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True Freiburg connoisseurs describe pretty little Adelhauser-Platz, which lies away from the beaten track, as the city's loveliest square. These marvellous locations provide an ideal backdrop for the dozens of celebrations, both large and small, which take place every year in Freiburg's old town. The programme kicks off in January with the international 'trade fair' of culture and the grenzenlos festival, and continues uninterrupted through to December, when the Christmas market and the Circus Festival round off the season.

Among the highlights in between are the colourful antics of the Freiburg Carnival, the city's marathon, film seasons, open-air cinemas, a summer film festival, various fun fairs, the Summer of Culture, the Sea You music festival and the Tent-Music-Festival, as well as plays performed in the town hall courtyard, the 'Lake Night' Festival and a wine festival.

It's hard to believe there could be so much going on, but just ask anyone who's been! And if all the celebrations get a bit too much, you can unwind in the many parks and green spaces, such as Schlossberg hill, Mundenhof wildlife park, 1,m Mount Schauinsland on the doorstep of Freiburg and lots of lakes in and around the city.

After all, Freiburg values Mother Nature, and never wavers in its commitment to its environmental policies of sustainability and renewable energy. This has been a great success. As a green city , Freiburg has become a global benchmark for eco-friendly living. But you don't have to be an energy expert to be impressed by Freiburg — even if you visit on one of those rare occasions when the sun has decided to take a day off. Freiburg's Bächle are one of the distinctive features of the historical old quarter.

The water splashes and gurgles its way through the narrow streets in these tiny channels running alongside the pavements. Originally, they were probably built to supply water for everyday use and for putting out fires, or as drainage canals.

Today they are a quirky attraction popular with locals and visitors alike and a great way to cool off in the summer. Superstition has it that if a visitor steps in one by accident, this will not be their last visit to Freiburg. Built between and , Freiburg's mighty Minster of Our Lady is regarded by art historians around the world as an architectural masterpiece of the Gothic period and a cultural monument of great importance.

The metre tower of this impressive red sandstone construction is clearly visible from afar and is often referred to as "the most beautiful spire in Christendom". Inside the church are a number of medieval works of art: Freiburg's old quarter is dominated by the medieval minster.

Another characteristic feature are the much-loved Bächle , a system of narrow, flat channels that runs for several kilometres and is filled with water from the Dreisam river. Other attractions include a variety of beautiful ensembles and individual buildings that have been reconstructed in their original medieval style, many of them featuring decorative guild crests.

Some of the town's pharmacies have a mosaic staff of Aesculapius or a mortar and pestle set into the cobbles on the pavement outside, and in front of some of the bakeries you'll see a pretzel.

The chancel roof dating from the 14th century is the oldest in Freiburg after the one on the minster. At the beginning of the 18th century, the church was extended and remodelled in the baroque style, but the friary was secularised in The Augustinium Museum opened in and houses the municipal collections including medieval sculptures and pictures, baroque art, 19th century paintings, a collection of prints and drawings, and collections of applied arts and everyday culture.

In the Museum of Modern Art in Freiburg , masterpieces from the classic modern period up to the present day bear witness to the major artistic movements of the past years. Post-war abstraction is featured in the form of works by Baumeister, Schumacher, Götz, Ackermann, Geiger and others, while recent trends can be observed in works by regionally and nationally acclaimed artists.

Located in the late-Baroque residence of the artist Johann Christian Wentzinger , this Freiburg museum displays treasures from years of Freiburg history. Among the topics dealt with are the city's founding by the House of Zähringen, monasteries and foundations, and crafts and coinage. As a preparation for a tour of the town, take a look at the model showing Freiburg in about with its medieval walls and city gates and a further model showing the town within its baroque star-shaped moated fortification in about In the salon there is a model of the cathedral construction site.

From the oldest artworks of southern Baden to medieval Freiburg , the Archaeological Museum takes you on a journey through the millennia. Built as a neo-Gothic villa from to , Colombischlössle contains Stone Age female statuettes, examples of metal production from the Bronze Age and treasures from royal Celtic tombs, including the oldest glass bowl to be found north of the Alps. Streit um Gartenschlauch eskaliert: Am Donnerstag kam es in einer Gartenanlage am Wiesengrund zu einer gefährlichen Körperverletzung.

Auslöser war die Absicht des Geschädigten 46 , Pflanzen mit einem Schlauch zu bewässern. Dabei ist eine jährige Golffahrerin schwer verletzt worden. Fertig im Oktober Winterfeld. Bis Oktober soll das Gesundheitszentrum an der B 71 in Winterfeld fertig sein. Im rechten Gebäudeteil soll ein Physiotherapeut einziehen; für die linke Hälfte werde derzeit noch mit interessierten Ärzten verhandelt, erklärte Ratsfrau …. Wetter in Beetzendorf Hohentramm - Auch wenn es bis zum Start der Hauptjagdzeit Anfang September in Sachsen-Anhalt noch etwas Zeit ist und derzeit nur für ganz bestimmte Wildarten der Abschuss frei gegeben ist, so verzichten doch viele Grünröcke freiwillig auf die ….

Zur aktuellen Wettersituation hat der Apenburger Ortschronist und Hobby-Historiker Günter Schröder ein paar historische Quellen neu erforscht und aufgearbeitet. And - breaking news - they lost! So Germany it is. To be precise, the city of Freiburg, among the mountains of the Black Forest.

And as it happens I do have an excuse for coming here. Three excuses in fact: These are local farms that turn into small pop-up restaurants throughout the summer, serving their own wine and food. Griestal Strausse is in a vineyard, several winding roads outside the village of Opfingen. A steady stream of families turns up, and people sit around on the grass waiting for space at the rough-hewn wooden tables beneath the walnut and cherry trees.

German cuisine goes way beyond beer and sausages. The portion sizes are epic, and the wine on the table comes from the vines right behind us. Looking beyond the vines over golden cornfields lined with fruit trees, across to the Black Forest mountains, I wonder why so few tourists come this way. Travellers love to boast about their own discoveries - their precious gem of a secret foreign place: But further into the trip we do encounter something that could vex the unsuspecting tourist: In the correct setting, nakedness is considered neither embarrassing nor erotic: Frei Körper Kultur free body culture has been around for generations, and most lakes and open-air swimming areas have a dedicated zone.

I take my sceptical family along to the local lake, where people of all shapes and sizes strip off to enjoy the fresh air and water. The price of the naked-swim thrill is the awkwardness of the furtive getting-in. The water is ankle-deep for some distance and there are sharp stones on the lakebed. And at the very least the kids have future grounds for therapy fees. Your British gentleman traveller may well baulk at the French swimming pool dress code of budgie-smuggling speedos.

But here in German sauna culture even those skimpies are a stretch of nylon too far. We visit the Eugen Keidel mineral baths sauna landscape, and are required to remove all swimwear. A range of saunas is set around a fresh spring pool, with soft grass between. We timidly enter the first one, and sit down between a gang of naked elderly Germans chatting about poetry and long-term memory. Would you swap the Tuscan hills for the Black Forest?

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