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Dean Geyer

Even the staunchest atheist has to concede they feel no motion whatsoever as they go about their business upon the Earth.

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We should re-examine the 'Enlightenments' ideal of putting the will of the individual ahead of what is best for a society as they exist in relation as groups societies to the Earth. Look, I get that 10 percent of the people on this planet have won the lottery under the system that the 1 percent have set up. But this system will still lead to global disaster regardless of those who think they are 'winning' at this moment in time.

Perhaps now is as good a time as any to reassess the systems set up in previous centuries that no longer serve the conditions of the present era. Anyway, am of the persuasion that it is meaningless to claim that one is 'christ' or that one is 'god'. Jesus was post-moral; not immoral. The thieves he died with existed within pre-moral modes of behaviour and conventional moralists are unable to differentiate the pre from the post hence, his dying among the thieves.

Thanks for being a good sport, Eric, posting my ideas without editing or insult. No shill here, just a dude in Vancouver who set out a long time ago asking the questions , " who am I and what does my existence mean? Even the staunchest atheist has to concede they feel no motion whatsoever as they go about their business upon the Earth.

Not that that would mean much to them. I suspect these same people believe that God can be mocked! You might want to re-assess that position. Nevertheless, my name is Andrew for those who don't know who I am. Also, put aside the seeming idolatrous nature of this system. I propose that if there is a spiritual component to global finance; it is the infection of what I call the 'spirit of filthy lucre'.

The consequence being similar to the conditions of level 10 hoarders. I first discovered this issue through Mark's Flat Earth Clues. As a noob, I found his comments interesting enough to look into Flat Earth theory further. I quickly encountered your work and noticed right away the fact driven approach and how credible the whole subject became.

Since then, I've watched or sampled most everything out there and found one other whose analysis I find to be equally as credible and that's Rob Skiba, who also was alerted to this subject through 'Clues. Although no longer a fundamentalist myself I'm aware of their fundamentalists' positions enough to respect Skiba's approach. I don't know if Mark is a shill or not but after being exposed to more and better information I find him the least informed of the lot.

But if he's a shill working to confuse the issue, he's probably alerting more people to the model than detracting people from it. I think it's because the theory is tantalizing and provocative enough to stimulate the truthseeker into further research, which means exposure to more and better information, and ultimately greater bs detection. So thanks Mark for getting me interested enough to find Eric and Rob. One thing is certain At 64 years of age I thought I'd scraped bottom SHills or not, they are helping you like it or not.

Mark is who i found, and i was interested, not really by what he said, but the footage of the air balloon and such, which proved more then anything he actually said, thus i began searching So while i can only imagine how frustrating having these bogies sent at you is and the dirty tricks they are pulling are, they are also leading us to you also.

Which is a win, since when i pass this link on to my people, i will be listing who not to watch also. Who talks only about FE and refuses to say a bad word about any of his "peers" no matter what they call him, and who writes whole essays about the perceived faults of his fellow researchers? To me this is very telling. I have been following your blog for some time. Even though the flat earth hypothesis is putting me off a little, since we are all truth seekers here, I admire the spirit which you have in challenging the conventional knowledge.

There are shills everywhere from Alex Jones to Noam Chompski, the gatekeepers if you will. A lot of them would present the 33 degree insignia and other masonic regalia, and even mention the number 66 between talks to opening display their 'disinfo' conduct for their brethren to see. You know you are getting too close to the truth when you are being followed or being redirected like Mark and other 'fellow' flat earth theorists out there.

Not to say sleep with one eye open, but indeed be vigilant. Eric, after pages of ad hominem abuse to human intelligence regarding Dr. But I do think that yours is a fairly concise description of how I felt about your behaviour and of those whose anti-social behaviour you encourage and protect, if not your exemplary work with the Flat Earth Model. But the contradictions in basic reasoning skills and logical fallacies was considerable and would be to many thinking people I think.

Those interested in any more insight into any other perspective but Eric's regarding the abnormal psychology we have inherited as much as any predatory dogma like the ball Earth can feel free to look me up. In turn, I will be glad to post Eric's detraction of my work on my blog. Therefore, I agree with this entire post, including the good-natured maligning of what amounts to my emotional and intellectual responses to deviations in your skills at moderation and my writing and how or why I title my videos - most of which have less than 10 views!

