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Fidele Weiberfassnacht beim Rosemontagszug in Oberwesel am Rhein: Pauschalreise teilweise all inclusive, Kindersilvesterparty, Familienurlaub mit Familiensilvesterparty, Single-Silvester-Special. Kurzreise Ostern Hotel Angebote: Rhein Mittelrheintal zwischen Koblenz, Loreley und Mainz: Kleingruppen ab 1 Pers. Weinbergsfahrt-Zubucher-Gruppen von 2 bis 6 Personen.

Empfohlen wird montags bis freitags von 9 bis 12 Uhr und von 13 bis 18 Uhr anzurufen. Bitte nicht vor 9 Uhr anrufen. Mainz, Weinwanderungen, Weinbergsfahrten, Weinproben. Annual output is around hl and they currently make a Pils, Dunkel and Weizen. April 1st saw the opening of Benno's Brauhaus in Witten.

There has been a brewery operating almost unnoticed by the wider world since New Years Day The Flammkuchenhaus in St Arnual, south of Saarbrücken, brews under two labels. The standard beers are branded ' Flammings Flammbräu ' and they have a Craft range called 'Brauhof Saar'.

Bierseiderei in Dienstedt has closed. The brewery at the Thüringer Freilichtmuseum in Hohenfelden is only used on a communal basis and is therefore not commercial. The publically available beers are made in Apolda.

The tap for Zur Golden Henne in Jüchsen has closed. It seems the only regular outlet is now Hotel Milano in Dietzhausen, near Suhl. Also shut is the tap for Rhönbrauerei Dittmar in Kaltennordheim. Zum Stern in Bühlertann no longer brews and the equipment has been removed. When is a brewery not a brewery? It appears Braurevolution in Notzingen doesn't quite qualify. Also they ferment and lager their beers on their own premises the wort is made at Stiftsscheuer in Kirchheim.

A step closer than most Zoiglstube but not quite close enough. Latterly of Sulzfeld and formerly Bretten, Michaeli Bräu no longer brews itself.

The beers now come from Palmbräu in Eppingen. An unsuccessful visit to Kalvarienbergbräu in Poxau during July found no-one at home and signs the brewery may not be in use pipes appeared disconnected, etc. Büttenhof Bräu Volz in Biebesheim has closed although the brewing kit remains in situ. It appears Schopfen Bräu in Neckarsteinach has closed. It was housed at the Alte Post but the latter has been visited several times without being open and has no menus in the display cabinet outside.

I had mistakenly placed Göttingen under Hessen - it is in fact about 10 miles inside Niedersachsen. Sadly, Brauhaus zu Steinfeld has closed due to a fire last December. Gerry Weber's Landhotel in Halle no longer brews. And finally, some good news. Marktmühle in Oberdorla opened in November last year.

The Aalener Löwenbräu tap has closed. Liesbachbräu in Burgwallbach has closed. The building has been converted into a refuge for asylum seekers.

They open for sales on Friday evenings and also sell the beers at the weekly market at Martinzell station which, oddly, in actually in Oberdorf. Ratzbrauerei zum Bäuml in Rain has closed, seemingly around the start of this year. Bogk Bier's new brewery has opened in Pankow. It occupies part of the former Willner Brauerei closed and shares the equipment with Scheeeule. Emils Biergarten usually has some of the beer. Ludger Berges, David Hughes. As Thorsten Schoppe no longer has any involvement with Südstern his Schoppe-Bräu beers are mainly brewed outside Berlin although some specials are made at Pfefferbräu where he's the brewer.

Beers can be bought from source Thursday afternoons. Michelsbräu beers are no longer brewed in Babenhausen. Production ceased at the end of and they now come from Arnstein. Mashsee Brauerei has moved from the location shared with the Braukontor shop to a new site further south at Am Eisenwerk Vorwalder Landbrauerei in Venne closed at the end of may due to ill health.

Roland Rosner has opened his eponymous brewpub in Sohland an der Spree. It only opens at the weekend but there are conflicting reports as to whether this is Friday to Sunday or just Saturday and Sunday. This appears to have happened around three or four years ago. I suspect Edelbrauerei Pohl in Schopfloch may have closed. Klosterbräu Bamberg will be sold to nearby Kaiserdom. The change of ownership will take effect on 1st February next year. Brauhaus Ploss in Selb stopped brewing in the spring as the former owner retired.

