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Wir arbeiten hart daran, erlebnisgeschenke. Wir haben Ihr Feedback erhalten und melden uns in Kürze bei Ihnen! Die hohe Kunst des Cocktailmixens lernen. Wählen Sie hier Ihren Wunschort aus, um mehr zu erfahren: Bitte Bundesland auswählen, in dem dieses Erlebnis angeboten wird!

Weiden in der Oberpfalz. Cocktail Kurs in den beliebtesten Regionen. Der Profi-Barkeeper vermittelt theoretisches Wissen. Geschüttelt, nicht gerührt - das will gelernt sein! Tipps vom Profi für den perfekten Cocktail. Das Auge trinkt mit: Riesige Auswahl an Zutaten für leckere Cocktails. Zum Finale ein perfekt gemischter Mojito. Wann haben Sie zum ersten Mal selbst einen Cocktail gemixt? Woher stammt Ihre Begeisterung für Cocktails?

Erhalten Sie Einblicke in die Arbeit eines Barkeepers. Cocktails mixen in entspannter Atmosphäre. Wer bucht Ihr Erlebnis? Was lernen die Teilnehmer bei einem Cocktail Kurs? Was ist Ihr Lieblingscocktail und warum? Über das Erlebnis Cocktail Kurs Jetzt ist es soweit: Was macht das Erlebnis Cocktail Kurs als Geschenk so einzigartig?

Wer freut sich besonders, wenn er das Erlebnis Cocktail Kurs geschenkt bekommt? Weitere Fragen zum Erlebnis? Wir haben die Antworten! Wie viel Zeit sollte ich für einen Cocktail Kurs einplanen? With the success of massive dj support John monthly release schedule has been keeping him busy djing at all his favorite spots.

Blacklist tracks can be bought currently at traxsource. Originally hailing from England but having clearly arrived on the global scene nearly a decade ago, John has long since cemented his name in the pages of dance music history. His list of achievements is groundbreaking to say the least.

The beauty of what he does lies in just how different he really is from his contemporaries. The label has effectively served as a foundation for artistic expression and a medium for creative output, allowing underground artists to break through to a much wider audience.

To have a record released on Bedrock serves as the global stamp of production quality, ingenuity and integrity for producers worldwide. In fact, the name John Digweed is synonymous with quality, ingenuity and integrity. Even with all of his global traveling he has still been able to hold down two monthly Bedrock residencies in both London Heaven and Brighton The Beach. His Kiss radio show is quickly coming up on its second year as one of the most successful dance music shows in all of England with internet broadcasts to all of the world.

Digweed is both solid and durable with unyielding precision. He is centered to the principles of life, living and friends in such a way that he generates an aura of self-explanatory excitement and enthusiasm. Without heroic pretensions his sets are filled with moodiness and musical mystery but held down with a punchy distinctiveness and earthly rhythm. Always emanating a sense of boundlessness he overlaps dream events that spill into reality with an enormous certainty.

Groundbreaking and bursting with innovation, DJ and producer Jonathan Ulysses has a fascinating and diverse career that spans a year period.

You can keep up to date with his plans on the flourishing site www. The sound was influenced by his tours of South America that will continue through with his 3rd year as a resident of the outstanding M. After developing a more focused interest in house and techno, Joris invested in the versatile MC Groovebox and began to experiment with synth sounds and drumloops.

Joris Voorn is a record producer and Dj from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Encompassing 3 years of ideas and inspiration, the cd contains 20 diverse tracks, a seamless soundscape that represents his arrival as one of the most relevant techno producers of this time. The mix contained over 40 tracks of timeless techno music mixed with the help of Ableton Live for its endless mixing and editing possibilities.

During the same year Voorn created his second album, released worldwide in June Some of the works were edited to more dj friendly tracks for the vinyl release of the album. During the summer of Joris has been touring with his new live performance in support of his album release. In , following the success of his resident advisor podcast, Joris was invited to produce episode 14 of the Balance DJ mix CD series from Australia.

Following in the footsteps of James Holden and Lee Burridge, Joris constructed a layered and seamless mix of electronic dance music on a double CD. An epic mix in the very best sense of the word, Balance achieves the rare feat of combining variety and consistency, making it perfect for trainspotters and dancers alike.