We all have things to learn and ways to grow, do we not? Wow this world seems to be one big schill I think that is how you spell the word of the 21century. Don't let them bother you they will be exposed for what they are.

They are energy suckers. No one listens to them. Would be funny if their experiment turned out to show a flat earth! The Shills React to the Wall of Shame! I love to observe nature and the moon and sun.

You explanations really helped me to put things into perspective. Think about it,, if you were just some crazy dude with some crazy theories Why are all these shills trying to destroy your work?? I believe you are touching some very sensitive information and would love to help you financially if i could..

I believe God is using you to wake up the masses. May you be blessed and protected. Keep up the good work man. Eric, dont be goaded into saying anything in your defence. Sinply ignore them, people get upset if they are ignored. By their own doing they are showing what they are, people seeking the truth are not stupid, and will come to their own judgement eventually. You dont need to sound off and prove anything, your popularity is proving that people do listen and follow.

Good point what "Fad" said, it has been on my mind lately about how long humans may have been here, at least in our present form, and as we are aware, his-story is always the victor that writes it and then only those that could read and write, which up til this present century was only some of the very rich and powerful, and before that most history was just that, a word of mouth story, and we all know how much that changes by each re-telling.

I have been dded to various fb sites involving these people. I didn't ask to join and ive found the postings to be lame and pointless. I will leave these groups pronto. Hi Eric I grew up on far rockaway ny, and on clear days we would be able to see new jersey which had to be 60 miles away easy.

I will try to find some pics and post them. Any one near baech 14th street go there and look south west and you will see new jersey. Thank you for exposing the shenanigans of these fake so-called "flat earthers". I had already gone off math Boylan because he is so horribly arrogant and shows no fear or humility that he is supposedly exposing Nasa to the world. And then all his nonsense about going off looking for the "infinite plane" of the earth?

But then I realised how super-confident and slick he is, without any fear either And the strange fact that his 3 hour "F. Practically nothing from the short vids makes it into the long one. How sick these bastards are! The only ones of integrity that I have found and would recommend are Rob Skiba and Zetetic somebody who at least are honest.

I find it frustrating because all this energy is used up focus on genuine congruence and don't get weighed down with colluding on these lower vibrational levels. This Shill has a large following and spends it's days defaming your name. It might be one of the above reincarnated. I called it out for being a shill and was immediately booted from numerous groups.

My facebook account is compromised, I have a large group of ball Earthers flooding any posts I make, I have enraged many people as I post questions no ball Earther can answer. This shill Simon Ramos has some silly Electrical theory math and photos he claims he had analysed, for what I do not know, his hatred for you even surpasses even that of the ball Earthers.

I have been researching for so many years now that ball earthers are quite boring to debate with, I should have known that once the flat earth took off it would be attacked like this. Eric, A question for the mainstream for me is - How can a spirit level work everywhere on a ball earth or concave one for that matter? Hi Eric Love your work mate.

Im about to do an experiment on face book. I have NO friends on facebook as at todays date 24 Sep I don't have facebook in my name - shut down a long time ago I have set up a profile. Now Im going to do the magic and see what these mongrels get up to on this account. Im going hell for leather Eric. Will let you know what happens. I hope you approve of theflat. I like insanity is sanity's work, although crrow has his lunar wave there. Hi Eric, It's nice to know the bad guys in the flat earth field, but could we have a list of the good guys?

I think Russianvids is one of the good guys. Let us know, Thanks. I live in the USA, northeast. In a flat earth model, during January, would it be light until 9pm on the opposite side of the plane compared to my home?

Basically, I've always wanted to be able to live where it's light until 9pm at night. Been blown away by this look at the earth. I have been attacked on pal talk for bringing this subject up. The flat earth comedy special on youtube was hilarious and recommend it. I have requested you as a guest on redicecreations radio, hope you get on!

All these shills like lord stephen christ and company im glad you pointed them out so i dont waste my time with them. Ty for telling about the flat earth. First such theory i was exposed to was Lord steven christ which rightfully you expose as a shill.

