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Goldfinger (Shirley Bassey song)

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But when its composer John Barry played them the first three notes, Bricusse and Newley looked at each other and sang out: Barry was not amused. One source of inspiration was the song " Mack the Knife ", which director Guy Hamilton showed Barry, thinking it was a "gritty and rough" song that could be a good model for what the film required.

Bricusse and Newley were not shown any film footage or script excerpts, but were advised of the fatal gilding suffered by the Jill Masterson character, played by Shirley Eaton. Bricusse would later recall that once he and Newley hit upon utilizing "the Midas touch" in the lyric, the pattern of the song became evident and the lyrics were completed within at most a couple of days.

The first recording of "Goldfinger" was made by Newley in a May 14, recording session, with Barry as conductor, which produced two completed takes. Barry would recall that Newley gave a "very creepy" performance which he, Barry considered "terrific". Newley's recording, however, was made purely as a demo for the film's makers. According to Barry, Newley "didn't want to sing it in the movie as they [Newley and Bricusse] thought the song was a bit weird".

Shirley Bassey was Barry's choice to record the song; he had been conductor on Bassey's national tour in December and the two had also been romantically involved. Barry had played Bassey an instrumental track of the song before its lyrics were written; the singer would recall that hearing the track had given her "goose bumps". She agreed to sing the song whatever the lyrics might eventually be. Page recalls attending the sessions, however the session musicians on the Bond films were separately relegated to the instrumental score versions of songs, while the main musicians on Goldfinger: Vic Flick were given the main film theme song to solely record, to be featured at the beginning of the film.

The recording of "Goldfinger" lasted all night as Barry demanded repeated takes due to musicians' or technical glitches, not any shortcomings in Bassey's vocal. Bassey did initially have issues with the climactic final note which necessitated her slipping behind a studio partition between takes to remove her bra.

Bassey would recall of the final note: When it finished, I nearly passed out. The iconic two-note phrase which is the basis for the song's introduction was not in the original orchestration, but occurred to Barry during a tea-break, following an hour and a half of rehearsal. By the time the musicians returned, twenty minutes later, he had written the figure into the orchestration.

The hit single was released in mono, with the album stereo issues on the film soundtrack, Golden Hits Of Shirley Bassey and subsequent releases using an alternate mix in which the instrumental take is the same, but Bassey's vocal is different; a shade less intense and with a shorter final note.

Newley's version was later released in to mark the 30th Anniversary of James Bond on film, in a compilation collector's edition: The Best of Bond However, there was not enough time for a replacement song to be written and recorded. The release on vinyl of Bassey's mono version, UA , sold more than a million copies in the United States Guinness Book of Records [ citation needed ] , and it also reached No. In poll in which BBC Radio 2 solicited listeners' favourite piece of popular music from the last fifty years performed by a British act, "Goldfinger" by Shirley Bassey ranked at No.

Bassey re-recorded "Goldfinger" for her album Hello Like Before. In doing so she addressed two notes that she thought "sounded wrong" in the original. Mezelf totaal uit handen. En treft zich dan aan in bezigheden. Dus bezigheden die ik ook al weer niet zelf bedenk. Het totale niets hoeven, niets moeten.

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