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Forster CO-AX reloading press: REVIEW- Is it the best press for precision rifle?

I like the 6X47 Lapua.

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You can also look at the yard results. I ran this with numbers for a fairly common load, my 6. However, better options exist today…. I think the yard performance is more relevant. The Berger Hybrid bullets are not seating depth sensitive and have a high ballistic coefficient in comparison to offerings from other bullet manufacturers.

Velocities in excess of fps or even fps are common with this caliber and that makes for a very flat shooting cartridge. I have seen only about 0. I may seat the bullets slightly longer chasing the lands! He is committed to bringing readers quality reviews and articles related to the Precision Shooting Sports. If you have any questions for him, please use the contact form on the site.

I like the 6X47 Lapua. I like that it feeds well, you can easily make brass and the recoil is almost nonexistent. I wish Magpul would release those ten rounders! I have the 6. Give me something to think about this winter!! Hand loading and all that is achievable through it make for excellent Winter downtime activities! Thinking about the Ruger Precision Rifle as a platform for her. We will see what the New Year brings! I am reloading for the 6 x 47 Lapua using Berger gn hybrids.

I weighed each bullet and they range from Never weighed my Bergers and that rifle is stupid accurate anyway. How many rounds down the tube do you have now? And how is accuracy?

Just changed to 6. I could have fooled around with it a bit probably but when your at a match and have to pull an un shot cartridge out and the bullet pulls out of the case and powder goes everywhere…..

Honestly probably could have got around or so rounds out of it if I wanted but could have the whole bullet pulling going on lol. Do you guys anneal and then bump back the shoulders with a body die? Seems to go long way to sorting out neck tension. What press do you suggest?

I want a single stage just for necking down! Thank you any info is much appreciated! My Lee challenger press has served me well for 5 years now and still going strong. Great bang for your buck. I thought the same till I had four from the same collapse on me, used to use a bushing die myself.

At a buck each, I switched to a FL body die. I recently bought my rifle and just learning to reload for it! Any info is truly appreciated! I recommend Berger hybrid bullets and Hodgdon Extreme powders. Brass and primer, not sure how critical that is. Use a 6x47L body die first which roughly sizes the 6. Hodgdon H works very well for powder, and federal gold medal match primers.

What is the max case length and Case trim length do you use? Also what is the C. L I should go by? Since the only difference between the 6x47L and 6. You mentioned the criterion barrel in your article. Who made your 6x47L reamer? Neck diameter and freebore for the gr bullets? I know Sierra recommends a 1: My second question is are you happy with the 26inch barrel our would you change it now?

I just found your website and love it. Getting fps no problem. Excellent information on here. Thanks again, for the great information! I have 7 x 47lapua and its incredible will out shoot the 6mm and the 6. I am using , , sierra BT no idea on muzzle velocity as I shoot for accuracy on a specific powder type. Might make a good article, though. If can borrow a chrony from the range I can check and let you know the only thing you might want to know that its a 1: I would post some photos of groups and other info if I could , I cant see an option for that here: I sent my bolt to Gre-Tan and had it bushed and a small firing pin installed.

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