TY for exposing these shills so i dont have to waste my time on them. I have requested you to be a guest on redicecreations radio. I started talking about the flat earth on PalTalk and have been obviously shot down.

Eric i joined your forum and after a week i was banned for asking a question, i am new to your theory but it makes a lot of sense to me and has change my outlook completely as how we have been lied to for decades by NASA and all the education system. You have my support, just a shame i was banned for no reason I would like to know more. Anyway i can see why you have to be vigilant now after reading all this, i never realised how much flack you are taking and all the threats. Good karma to you.

The sun does not feel like its far away, It feels and looks very close, And I've always felt the a globe earth was just silly and frankly "retarded". I read a lot, watch and listen to quite a few of the FE people and keep what makes sense and throw out the rest. All have helped in some way or another But, As you say there are people out there with agenda's And I agree. We must all be very careful of what we latch on to. Thank you my Brother for all that you do. My three favorite Truthers are: I have not even posted anything, so not sure why.

I think I must have gotten caught up in a sweep of some sort. I promise I am not a shill or agent of some sort, just a smart guy looking for the truth. I even bought your book. Hook me up by unbanning me. To IFERS members receiving banned messages, it seems there has been some kind of hack and I'm getting an influx of reports from genuine members getting ban messages even though they are in good standing on the forum: I'm very sorry about this and don't know what to do.

Many have used proxies to change their IP and can get back on the forum, however, so for now this is a temporary fix to the problem. As the original founder of IFERS ended up with the material destroyed as you noted in your book , it would be nice to avoid that fate by spreading it farther and wider. All of these can support material and forum posts. You don't have to post this comment.

Please let me know if I can be off assistance via email. Cheers, Scott Geyer scott. A few more shills: I think they're attempting to make the "chemistry" between the Hot Potato host and Mark Sargent endearing or something, but it just turns out to be creepy - and obvious. What happened to the others board? In accordance with Section 25 a of the ProBoards Terms of Service, this forum has been taken offline.

Pro boards terms of service: Wow, Eric, I had no idea these people, a few that You named, were shills. Thnx for clearly listing each fault and uncanny response to Your videos. I like that You back it up with a few great points with links and references. I even messed up and emailed that one guy.

Thnx for the heads up! I just read this whole page and wanted to read some of those ifers boards. They are all gone!

You must have really ruffled some feathers! Oh how I love it! More proof you are on the right track! He does seem to be a good artist if that means anything. What about Brian Mullin? He seems legit and has some good stuff on youtube, check out "Force the line. We are sick of all the lies! An awakening has begun, I know which side I am on. Thank you for the information on this page. While I am still not convinced either way I have been researching on my own and watched lots of different videos.

It's funny how I stumbled upon this whole flat earth theory as I was trying to debunk claims of a friend of the existence of the illuminati and Freemason controlling media and our perception of everything. There is was, a video about flat earth and down the rabbit hole I went.

It's a lot to think about. I am truly on may way to being convinced that nasa is a hoax. It seems weird like my eyes are open for the first time and I am questioning everything and really paying attention to details. I'm highly educated and I know people will think I'm nuts if I even mention that I'm entertaining this idea. I would really like more information and any links, videos etc you can point me to. Like you i need to see proof not just a video full of theories and diagrams.

Thank you got all your work on this topic and I look forward to seeing where this goes. Eric, You may want to add Andrew Johnson to your shill list. His YouTube Channel Checktheevidence or his blog; http: As it is now in the bin, I won't be reading it.

However, a quick inspection revealed: No one has admitted sending the book. What blows my mind is his work and support for Dr.

Now I have to wonder if he is trying to direct her or is acting as her gate-keeper. Banister Are you actually interested in the information presented above or are you here to distract from it? The Flat Earth Psychological Operation: Banister I am very interested as I have been researching this topic for a few months now.

I have much respect for Andrew Johnson and will review your link. I take back what I said above about having much respect for you Andrew Johnson. Although I follow the work of Dr. Surely, you must have better things to do than follow up on Ryan G. Banister's comment and the folks that wish to pursue deeper research on the FE. I just found Andrew's entire blog on this subject disturbing and makes me question his legitimacy to his connection with Dr.