The tracks change quickly and quietly, but the groove stays. An accompanying world tour will follow where Joris will bring the essence of this studio project to the stage, using all different elements of the mix into a full range club experience. Inspired by his surroundings, which is never limited to the dancefloor, Joris and his team will be creating a night in several festivals and clubs, exploring the possibilities of combining music and visual arts.

This year the project will be developed, tested and finetuned in selected clubs. With Rejected, Joris is working on a more club oriented contemporary sound instead of deep electronic music excursions.

This year, the Rejected label has some great projects in the pipeline, to start off with a disco infected house track by the Dutch rising star Pitto. One of the most apt, certainly, would be longevity. Which brings us to our final term: Some who hit big when Wink did are content to live off past successes; others chase trends in an effort to stay relevant. I never knew I could make a living from doing what I loved when I was a teenager; my parents thought it was a fad, actually.

Joyce Mercedes is an international DJ of great stature and talent. She has traveled all around the globe and has displayed her immense passion for music in the largest and most popular clubs in the world. During the last years, Joyce Mercedes performed in more than 55 different countries. This demonstrates both her international popularity, and her skill with adapting her live performance skills to a very diverse crowd.

Joyce performed in a sparkling dance show in the most famous clubs in the world. Her passion for music lies as well in her dancing as in her singing. At this moment Joyce Mercedes has performed in more than 48 countries in almost every famous foreign club in Europe, North America, South-America as well as in the Far East.

Her sound is best described as Tech house containing elements of techno, minimal, electro, funk, soul, Progressive all with an uplifting deep powerful drive. She has now started with producing her own music. End she launched her own label QOC and released varies underground dance music on it. She is working with Axxell Brodie on her vocal album. Harry Lemon, Jerome isma-ae, Ahment Sendil just to name a few.

Acclaimed producer and DJ Vito Lucente has been releasing records under many different names but his best known moniker is without a doubt Junior Jack. It will hit the market in September and is promising to set another standard in the history of dance music. It was also the first time a Benelux based producer reached the top spot of the European dance charts. With this track he firmly established the distinctive sound of the irresistible pumping bassline that has become one of his trademark.

His DJ schedule also remained very busy, playing regular slots at all the superclubs around the world including a residency at the Ministry Of Sound, teaming up with Kid Creme. His signature continued to appear on many successful dancetracks. The single, which was released in March , kept the no. The track went on to sell a grand total of His ear to the street brought him to a rising star when he met the up-and-coming producer Armand Van Helden in By age 15, this prodigy was already DJing at some of the hottest underground clubs in NYC and perfecting his craft as a producer.

Not to mention his own headphone line scheduled for launch in Junior Sanchez has undoubtedly carved a place for himself in this cutthroat industry, but expect bigger and better things from this creative juggernaut in the near future.

Here today, gone tomorrow. A phrase truly befitting the modern club scene. Because the dance hit of today can quickly become the long forgotten melody of yesterday. The name of the artist of the moment is permanently blasted on the radio, shown TV and omnipresent in every musically related magazine, in other words, simply everywhere.

One starts to wonder: Where does this guy come from? And first and foremost: Does he even know how to spin a record? All justified inquests, because this so called breakthrough artist must have somewhat of a past, you might suppose. The crowd is disappointed by the self-proclaimed rising star. Then again there are DJs that started playing records way before they set foot in a studio.

Handicraftsmen that build their entire career on their unique ability to electrify an audience with their skills behind the turntables. This road is surely longer and harder, but at the same time guarantees a lifelong loyal fan base centered around you. Over the last two decades the German entertainer has worked himself to the top.

Not necessarily as a producer, but as a worldwide revered DJ. His unparalleled blend of electronic music surely already separates him from the rest of the field, but his ability to motivate himself to go to the absolute limit all the time, exemplifies his standing as a truly outstanding DJ. His love for music can clearly be heard and seen, no other turntable-wizard lives his set the way Karotte does.

His gigs are not just a better option for a wild night out in town, each set is special and an experience in itself. Residencies at numerous discos attest his one-of-a-kind status and value to the electronic scene.

If you would ask one the regular guests of each and every nightery Mr. Cornely has graced throughout his career, which DJ honestly shaped the sound of club, the answer would probably always be the same: But clubs are not the only place where the root vegetable of all DJs can be heard. Peter invites other befriended colleagues on air and together they discuss groundbreaking issues such as birds, cars and the latest local gossip.