The new owners apparently have plans to resume brewing but it appears uncertain they will. The beers are now made at Kuchem's Brauhaus in Pirmasens. Judging by a newspaper report it would appear this happened last year. Coburg has had a brewery again since the beginning of the year.

Brauhaus zu Coburg is tucked-away near the market square and it appears to have strong connections with Kulmbacher. Just the one house-brewed beer available when I visited earlier this month - an amber lager called Veste Trunk. Also of interest in the town is a cheese shop I found called Stadt Sennerei which stocks the full range of beers from both Pax Bräu and Zombräu.

The brewery has been removed from Bayerischer Hof in Grünbach and they now sell beers from Blechschmidt in Treuen. Nordlingen's Ankerbräu closed at the beginning of the year. Their remaining beers are made at Fürst Wallerstein. Brewing had ceased at the Dorfbachstüberl in Ohlstadt by the end of last summer due to the brewer moving to a new job in Pfaffenhofen. Berliner Berg Brauerei is up-and-running in Neukölln. The tap opens Thursday to Saturday, evenings only.

Braustube Bielefelder Biermanufaktur opened in Bielefeld last year. Brauhaus Bottich in Bottrop changed ownership in February last year and is now an American theme bar. It no longer brews. Since November their house beers come from an undisclosed brewery near Koblenz Paul Lockwood. Landsberger now has a tap at the brewery, open from There is a new brewery to report in Bamberg. Erlkönig is a brewpub in the Gaustadt district, not far from Kaiserdom and apparently owned by a member of the Wörner Kaiserdom family.

Erlenbach, near Fürth Odenwald , is now home to Brewers Fantasy. Göttingen's first brewery since the closure of Göttinger is Scholar , a brewpub in the heart of the old town. The home built kit is capable of producing 1. Karl's Brauhaus in Chemnitz closed at the end of October. Happily, owner Michael Friedrich has since opened Stonewood Braumanufaktur , a microbrewery which occupies part of the former Germania Brauerei on the eastern edge of the city.

The ambitiously-named Braurevolution opened in Notzingen earlier this year. They appear to have had some help from Stiftsscheuer in nearby Kirchheim.

It appears Liesbach-Bräu in Burgwallbach has closed, although the website mentions nothing. Opened in , according to Wir sind Rhöner Bier it closed its doors on 28th December. Whether this is temporary or not remains to be seen. Timo Alanen, Sascha Bruns. Long-term cuckoos Crew Republic finally opened their own brewery last spring. Brauhaus Bohnsdorf closed in January. Another cuckoo now with its own nest is Kreativbrauerei Kehrwieder. Oliver Wesseloh first brewed at his new Sinstorf brewery in November.

Müller's Brauhaus in Schrampe has closed following the untimely death of owner Jörg Müller last June. Zum Gründla in Kulmbach should soon have its own brewery.

Brewery equipment dealer Allgäu Zapf has opened a microbrewery at their Oberdorf base. Barleys Braukeller has an annual capacity of 50hl and the beers are sold through their online shop and can be found at occasional festivals at the nearby railway station Martinszell.

Oberasbach near Fürth has a new microbrewery. Altenberger Brauhaus is in the Altenberg district and, remarkably for a Franconian town of 17, souls, this appears to be the first recorded brewery. The first beers from Stone's Berlin brewery were released last month. The tap will follow in the spring. Co-incidentally, there's a beer festival there this weekend Giessener Brauhaus stopped brewing around March last year. Jan Menken, Adam Randall. I'm not entirely certain he brews in his own brewery but Klemens Brinker now offers his own beers among them a Grut at his bakery in Georgsmarienhütte.

Confirmation either way would be welcome. Back- und Brauhaus Brinker opens on Saturday mornings only. Just north of Hamburg, Norderstedt has been home to the Hopfenleibe brewpub since November. It's a short walk from Norderstedt Mitte station and stocks a wide range of beers in addition to its own.

Markus Brinker, Sascha Bruns. Four friends have open a microbrewery in Bruchsal. Brewmaltster , also known as Braxar Brauerei, is in an industrial area just north of the railway station. The beer can be bought from source three days a week. Those of you who have yet to visit Brauerei Winkler in Melkendorf had better get a move on - it is to close at the end of the month.

Münchberg has a brewery again. Hopfenhäusla is a brewpub which began life in late summer however opening is restricted to two evenings a week. The Union Brauerei opened two weeks ago. A revival of sorts, it occupies part of the site of the former brewery of the same name which operated between Worrich's Pub in Forst has closed due to the retirement of owner Klaus Worrich.

