the dead to rise from the grave.

Scared to Death William Malone. Scared to Death William Malone An ex-cop, now working as a hack novelist, is called out of retirement to help investigate a string of deaths that appear to be the work of a serial killer but soon are revealed to be the work of the Syngenor — the synthesized genetic organism!

The Ordeal of Dr. Mudd Paul Wendkos. Mudd Paul Wendkos Dr. Hopscotch Ronald Neame. Hopscotch Ronald Neame A CIA agent tired of his incompetent colleagues retires and dares them to stop him from publishing an embarrassing book of memoirs.

Orphan Train William A. The Double McGuffin Joe Camp Some school kids stumble across a briefcase full of money, when they go back for it, they find a body instead. The Lincoln Conspiracy James L. Gator Burt Reynolds. Gator Burt Reynolds Agents force an ex con to help them nab a corrupt politician. Squirm Jeff Lieberman. Squirm Jeff Lieberman A storm causes some power lines to break and touch the ground, drawing millions of man-eating worms out of the earth, and into town where they quickly start munching on the locals.

The Longest Yard Robert Aldrich. The Longest Yard Robert Aldrich A sadistic warden asks a former pro quarterback, now serving time in his prison, to put together a team of inmates to take on and get pummeled by the guards. Buster and Bille Daniel Petrie. Buster and Bille Daniel Petrie A lonely and isolated young woman finds some comfort and acceptance through her sexual encounters; but when Billie Jo meets Buster, she finally finds a true connection. The Greatest Gift Boris Sagal.

The Greatest Gift Boris Sagal Reverend Holvak, a poor rural preacher in the s, fights against stiff- necked church deacons and a violent, bullying sheriff while struggling to support his family. Cape Fear J. Stolen Moments James Vincent. Stolen Moments James Vincent A novelist blackmails his now married ex-girlfriend into having an affair with him. Living the Dream Sky 1.

America's Got Talent American Idol American Idol, a talent show in which a large number of contestants battle it out to get a recording contract. Beach Bites with Katie Lee Season 3 Season 4, Episode 5. In Seattle, he tries an enormous bone-in pork chop brined for six hours and fired on a grill. The Beach House Roger Spottiswoode.

Underground, Season 2 American Grit, Season 2 American Grit, Season 2 Four teams of four regular Americans being lead by four military veterans compete in obstacles to see who has what it takes to have American Grit. Delicious Destinations with Andrew Zimmern Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods — Delicious Destinations is a series that features the not-to-be-missed legendary foods that define a location.

Paranormal Lockdown Nick Groff. Paranormal Lockdown Nick Groff http: Southern Charm Savannah Bravo. Ride with Norman Reedus, Season 2 Monroe Successful and driven single mom Jenna Thompson writes teen novels, and she has only five weeks to deliver the next one to her publisher. Catfish This show tackles the mystery and complexities of dating in a digital world.

Holmes Buys Homes Mike Holmes. Vintage Savannah Magnetic Productions. Vintage Savannah Magnetic Productions http: The Beginning of Everything Tim Blake Nelson Z is a biography series based on the life of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, the brilliant, beautiful and talented Southern Belle who becomes the original flapper and icon of the wild, flamboyant Jazz Age in the 20s. Haunted Savannah Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to the historic city of Savannah for their lockdown at the haunted Sorrel Weed House, the infamous antebellum-style home built in as well as the Gribble House, where a triple-murder took place in The First Year Bravo.

Season 1, Episode 2. Adam Richman's Best Sandwich in America Jewish Bikers Stan Ellsworth visits historic locales in the U. Minding the Monsters Manny Rodriguez. Southern Nights Mark D'Anna. Bad Girls Club Oxygen. Bad Girls Club Oxygen In the season premiere, seven young strangers from all walks of life meet for the first time.

Season 3 Episode Launching of the Lanterns CNN. Season 7, Episode 8. Home Edition ABC. Home Edition ABC A family that has faced hardship has their dilapidated house completely rebuilt while they are away on vacation for a week. Real Women of Philadelphia Solving Charlie Gregory Hoblit.

Moon River Brewing Co. Samantha Brown's Great Weekends Samantha Brown's Great Weekends Epispode Reinventing the Wheelers Lawrence Trilling. Reinventing the Wheelers Lawrence Trilling A successful attorney leaves her law firm in the city to move back home in the Deep South. Southern Haunts Zac Adams. Antiques Roadshow PBS. The Fugitive Roy Huggins Creator. Vietnam War Story Kevin Hooks. The host Andy Cohen, 49, then took Dorit down a peg about her much hyped Bella magazine cover.

Andy reminded Dorit that she was on the cover of Bella magazine and not Vogue. Kyle was upset with Dorit for trying to make her a part of Panty Gate. Erika said that despite her blow ups during the season she had never really lost her temper on the show. The Pretty Mess writer asked Andy what was so weird about her family not reading her new book yet. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Tuesday, Sep 11th 5-Day Forecast.

Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Star of Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place apologizes Jeffrey Dahmer's temple of skulls: United Airlines passengers are stunned when pilot changes Middle-aged British man is shot dead by police on the Bill Cosby's sex scandal led to Geoffrey Owens' working Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges quietly comes out as 'not Julie Chen skips season premiere of The Talk after Les The meteoric rise - and stunning fall - of 'Mr TV' Les Cleaning up his act?

Thomas Markle gets a haircut and Defiant residents on The Rock Actor Jon Voight claims the left is 'conjuring lies and

This Week's 'Better Call Saul' Offers a Glimpse of the Beginning and the End of Saul Goodman

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