I would like to think I am over thinking this, however my gut tells me otherwise. She has the same approach and personality as Kerry Cassidy and the voice is not far off. Kerry Cassidy is control opposition. So when I stumbled across the flat earthers I was amazed, it all made sense to me. People say why would the leaders ect ect lie to us, if they lie about war and mutarring millions of people then this is an easy lie if you think about it Eric I am struggling to understand how the eclipse works on this flat earth.

Eric, After watching a number of your videos I purchased your book and have read up to the Boylan account and so looked him up and found this page on your site.

It seems likely NASA was able to convince Boylan he might find it more agreeable to his life style to work for them as a dis-info agent than ending up in a land fill. What a sad commentary on the extreme vulnerability of man without God! Thanks for pointing these guys out, it's best to call these guys out quickly before they get their legs under them and people try to "not reinvent the wheel" by simply referring to the existing shill data instead of researching, experimenting and publishing their own.

The Mark Sargent data is particularly interesting, in particular seems to have significantly more contacts at his availability than people investigating this topic do. It may be useful in calling these people out to also press them in a public forum e.

If they are shills, they may be restricted from that and other sensitive topics, from what I've seen they often they can't cross-pollinate. One note, it seems that you are still not of the opinion that we are in a dome, to the very best of my ability to discern we are hence the non loss of our atmosphere.

Supposedly as a trained professional engineer, he thinks the video indicated the rocket hits water and that is what caused the braking of the rocket. Only problem is the video definately shows the rocket running out of fuel and the obvious effect of rocket airbrakes being deployed, but not 1 drop of any liquid let alone water.

Patricia Steer was quick to follow my complaints in the comments section w congratulation to Brian for his Great idea regarding the sun and moon being opposites. Wow, brian what a novel idea Sucks, cause I liked his original videos debunking gravity, then I go today to check back in with him and its like he ate the whole bottle of intashill at once.

Eric, thank you for this info, I did have some doubts about some people you listed here. Also, I want to let you know that the board links don't work, this is what they give: Keep up the good work! Hi Eric, Love your work. Thanks for the heads up on these shills. Do update us with whatever you find. Like you said, I joined the FES that popped up first on my google search. And I couldn't find anybody who'd answer my questions clearly.

Do you know anything about Tom Bishop? Great list, I actually wanted to know whose information is more reliable along the flat earth lines. What do you think of Rob Skiba?

Also, could you please provide a list of trustworthy information sources on flat earth? Hi Eric I owe you an apology I didn't realize the extent I had been subliminally brainwashed over the years, and must confess It never dawned on me to seriously question what type of place we live on I hated school and just wanted to get it over with asap I'm interested in the truth, whatever that is, and it seems getting at it is a trying proposition I hadn't given much thought to whether or not the earth is a plane and your posts got me looking into it more earnestly Hi Eric I love the information you provide to us all.

You showed me so much and most likely never would of thought such things like the stationary stars, being upside down on the globe model, flatness in general and so much more. Once I see these things its impossible to see the world as a sphere now and of course people think im nuts. I have been considered a "crank" by my nearest and dearest for over thirty years for the "conspiracy" stuff I research and believe, so why stop now? I've done a thorough 'Hollow Earth' investigation; so why would the Flat Earth be any "crazier?

I'm quickly becomming a convert! Wow that was very interesting did not understand the shill and control opposition in the FE until after reading all that; I was following Mark Sargent and was surprise that you showed him in your latest video rap; btw excellent, I ended up buy many of the books you mentioned.

So I went to Mark's forum and ask him why you had him in your latest video and he said you always hated him and everyone else too and said he was proud to be first on your Wall of Shame, that is what lead me here. Anyway many of the other people you mentioned on the Wall of Shame I never had any contact with, Jeran and Crow being the ones I recognized and was observing and had exchange some chat, but didn't really become friendly.

ATF investigators expected to get leads on suspected arms traffickers. Ambassador to Cuba in 55 years. Despite Obama's support for mass immigration and amnesty for those who immigrated illegally, he ended the "wet foot, dry foot" policy that allowed Cuban refugees to legally stay in the U.