It will be a few miles west in Bürstadt and appears set to follow the same concept as the original. McMüllers in Fulda has been open since the spring but does not brew. Most beers come from the parent brewpub in Kofferen but the Zwickel is made under contract by an undisclosed local brewery.

There are plans for a brewery on the site of the former Mondi factory in Lindlar. Kaspar Schulz have been contracted to supply the equipment. Brewing ceased at Meierhof in Ottbergen at the end of September. Their beers are now made by Rother Bräu in Roth vor der Rhön. Frenzel Bräu has outgrown the Spree Pension and is now located around half a mile away, south of the football stadium. A second pub is now supplied Zum Handtuch on the Hauptmarkt. As suspected, Beim Jösl in Bad Waldsee does not brew.

The 50 litre kit there was used for seminars but no more. Beers come from nearby Steinacher Hausbräu. They no longer brew at Amadeus Hausbräu in Baden-Baden and the rather unusual equipment has been removed. Staff report the beers come from Karlsruhe but do not know which brewery. Brewing is currently suspended at Glasmännlebräu above Baiersbronn due to temperature control issues. They hope to resume once the weather is cooler. Good news from Riegel. Previously mentioned as doubtful, Römerbräu has in fact just moved fifty or so metres to a different part of the former Riegler brewery.

As before, they open Friday only Brewing at Vilstaler Stein-Bräu is suspended until February due to it being expanded. They actually operate at two sites in the village - the brewery and winter bar is at No. The owners of Schalander are searching for premises with the intention of opening a second brewpub within the city.

Good and bad news from Malsfeld. Hessisches Löwenbier no longer brews - all beer is now made at Hütt in Knallhütte. However, the brewery museum which occupies part of the site has had a tiny brewery called BrauWerkstatt Malsfeld since As well as being used for brewing seminars, small batches of speciality beers are made here and these can be found at the Hütt tap. None were on sale at the museum itself at the time of Mr Lockwood's visit. Weschnitztaler Braumanufaktur has moved from Rimbach to Fürth Odenwald.

The Alte Brauerei in Wolfhagen has closed, along with the tap. An internet search has revealed brewing ceased as long ago as but the tap had continued to operate, most recently under the name Marill.

The Neustadter Brauhaus closed towards the end of July. AIDAprima is now officially in service. Like the four previous ships with breweries it has a glass mash tun and kettle but of 8hl capacity rather than 5hl, reflecting its larger size.

A sixth ship with an on-board brew house may well follow. Their beers are now made in Unterbaar. Located in a former cow shed, it has enabled output to double. Marzahner B örsenbräu no longer brews and the equipment has been removed. All beer is now made at nearby Bierfabrik. If you visit Zukunft Ostkreuz and wonder where the brewery is, the answer is a nearby railway arch.

Bielefeld has one, possibly two new breweries to report. Located in the Senne district, Hotel zur Spitze has a tiny plant and produces just 50hl of beer a year, although no mention of this is made on the website. The crowd-funded Braustube Bielefelder Biermanufaktur may not actually brew themselves but appear set to do so.

Despite the name, there is currently no tap. Does anyone know anything about GE Bräu in Gelsenkirchen? I suspect they may not brew themselves but am prepared to believe they may. One to keep an eye on is Gartenbrauerei Spörkelnbruch in Gruiten, near Haan.

Although currently an impressive hobby brewery, plans to move into larger premises are at an advanced stage and once they have done so, commercial sales will begin.

It appears I jumped the gun announcing Aloysianum in Leichlingen. Although the pub is open, the beers will be made in Gemünd until at least next year. As above, can anyone shed any light on Schadelbräu in Köln? I suspect they have the beer made for them and fill it themselves but this is just a hunch. Vredener Brauhaus no longer brews and it is unclear how long ago it last did.

Beers now come from the Radeberger Group. Barely above hobby brewer status, Braukeller Bobenheim is a true house-brewery in Bobenheim am Berg. No regular outlets but the beer is sold at Bad Dürkheim's farmers market, at least. Beers can be bought direct from source by prior arrangement. Oberdorla should have a brewpub before the end of the year.

BernardiBräu is a new microbrewery in Kranzegg, near Rettenberg. Opened in May, it can be found down a country lane between the aforementioned places. It opens for direct sales three times a week and the beers are available in a dozen or so local bars and shops. Brandy's Braugarage has been operating in Wallersdorf since the spring. Located in a former car tuning centre, as well as the brewery they have an on-site shop, bar and beer garden.