His charm and personality are what make the program special and entertaining, it is not just about the music but also about the people who stop by for a short or sometimes longer chit-chat. Enough of the DJ Karotte, let us talk about the producer Karotte. Over the last few years the Cocoon resident has put the finishing touches on his recent tracks.

The renowned artist Gregor Tresher is his latest studio partner. Both numbers getting massive support from internationally acclaimed disc jockeys: But being the workaholic that he is, the long haired mix-master already has the next killer LP up his sleeve. Concurrently to the enormous Mayday this year of course he is on the bill! Cornely is about to unleash his new record. Later in the summer we can even expect a CD mix-series, which will reflect his temporary taste in music.

Event if Peter Cornely should land a number one hit in the dance charts, you would still have to admit that he is a better DJ than the rest of the pack. The prior expectations are surpassed and reality slowly sinks in: Damn, this guy is good! Respected and acknowledged around the World as one of the three Detroit Techno innovators, Kevin Saunderson is a legend in his own right, who has helped to reshape the future of Dance music as we know it!

He attended Belleville High School West of Detroit , where his youthful urge to make music had been fuelled. There he befriended two other like-minded students Atkins and May. Starting out as a DJ, Kevin soon developed new skills that led him into producing records, which he released on his own label, KMS Records. As one of the most important prime time movers in the house and techno revolution of , Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey have been to the top, struggled and bounced back to the top of the pile.

Since the beginning, their career has been nothing short of remarkable, not only for their numerous critical and commercial achievements, but also for their longevity. In Kevin, then at only year-old recorded a backing track in a makeshift studio stuck in the basement of his apartment.

Soon afterwards, it was released as a single and went on to become a World wide smash. Created for a savvy audience by an original master. Even more mains-stream music publications were compelled to take notice. The live show featured stunning visuals, and crystal clear audio, taking the audience on a breathtaking journey through the roots and soul of Kevin Saunderson from house to techno and back again.

These live shows gave Kevin the opportunity to entertain and inform his audience on his unique history. True to his dream, Kevin Saunderson elevated the deep sound of Detroit Techno and took it from the underground into the hearts and souls of music lovers the world over with his Inner City and The Reese Project recordings. These live events will surely be remembered for years to come as a celebration of the one of the greatest ambassadors for techno to come out of Detroit.

In Kevin is back in the studio working on new productions, and remixes. Kid Creme is a man on a mission. To deliver quality house music through his productions and DJ sets around the world. Kid Creme aka Nicolas Scaravilli was born in Brussels in and when the globetrotting is done he still calls Belgium home. Unfortunately expelled from music college in , he decided to set up his own home studio inspired mainly by the London hardcore break beat scene.

Belgian label PIAS saw what was happening and offered him a deal for his techno productions. He accepted the offer and started recording for them under the name Sharpside. By the time I was ten years old my bedroom looked like a nightclub. There were strobes, multi-coloured flashing lights, a disco ball, a DJ booth and a dance floor. When I switched on my equipment hundreds of tiny white lights would flit across my bedroom ceiling and walls.

I switched on my disco ball every night. I only dreamt of one thing: Laurent Garnier has been making the planet dance for 25 years. And, for all this time, his huge energy has seen him grooving behind record decks, bouncing up and down behind studio equipment and leaping around radio studios. He is a multi-faceted artist whose impact on the music scene is far-reaching. But above all he is a DJ, a true DJ: Bodies move in a trance on the dance floor, minds elsewhere.

Yet he is also a discoverer of old and new sounds, and has an amazingly rich musical culture. He spends most of his spare time sifting through old vinyl in record shops, following the most obscure leads on the Internet and listening to every single piece of music he is sent. Music, the pulse of our planet, is his Holy Grail.

One of the pioneering DJs of the dance music scene, Laurent Garnier experienced first-hand the euphoria of the Acid House movement in Manchester. Uncovering rare records, selecting new sounds and promoting new trends, Laurent Garnier has found a great source of satisfaction in radio broadcasting. Laurent Garnier is an artist on the move. He is tireless in his enthusiasm and is bursting with new ideas and projects. As well as the demands of his DJ-ing and his radio shows, Laurent Garnier has also evolved into a well-respected music producer.

His first big hits Acid Eiffel and Wake Up , both soundtracks to the explosion of dance music in France, have paved the way for a series of albums that are both elaborate and multi-faceted.

