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General Patton COLT .45 SAA Replica Prop Gun Marushin

It does highlight how Countries around the World differ in their Laws regarding modifying replicas. Clearly the Authorities response is to clamp down even tighter making our Modelguns subject to even closer scrutiny.

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Hello Ammo and welcome to the forums Once you recieve the model and can confirm manufacturer, it'll make it easier to determine exactly which cartridges you need. One of the members might have some spare, or you could buy new ones from either: Hello Cerwyn and thank you. Thank you for those links, I didn't know about those sites so I will look into that.

Thus far I believe the cartridges I need are the Hudson. It was supposed to have arrived today but my package went to someone elses address so I'm in for a wait for another few days. I managed to find out finally the vague details of the PFC I have which arrived today.

It has no make anywhere on it or on the box but the details I CAN see are as follows: The box has a symbol on it picture below which looks like a circle with an M and F inside it. The box and gun barrel says Colt Single Action Army. At a guess, I believe it uses Hudson. Anyone have any these for sale at all am looking for around 12 or so to buy.

Hi Mate , Looks like you bought yourself a lovely revolver right there!! The Kokusai models are beauties arn,t they? I have a couple of these myself but not this particular model which has always eluded me and it is a personal favourite too. I am sure one of our HK friends , Francky or Shazib will be able to supply cartridges if you are unable to locate any locally?

They are great guys to deal with and will do you a good deal. I am in negotiation for a model 19 4" Smith and Wesson model with rubber Pachmayer grips.

Trigger functions as a real SAA by only allowing loading in the mid-cocking position. This replica is in excellent condition and functions flawlessly. If you live in Hawaii or Alaska shipping will be more, so please keep this in mind if considering a bid. All sales are final By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience.

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Start Free Trial or Sign In to see what it's worth. This is not a real firearm and it never was a real firearm. No part on this reproduction comes from a real gun. FoxyHot recibe Single y termina en creampie cofoxyhot recibe single y.

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