Berliner Berg Brauerei should be opening soon in Neukölln. Rügener Insel-Brauerei in Rambin has now opened. Moringen's Hausbrauerei Mollenhauer has closed after five years activity. Arnsberg should soon have a brewpub. The brewing kit for Arnsberger Mühlenbräu was delivered in May but there is no word when exactly they will open. It is located in the town's former railway station.

There's a new microbrewery to report in Dresden. Trachennowe Braukunst is in the north-western Trachau district, not a million miles from the narrow gauge steam railway at Radebuel Ost. They open for sales on Saturdays. What is claimed to be Sachen's first organic brewery has opened in Schmilka, near Bad Schandau. A few hundred metres from the Czech border, judging by the shiny new 10hl coppers some serious money has been thrown at Brauhaus Schmilka.

A tap is due to follow. There'll be plenty of news posted over the coming days. Here's a brief taster Right on the north-western edge of the city limits can be found the latest addition to the Nürnberg brewing scene. Brewing takes place at the weekend in equipment normally used to make Glühwein and the result sold at a number of outlets including their own shop and all three Bierothek stores.

The first beers from Urban Chestnut in Wolnzach are now available. Brewing resumed at the former Bürgerbräu in June. Just south of Pritzwalk, Buchholz is now home to Prignitzer Hofbräu, a small brewery located within the Prignitzer Hof hotel and restaurant.

There may be a new brewery in Warnemünde but I have my doubts. There are the tell-tale signs of a 'craft' contract company - shiny website, 33cl bottles and no photo's of any brewing equipment. I contacted Hoppen un Molt three weeks ago for more detail but have yet to receive a reply. Remember the short-lived Brauhaus Aloysianum in Opaden, near Leverkusen? It has reopened with the same name, owner and beers in Leichlingen, the next stop on the railway to Wuppertal.

The new location is conveniently situated in the old station building Roman Drüg. Privatbrauerei Albersdorf has closed. The owner has relocated to Frankfurt where he hopes to resume brewing under the name Kröger's Bier once suitable premises have been found.

The isle of Rügen will have a new brewery from the beginning of July. Rügener Insel-Brauerei will be in Rambin and appears to be a microbrewery with beer garden. The Idarer Brauhaus has opened in Idar Oberstein but does not yet brew. Beers from Lahnsteiner and Augustiner are currently sold. The brewing coppers are in place but there is no word on when they will be used.

Braumanufaktur Sander has moved from Mettenheim to Worms, changing name to Privatbrauerei Sander in the process. Ostheimer Bürgerbräu's tap has closed. Much of the production from Kleinbrauerei Rain now gets exported to Romania. As the drinks market at the brewery has now closed, the beers are quite a challenge to find. Hoppenbräu in Waakirchen does not actually have its own brewing equipment and the four beers are made elsewhere.

Although I understand more than one brewery has been used the evidence currently points to Haimhausen as the source. Sackbendel in Beerfelden closed last year. The building is now a tapas restaurant. I had assumed all their beers were made at the Binding plant in Frankfurt that's their registered address but Paul Lockwood informs me they use other breweries.

However, he also discovered they have a very small brewery in the cellar of the famous Henninger Turm in Frankfurt. From what I can ascertain this appears to be a pilot plant used for experimenting with new recipes but an Imperial IPA brewed there was on sale at the recent Berlin Craft Beer Festival. Any further information would be appreciated. Brockhagen, a village near Steinhagen, is home to a microbrewery.

Brauerei Sandforth has a small tap room used after brewery tours but unless you're a visitor the beers are only available from a couple of local drinks markets listed on the website. You will need to contact Metten Hefemännchen in advance if you wish to buy the beers. Although it does brew, home made beers are rarely available at Zur Ratte in Leipzig.

They are only sold in the Festsaal so you'll have to visit when an event is on otherwise it's Krostitzer all the way. They hope to open a new, larger brewery next year which will enable their own beers to be on all the time. The former tap of Landsberger Brauerei has closed.

Happily, a new one has opened at the brewery itself. Brauer Stüble is open from Four friends from Endingen who starting brewing for fun in have now gone a step further. Ostel Bräu may not be fully professional but the beers can be found at local festivals and it seems they may have a summer-only beer garden on the Büchermarkt. Well-regarded Nürnberg Altstadt bar Hütt'n now has a picobrewery which goes by the name Nürnberger Burgbräu.

