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Is ghee more healthful than butter?

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Ghee is still used in Ayurvedic massage and as a base for herbal ointments to treat burns and rashes. Ghee is heated for longer than other types of clarified butter, which contributes to a stronger and nuttier flavor, as well as a darker hue.

A person can make ghee at home using regular unsalted butter. Melt the butter slowly and skim off the solids that gather on the surface. Continue to cook the butter until all the milk solids have sunk to the bottom and the liquid is clear — this is clarified butter. Continue to cook for a few more minutes until the milk solids at the bottom of the pan turn brown.

The cooked milk solids give the ghee its flavor and color. Sieve the liquid into a jar or bottle and let it cool and solidify. Because ghee and butter both derive from cow's milk, their nutritional profiles and fat content are very similar. However, because ghee does not contain the same levels of dairy proteins as butter, it may be better for people who do not tolerate dairy products well.

Various research studies have looked at the possible benefits and risks of including ghee in a person's diet. According to research from , ghee contains almost 50 percent saturated fat, which has led to concerns that ghee might increase the risk of coronary artery disease CAD in India.

However, a study looking at people in north India suggests that the fat and cholesterol in the blood was healthier in the people who ate more ghee and less mustard oil as sources of fat in their diets. Although this study only compared results between ghee and mustard oil and not butter, it did show promising results for ghee. Some forms of mustard oil are banned for consumption in the United States, Canada, and Europe because they contain erucic acid.

Because ghee has had many of its dairy proteins removed, it contains much lower levels of dairy proteins, such as casein, and lactose than regular butter. A person who is sensitive or intolerant to lactose and casein may find that it is beneficial to use ghee as a substitute for butter. Ghee is rich in a fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid CLA , which is known to have a range of health benefits.

For instance, a article suggests that dietary CLA is associated with 15 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease. Ghee contains a fatty acid called butyrate acid. According to one study , butyrate acid plays an essential role in digestive health. It may also have anti-inflammatory effects. When consumed in moderation, butter is not bad for you.

However, it does contain high levels of saturated fat, which can contribute to high blood cholesterol levels and heart disease if not eaten in moderation. The American Heart Association recommend that a person should get 5 to 6 percent of their total daily calories from saturated fat, which is about 13 grams per day.

However, different types of fat, including saturated fats, are essential for a healthful diet. A person should limit their intake of saturated fats and increase their intake of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are healthful fats.

Ghee is another form of butter, and the nutritional profile and fat content of the two are similar. However, ghee may be better for people who are sensitive to lactose and casein because it contains less of both. Neither ghee nor butter is unhealthful when eaten in moderation, and a person can include both foods in a varied and balanced diet. Article last reviewed by Wed 2 May All references are available in the References tab. Potential beneficial effects of butyrate in intestinal and extraintestinal diseases.

Dietary guidelines for Americans, — 8th ed. Butter increased total and LDL cholesterol compared with olive oil but resulted in higher HDL cholesterol compared with a habitual diet [Abstract]. Dietary linoleic acid and risk of coronary heart disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies [Abstract].

Circulation , Household USDA foods fact sheet: Comparison of mustard oil and ghee consumption on the history of coronary heart disease in urban population of India. A study in North Indian adult population [Abstract]. Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine. The effect of ghee clarified butter on serum lipid levels and microsomal lipid peroxidation.

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