Liberal mainstream media regarded Obama's private meetings with the murderous thugs who run Cuba as a breakthrough in relations.

One of Obama's campaign promises was that he would close the American detention center at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba - detainees would be flown to other countries while the ones awaiting trial would enter the American court system. Two days after taking office he signed an order directing the military to do so.

Obama ultimately failed to close Guantanamo Bay, although he continually attempted to reduce the number of detained terrorists held at the base, even in the last days of his presidency. Obama and his administration had a weak stance on Russia.

According to Brett Bruen, the White House director of global engagement from to , the Obama Administration ignored his warnings about Russia. Obama has had very poor relations with the conservative Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , and he disregarded U. On December 23, , Obama broke over 35 years of American policy by abstaining from a UN vote and allowing a blatantly anti-Israel resolution to pass, showing his true anti-Israel stance.

Despite these actions, the U. House passed a motion on January 5, , condemning Obama's allowing of the UN resolution. In contrast to his anti-Israel policies, Obama took a friendly stance toward Iran, helping negotiate the Iran nuclear deal with the country, something Obama's successor, President Trump, chose to reverse.

The Obama Administration actively worked to give Iran access to American banks. Preferring international cooperation and equality to American sovereignty and independence despite the U. One of his actions as president was to give up the nation's control of internet domain name system and transfer control over to an international organization in Obama also entered the U.

Both of these agreements would have reduced American sovereignty and self-governance. Obama also endorsed the United Nations Agenda in , which called for "a 'new universal agenda' for all of humanity" and served as a major step toward a one-world government.

Obama has maintained tense relations with Congress throughout his term as President. Each of his budgets was voted down, and many of his judicial appointments have not come to a vote. When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died on February 13, , Obama made a point of addressing the nation to say that he would nominate a replacement, which drew criticism and rebuke from Republican Senators and Presidential candidates.

Obama executive action in areas such as immigration policy drew extensive criticism as infringing upon Congressional legislative powers. According to the U.

Sentencing Commission, President Obama issued 1, grants of clemency, with 1, being commutations, more than any other U. By custom, President Obama stayed neutral during the primaries, even though his close friend and Vice President Joe Biden was seriously considering a Presidential campaign.

Once Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination, Obama campaigned for her and also attended fundraisers. Obama publicly criticized the Republican candidate, Donald Trump who had previously spent years claiming that Obama was not born in the United States. On September 2, , Lisa Page wrote about preparing talking points for Dir. The Russia collusion hoax was predicated on the unverified premise that Wikileaks was a front for KGB activity. Nonetheless, Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning who passed national security secrets to WikiLeaks two days before Obama left office.

Members of the mainstream media called this wiretapping claim an "astonishing and reckless accusation". In a frantic attempt to leave some sort of legacy, Obama issued a very large amount of far-Left executive orders and regulations which revealed his true political views if any doubt remained. Although all of Obama's actions were worrisome, his actions in regards to Israel were particularly noteworthy.

He broke over 35 years of American policy by abstaining from a UN vote and allowing a blatantly anti-Israel resolution to pass, showing his true stance concerning Israel. Obama continued to believe that he could have successfully "won" a third term as president had he been able to run.

House, Senate, state governorship, and state legislative seats—during his eight years in office. Obama made Trump's transition much harder and rockier than it could have been by his leftist executive orders, decisions, and comments during the transition period. Bush , who holds RINO positions on certain issues. In an interview, Obama claimed that "we are probably the first administration in modern history that hasn't had a major scandal in the White House," [] and Obama's Chief of Staff Denis McDonough claimed likewise, [] despite the strong and massive evidence to the contrary.

In addition to his other actions in , Obama massively increased the number of federal regulations during his last days in office. During his campaigns, Obama said that he intended to " spread the wealth around " and was portrayed as saying that entrepreneurs and employers deserve no credit for building their businesses.

Given that liberals frequently engage in deceit , the actual approval ratings could be much lower. On April 27, , [] a long-running controversy surrounding Obama's birth was largely put to rest [] when Obama had his long-form birth certificate posted at WhiteHouse. The birth certificates of Michelle Robinson, which would disclosure her birth-sex, and the two children which would clarify their birth parentage, however, remain undisclosed.