The 50 litre plant is used to make just one beer, a 5. It should be available from I suggest you combine it with a visit to the Altstadthof opposite and Wanderer below the city wall. Not for the first time, a brewpub has been installed in an old town hall. This time it is Naumburg that's the lucky recipient.

Ratskeller Naumburg opened last year. After months of uncertainty and rumour, I can confirm Brauerei Sauer in Gunzendorf has closed. Ralph Forster, co-author of the excellent " Bierführer " series of Bavarian beer guides together with Harald Schieder , has been in touch with some news, most of it good.

Firstly, there is a new bewery to report in Mirskofen, near Landshut. Zombräu was opened on 30th May by the Merches brothers, Tobias and Bastian. Wald brewed for the last time at the end of April. Brother and sister team Wolfgang and Anna Mehringer now supply existing customers with beers from Jacob of Bodenwöhr, the brewery where Wolfgang now works.

There are no plans to brew their old beers under contract. Contrary to expectation, Klosterbrauerei Seligenporten is still brewing. The main range of beers which were brewed and bottled under contract in Neumarkt have been discontinued but others are still made in Seligenporten. The brewery is open on Saturdays. Goikelbräu in Halsbach now brews in-house. Brauhaus Mitte and the building it stands in are completely gutted.

Their website suggests this is temporary. Circus Hostel Brewing is now open. Brewbaker are apparently up-and-running at their new location.

Diensdorf's Haus am See stopped brewing in February. The kit remains in situ but the beer is now König Pils. Neustädter Hausbrauerei in Dresden now brew on two sites in the city. All other beers plus contract brews are made at the new site. The Rhön area of northern Unterfranken is home to another new brewery. Liesbachbräu is in Burgwallbach, near Schönau an der Brend. Bottling will be done in Truchtlaching. A few miles north of Regensburg is Hainsacker, the village where Hartl Bräu has been active since the start of the year.

Four beers were recently available at the Regensburg Craft Bier Festival but I have no information on regular outlets. The first of three casualties to report is Sonnenbräu of Lichtenberg, thought to have been closed for quite some time. I suspect any beers which may remain will be brewed by Schlossbrauerei Schwarzbach over the border in Thüringen. Brauhaus Schweinfurt closed at the end of April after the potential investor withdrew. Kulmbacher have bought the rights to the name. Another, perhaps more surprising casualty.

They now sell beers from Strauss in Wettelsheim. Munruffer Bierfabrik opened in Mogendorf last year. There is a tiny brewery at Reith, an Einöde solitary dwelling, in this case a farm near Osseltshausen, Au in der Hallertau. The beer is available just one day a week. It seems Klosterbrauerei Seligenporten may have closed.

I will be deleting it if no evidence it is open is forthcoming. Ahlbecker Kellerbräu has ceased brewing following a change of ownership at Hotel Seestern in Ahlbeck.

Somewhere I had heard may be brewing was Stolperhof , a farm museum in Stolpe on Usedom. Sachsa Bruns has been able to confirm they do indeed brew.

Julia and Torben Sass are brewing on a small scale in the garage of their house in Tarmstedt. Around 50hl of Burzel Bräu is produced annually, and it can be found in two local shops.

Anton's Restaurant in Erklenz has been brewing for about a year. The beers for Brauhaus Alte Schmiede in Rhaunen are actually made somewhere in Bayern rather than in house, at the brewery where Ralf Gewert was brewer.

If anyone knows where that it, please let me know. One one new brewery can be found in Unseburg, a village 25km south of Magdeburg. Just one beer is made at the Unseburger Brauhaus - a Pils. The tiny Brauerei Förster in Feuerthal stopped brewing several years ago. The brewing equipment from Brauhaus Schillerbad in Lüdenscheid has been sold to Belgium and was removed several weeks ago. Future beers, possibly under the Lüdenscheider name, are expected to be brewed in either Neuss or Monschau.

Krokodil in Trossingen has been brewing since last year. One of the latter's owners, Florian Kuplent, is originally from the Wolnzach region. Yet another new brewery will open soon in the Mitte district. The equipment was sold to a London brewery in There is also now an adjacent tap, occupying was was previously the Hofgarten restaurant.

Brauhaus Schweinfurt has been declared insolvent. It is hoped an investor can be found before the end of February. Beers from the hard to find Heldenblut can sometimes be encountered at Dunmore Cave in Neukölln. If anything, it would seem Südstern is the client. Feel free to tell me why I may be wrong.