From the Techno undercurrents of Shot in the Dark to the ambition of Tales of a Kleptomaniac, the electronic odyssey of 30, the maturity of Unreasonable Behaviour, and the visionary escapism of The Cloud Making Machine.

In the space of five celebrated albums, Laurent Garnier has embarked upon a remarkable journey. All of this musical journey is written down in the book Electrochoc that Laurent Garnier and the journalist-writer David Brun-Lambert wrote together and came out in In this biography, Laurent Garnier tells the epic story of electronic music through his experiences and memories.

Electrochoc was a publishing hit and was translated into other languages including Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian and Croatian. It is due for digital release in English in In addition, Electrochoc is the inspiration behind a screenplay that is currently being written for cinema. Aside from his albums and singles, Laurent Garnier is also a composer for the cinema, television and theatre. As for the stage, Laurent Garnier has composed the music for contemporary dance choreographers Angelin Preljocaj and Marie-Claude Pietragalla.

All of these projects were wonderfully inspirational experiences that have had a huge impact upon him, both as a musician and as a human being, continuing a far-reaching career that is founded upon commitment and passion.

Whether behind the decks, or a radio microphone, Laurent Garnier has managed to achieve his childhood dream: And little by little, Laurent Garnier the DJ has evolved into an accomplished musician, whose talents are widely recognised.

One of his strengths is having understood how to take his own music on to the stage as live performance. Surrounded by experienced musicians, Laurent Garnier lights up the stage like a DJ does a dance floor.

During his most recent tour of about concerts performed over a period of 18 months, he seduced different audiences from the Nice Jazz Festival, Benicassim, the Salle Pleyel in Paris, to I Love Techno in Ghent. This concept has a smaller live format consisting of three people: It offers a new platform for expression and improvisation, playing with Techno, Jazz, House, Dub, Breakbeat and Dubstep.

This experimental live music project marries the organic and the electronic, with the flexibility of the DJ and the intensity of the live performance. Specially created to match the feverish atmosphere of a club, LBS work the dance floor into a frenzy with marathon sets. He is one half of the Masters At Work musical production team. By , Louie who is cousin to Eric Vega, popular event creator and promoter in New York City began playing house and block parties in his local Bronx neighborhood of New York, as well as engineering and mixing.

During the s, Vega was playing at one of the most influential nightclubs for house music, The Sound Factory Bar. Located deep within the circuitry of a mechanical alien host known as Maetrik you will find a complex web of synaptic dispersements resembling what could be called a soul. Its name is Maceo Plex. The emergence of such an entity has been the result of a need for feeling, a need for interplanetary funk. We as humans consider this need a feeling, a feeling rooted in emotion, and emotion being the very basis of humanity.

At the start…Maceo was intrigued by a pair of circular shaped objects designed for holding discs created from vinyl that produced vibrations resulting in sound and music. Soon he began conjuring up mixxes of techno, electro, and house music that quickly gained him popularity within the early 90s rave culture.

But in , while Heavily influenced by the sounds of other modern funk theorists such as Model , Kenny Larkin, Idjut Boyz, Convextion, etc… Maceo began experimenting with hardware modules containing knobs and keys to form his early musical compositions. After many years of prolific works on such labels as Treibstoff, Dumb Unit, Cocoon, Audiomatique, Modern Love, Mothership, to name a few…Maceo aka Maetrik travelled the world playing in some of the best clubs such as Rex, Cocoon, Fabric, Womb, etc… Now in Maceo has begun to strip back some of his robotic body armor known as Maetrik in order to expose a more musical and groove based side the world has not seen yet.

The profound change has taken Maceo Plex from the complex and dark life in America to his current homebase of Valencia, Spain. The sunny and relaxed atmosphere has been quite useful to Maceo in his lengthy inward journey that is very apparent in his music.

After a much needed retreat into the funky sounds of Parliament Funkadelic, Moodymann, Atjazz, Isolee, and Luomo, Maceo has finally completed his transormation and is shining brighter than the star Sirius…. Once experienced, the album will make it abundantly clear the level of versatility Maceo Plex posesses among his many auditory shells.

He is a perfect connoisseur of the dance floors of half the world due to his residency since in Amnesia Ibiza. This has given him enough experience to be able to adapt to any dance floor without any concessions.