Hillary Clinton top advisor Sidney Blumenthal , and his son, Max Blumenthal, were the origin of the rumors in that Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim in order to stir up fear among white Democrats and women, intended for Hillary's benefit.

Hillary Clinton's campaign team then began spreading Islamophobic rumors that Obama was a Muslim schooled in a madrassa as a child in Indonesia. Obama transformed the Bush administration War on Terror from a preventative measure against terrorism to a cry for vengeance, mob bloodlust, and retribution killings which spawned a fresh, new, and larger cycle of violence.

On May 1, , Obama misled the public when he announced [] [] that Osama bin Laden was "killed in a firefight" after a U. Al Qaeda , once broken and on the run, operates openly as the jihad has now become global. The government of Pakistan denied White House claims it allowed Americans to kill Muslims on its territory. An NBC investigation revealed Obama was informed of bin Laden's whereabouts one full year before he attempted to use it as an election year issue.

NBC further reported that there was no "firefight" at all, contradicting what the president told the nation. After the Benghazi terrorist attack which his administration knowingly and fraudulently blamed on the creator of an irreverent YouTube video critical of the founder of Islam, Obama made a speech at the UN in which he said,. Administration officials did nothing to repel the attack in progress while huddling to discuss the domestic political ramifications for the upcoming presidential election, less than two months away.

The creator of the video was jailed on bogus charges unrelated to the video. In , a series of terrorist attacks in France, Denmark and the United States claimed the lives of at least 15 people with dozens injured, including security and police officers, motivated by Muslim extremists defending what, in their view were, unflattering depictions of the founder of Islam, Mohammad.

According to Stanley Kurtz - author of Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism Obama in sought and obtained the endorsement of a left-wing third party, the New Party in his quest to be elected to the Illinois State Senate. Gladnick, [] Rick Moran at AmericanThinker.

Kurtz in has claimed to find minutes of the New Party Chicago chapter that say, " Barack Obama, candidate for State Senate in the 13th Legislative District, gave a statement to the membership and answered questions.

He also joined the New Party. For a more detailed treatment, see You didn't build that. On July 13, , at a campaign event in Virginia , Obama gave a speech that immediately stirred up controversy.

Speaking about the government's role in the success of private business, he said: Obama made an ungraceful departure from office claiming on October 18, Donald Trump's complaints of lies spread about Trump were corrosive to American democracy and an invented conspiracy theory.

Despite Obama's opposition to Trump's plan to build a wall along the U. After the end of his presidency, Obama spent much of his time vacationing in exclusive and elite locations around the world.

Several of Obama's failures as U. Barack Obama Controversies and Obamagate timeline. After leaving office, Obama started his own foundation, the Obama Foundation, and set to work on building his presidential center and library. It was reported in May that the Justice Department under Obama likely discriminated against veterans — in violation of federal law requiring the government to give preference to veterans in job hiring — by attempting to influence them to withdraw their applications.

Obama did not give any mention of Independence Day on his Facebook or Twitter on that day in while he was visiting Seoul. Obama denied the existence of any scandals "that embarrassed us" during his presidency.

In September , a parasitic worm, the Baracktrema obamai , was named after Obama. Illinois , a very liberal state, enacted a law making August 4 "Barack Obama Day," and it almost made the day a paid holiday for its state workers despite its dire financial situation caused by leftist policies. Conservatives strongly criticized Obama for his far-left and negative policies. Obama may best be remembered for his use of coercion, police state tactics and authoritarian tendencies.

Upon assuming office, President Donald Trump wiped out much of Obama's last-minute regulatory actions through Congressional Review. Many commentators have noticed similarities between Mr.

Several major controversies have dogged Obama throughout his political career and have received major media coverage and prominence. Obama's bizarre gaffes, or Obamaisms , were frequent and embarrassing, but typically unreported by the liberal media. Barack Hussein Obama From Conservapedia. Senator from Illinois From: Michelle Robinson Obama, Barack Obama's life partner. Retrieved September 7, The most pro-abortion president ever" July 12, Transcript of 'The Candidates: Barack Obama'" February 20, Newby, John May 17, Dystel and Goderic Literary Management website.