Giesinger Bräu has finally made the short move to their new brewery and tap opposite the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche in München. Plans for a brewery at Söhnel Werft in Wannsee have been abandoned. It will come as no surprise to regular readers that Bowling Center Minden has ceased brewing. Gens Bräu is no more. Yet another AIDA cruise ship with a brewery is under construction. Yet another day with no specific news, just more cuckoo entries. It would appear there may be a small brewery at a vineyard in Rück, near Elsenfeld.

According to the website of Schalkhaus , Jürgen Hefner has been brewing there since ! I have emailed him in the hope he will be able to confirm its status but I would be surprised if a commercial brewery could exist for so long in Franconia without the beer world noticing.

Again, no actual news today, only more entries on the cuckoo page. A stones throw from the Hessen border, Braugemeinschaft Edertal in Beddelhausen is just the right side of hobby to count on these pages. Run by three friends in their spare time, the five beers are only available by the barrel. They have a rather excellent-looking fire engine which has been converted to dispense beer. It appears there may be a brewery at the Hannes Hof pension in Riedlhütte, near St.

I have contacted them in the hope of more information. Can anyone shed any light on Läuterwerk in Münster? Is this a planned brewery, a cuckoo or neither? The website for Peterbier in Raesfeld is offline and the name up for sale, so it would appear brewing has ceased.

Like Tuesday, no specific news to report today, just some additional entries on the cuckoo page. No specific news to report today, just a few additional entries on the cuckoo page.

Does anyone know anything about Kugelbräu in Agawang, near Kutzenhausen? It appears to be a well-equipped hobby brewery rather than anything more professional but it is getting difficult to tell these days.

I got a bit carried away yesterday. It is tomorrow Zum Rittmeister will begin selling house-brewed beer, not today. In the absence of any other news and to extend my run of consecutive days updates to thirty-nine I'm reminding you the first house-brewed beers go on sale at Zum Rittmeister in Kemnitz tomorrow.

The Gaffel brewery next to the railway just north of Köln Hauptbahnhof is set to close next summer. Production will move across the river to their Porz site during August. The latter previously brewed some of Gaffel's output but has not done for for a number of years. One tiny brewery I had been trying to confirm existed has closed.

Chamer Zoiglbrauerei was in Katzberg, just north of Cham. It lasted barely a year. It appears brewing may now have ceased at Späth-Bräu in Lohberg. Filling was transferred to Löwenbrauerei Passau just over a year ago but Bierführer Ostbayern reports no beer is now made in Lohberg. I have sent the brewery an email in the forlorn hope they may reply. Somewhere I had dismissed as a hobby but which it turns out is in fact commercial is Herzogsberg Bräu in Velburg.

Although the four friends who brew there do so in their spare time, one of the number is a former brewer at Winkler Bräu in Lengenfeld. The beer can usually be bought from source on Saturdays but do call in advance to ensure they have beer. Their weizen is only brewed in limited quantities. Mentioned here on a couple of occasions recently, I am now able to conform Das kleine Brauhaus in Straubing does in fact exist as a separate brewery.

Bierführer Ostbayern has photographs of the mobile kettles emblazoned with the brewery name and goes on to explain around 40 brews are done each year. The two beers are normally only available bottled and the suggested place to try them is the picturesque Zur Schönen Aussicht in Bogenberg. Nach Einbruch der Dunkelheit sammeln sich die Schiffe zum Schiffskonvoi.

Busreisen und Bahnreisen deutschlandweit: Junggesellenabschied mit Rabatt, Betriebsausflug, Vereinsausflug. Rheinschiffahrt zum Rheingau-Rotweinfest mit Feuerwerk am Samstag Auf Wunsch Hochstuhl und Kinderbett.

Pauschalreise teilweise all inclusive, Kindersilvesterparty, Familienurlaub mit Familiensilvesterparty, Single-Silvester-Special. Kurzreise Ostern Hotel Angebote: Kleingruppen ab 1 Pers. Weinbergsfahrt-Zubucher-Gruppen von 2 bis 6 Personen. Empfohlen wird montags bis freitags von 9 bis 12 Uhr und von 13 bis 18 Uhr anzurufen. Bitte nicht vor 9 Uhr anrufen. Mainz, Weinwanderungen, Weinbergsfahrten, Weinproben.

Salon 1 ohne Buffet, Salon 2 mit Buffet.

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