Retrieved from April 3, archive at Internet Archive. Kenya is Barack Obama's homeland! See Human Rights Campaign. Masin in Purpura and Moran v. Obama at 7 "Thus, accepting for the point of this issue that Mr. Va Order at 2 "It is well settled that those born in the United States are considered natural born citizens.

Wong Kim Ark , U. Governor of the State of Indiana , N. Advance publicity billed him as the "son of Kenyan economist" when, in fact, Obama Sr. He returned to Kenya. Obama at the age 9 once briefly met his father who served in the corrupt Kenyan socialist regime's Department of Economic Planning. The Daily Beast website. See The Daily Beast. Transcript of "Barack Obama Revealed". Dreams from My Father New York: Times Books , p. Quoted at "Dreams from my father: Obama suspicious, deceptive on Muslim background".

The Huffington Post website. The New York Times website. See New York Times. See Pond, Elizabeth November 24, See also Christian Science Monitor. See also Obama, Barack March 10, Retrieved from archive at The New York Times website. See also The New York Times. The New York Times. See The New York Times. Malveaux, Suzanne August 20, Retrieved May 3, Barack Obama asked woman to marry him before meeting Michelle.

Huffington Post says it was October 3, Scott, Janny October 30, Henig, Jess June 21, Retrieved from October 3, archive at Internet Archive. Scott, Janny September 9, Lattman, Peter May 11, See Wall Street Journal. Expanding the Community Reinvestment Act". Citibank , lead attorney Obama alleged that although his clients had been denied mortgages "because of delinquent credit obligations and adverse credit," they were really victims of institutional racism.

The suit was brought about by the Community Reinvestment Act, so called affirmative action mortgage lending. Purdum, Todd March Scott, Janny July 30, Statement regarding Barack Obama" March or bef. University of Chicago Law School website. Press release" October 9, Accessed May 13, Nobel Peace Prize is 'Call to Action'". Associated Press October 9, Radicals [five part series]". Excerpted in Foreign Influence: Located by The Real Barack Obama blog.

Retrieved from Internet Archive. Far Left of Center: Transaction Books , p. Wall Street Journal website. Showing his bare knuckles". Retrieved from January 23, archive at Internet Archive. Obama record may be gold mine for critics. In Illinois, Obama proved pragmatic and shrewd. The New York Times website.. See Davidson, Carl November 2, Chicagoans Against War and Injustice website.

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Scott Thomas Show Chicago: Associated Press September 2, Cheney's gay daughter practicing selfish hedonism". Retrieved from September 3, archive at Internet Archive. This article misquotes Liz Cheney ; previous bulleted reference in this multiple reference gives full quote verified by CNN transcript. Kaplan, Rebecca April 11, Obama most liberal senator in ". Obama criticizes Senate Republicans for delaying confirmation votes. Gill, Kathy May 26, Retrieved from September 5, archive at Internet Archive.

Iraq Supplemental , May 28, Retrieved from Deeper Inside the Mountain, June 4, Top contributors cycle" betw. Lieberman declines to endorse in presidential race. Berman, Russell , January Obama's Votes in Illinois Echo. Dorning, Mike , December Dorning, Mike , January Dorn, Michael , February 6. Newton-Small, Jay , January Not Wrong, but Meaningless.

Barone, Michael , March Obama, Clinton stress differences on Iraq, issues English. Obama's Record Under Attack. Uploaded to YouTube by Jill Stanek. David Brody August 16, G-d Damn America, U. Job growth under President Obama's first term; Source: United States Department of Labor. Population growth during Obama's first four years in office. July 19, 4: Energy Arena, Driving the Conversation: Richardson, Valerie March 5, Retrieved March 5, Sperry, Paul March 1, Catharine February 26, How federal funding kept Nikolas Cruz from getting arrested and unable to purchase firearms.

Scott Brown wins Massachusetts Senate special election race English. Levey and Janet Hook March 22, House passes historic healthcare overhaul English.

House passes health care bill on vote English. Accordingly, trend forecaster Gerald Celente labels Obama's corporate bailouts as being "fascism light" in nature. Is the government creating a bailout bubble? New York Post May 17, Obama Deficit in Pictures. The Center for Responsive Politics. Political Connections and Corporate Bailouts. Social Science Research Network. Ludwig von Mises Institute. With health bill, Obama has sown the seeds of a budget crisis.

Retrieved March 20, Obama Breaks Promise of Bipartisanship. Stimulus Lets Americans Claim Destiny. Woodward wrote that Obama administration proposed sequester. Bush, Jan - Jan See also Initial Unemployment Claims over the same period, annualized.

Department of Labor , Bureau of Labor Statistics. Standard and Poor's August 5, Retrieved on April 3, Number in Poverty and Poverty Rate: The Washington Free Beacon. Retrieved May 16, Studies behind Obama regulations under fire. Retrieved December 26, Office of the Clerk of the U. The Guardian 22 December New York Public Radio. New York Public Radio December 22, Orszag and Peter R.

Retrieved June 6, Duke, Selwyn June 5, Danger in the Skies: Obama put diversity over safety at FAA. Poor, Jeff June 2, Aviation Attorney to Tucker Carlson: Retrieved July 21, Retrieved September 6, Retrieved September 3, Obama Said It Was Illegal. Retrieved September 1, Retrieved September 26, Retrieved April 22, Retrieved June 8, Retrieved May 30, Retrieved August 28, Memo shows Obama team obstructed deportation cases. Retrieved October 9, Obama blocked deportation of , illegals, more than Atlanta's population.

Retrieved December 6, Retrieved June 28, Retrieved June 19, Retrieved June 21, Retrieved June 22, Two Approaches to Migrant Families and Minors. Retrieved June 20, Deadlocked Supreme Court deals big blow to Obama immigration plan. Retrieved May 22, Obama admin knew gang members were part of illegal immigrant surge: Retrieved May 24, Retrieved May 25, Retrieved January 13, Retrieved January 16, Sessions' immigration policies mark big change from Obama policies.

Retrieved April 18, Retrieved April 21, Bush administration worldwide was estimated at 12,; the Islamic State alone by had estimates of a standing army of jihadis as high as 70, to , The News in Obama's Speech.

Risk of anti-US violence up after Osama bin Laden's death. Obama's New Strategy March '09 English. The New York Times Inc.. Obama's Speech On Libya: Kuperman April 14, False pretense for war in Libya? Retrieved July 27, Cort July 28, Obama Administration Funded al-Qaida Front. Retrieved July 28, Susan Rice, Obama colleagues take heat for past claims on Syria chemical weapons purge.

Retrieved April 7, US missiles target Syria airfield in response to chemical weapons attack. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved January 15, Obama to press Trump to preserve Cuba detente: Obama announces historic deal with Cuba. Obama eases restrictions on Cuba, lifts limits on rum and cigars.

Retrieved July 22, Obama official says NSC slept on his Russia warning. Retrieved March 26, Trump administration ends confronting Russia after year of collusion accusations. Retrieved May 9, Retrieved December 28, The Times of Israel.

Retrieved January 6, Retrieved January 24, Taylor, Guy June 6, Obama hid efforts to aid Iran's windfall. Obama administration lied about Iran deal. OneNewsNow from the Associated Press. Edson, Rich June 6, Obama administration allegedly gave Iran access to US financial system.

Obama administration granted citizenship to 2, Iranians during nuclear deal: Retrieved July 2, New era in Internet governance starts as US cedes control of domain name system. Retrieved October 14, Obama broke the record for commuting jail sentences, 1, Retrieved on March 5, Retrieved March 9, I could have won third term. Retrieved December 27, Retrieved January 7, Retrieved January 16 Obama administration 'historically free of scandal'.

New rules surged in Obama's last year to 3,, most pages in Federal Register ever. Retrieved May 31, News and World Report website. Barnes, Fred July 22, Retrieved at The Weekly Standard website. See The Weekly Standard. Shedlock, Mike August 20, Edmund February 12, Why we are not hiring".

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