DJ and producer since , he is a perfect connoisseur of the dance floors of half the world due to his residency since in Amnesia Ibiza. His dj sets expose his hedonist and sensual spirit, and knows how to create an atmosphere full of good vibrations due to his sane eclecticism that takes him to mix all aspects of electronic music with great results. Marcello Giordani is one of the key figures of the blooming Italian Disco scene. Marcello started djing back in when starting what would have been the golden age of the House Music scene.

He began playing in clubs nearby h.. His inspiration comes straight from the N. Marcello also founded, back in , an highly disco oriented blog called Italo Deviance and the self-named label. After the blog success Marcello started djing in many places around the world Tokyo, NY, Philadelphia, Helsinki, Oslo, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens and many more he also works at prestigious events related to fashion brands and magazines as: Marco Carola is a global ambassador of techno.

From Napoli in the south of Italy, Marco was instrumental in the development of the electronic scene in the early 90s, he took the flourishing techno Napolitano scene to the rest of the world. Over twenty years later and Marco is still one of the most respected artists amongst the techno scene, widely regarded as one of the key factors in driving the genre towards worldwide recognition within electronic music.

In addition to five critically acclaimed albums, including his most recent Play It Loud, Marco has also been responsible for a clutch of seminal mix compilations. That was followed up by well received compilations for Time Warp in Famed for his energetic and impressive three-deck style of mixing and long journey set, Marco has remained one of the most in demand DJs on the planet throughout the last two decades. Favoring mammoth eight hour plus sets, Marco is predisposed to a subtle working of the crowd that has made him a favorite among fans from Ibiza to New York, South America and beyond.

Martin Solveig is a focused artist, hungry for experience. His first DJ sets a few nights on the decks of the Palace club when he was 18 inspired a passion for electronic music and an ambition to make a career in this fascinating, elusive little world. Beginnings Martin Solveig is a focused artist, hungry for experience. This piece of percussion enlivened by raging saxophone riffs won acclaim from influential electro players, such as Joe Clausell, Frankie Knuckles and Bob Sinclar.

A surprising track, telling the story of an Egyptian princess over a derbouka backing, it reached the number-one spot in the French, Italian and Greek club charts.

This first album was a strong critical success, drawing unexpected reactions from all around the world. A remix for Salif Keita: Martin re-orchestrated the track, turning it into an afro-disco whirlwind. Another meeting with Jay Sebag brought the possibility of a rewarding partnership that would allow Martin to express his sometimes rather controlled but uplifting disco streak.

An artist endlessly roaming from venue to venue, he performs his music on the decks, touring clubs worldwide. The Rocking Music Tour took him to more than 20 countries. In Sydney , New York , Ibiza , Singapore , Barcelona , Zaghreb, London , Lisbon , Dubai and Paris , at events ranging from a private party for Karl Lagerfeld to the open-air festival of Carthage , Martin found unswervingly enthusiastic audiences, often displaying different sensibilities.

Few people are more synonymous with deep and tech house than Matthias Tanzmann. Ever since first emerging from his native Leipzig in the mid-nineties, the German producer, DJ and label boss has helped to define and redefine the genres through his releases on his own label Moon Harbour and his much talked about DJ sets.

Most notably these sets happen at DC10 in Ibiza, where he is resident for the Circo Loco crew, and which often see him team up with friend and peer Davide Squillace. When working solo Tanzmann very much has his own sonic identity, as evidenced by standout EPs such as Bulldozer, Chano and Tilt and his debut album from , Restless. As a remixer he has been in constant demand over the years, turning his hand to acts as diverse as Booka Shade, Moby and Josh Wink.

The results were recently collated on his Remixes compilation, which showcased just how adept and adaptable he is as a remixer. Over the years, Matthias has also mixed it up for some of the most respected CD series, including Fabric in , Circo Loco in and many others. His DJ style is unique in the way it threads together elongated grooves, subtle melodies and infectious basslines into soundtracks that never lose sight of the groove and keep people locked in for hours on end.

He might have been doing this for well over a decade, but in Matthias Tanzmann remains as influential as ever. Etching a musical partnership that draws from the combined roots of IDM, house and techno, Mind Against are the Italian native but Berlin based project of Alessandro and Federico Fognini.

They coax on psychedelic hooks of the s and dance floor anthems bound traditionally to european soil. This backdrop makes for releases and performances that do well against any canvas. And right now, no new star shines as bright as our own Miss Melera. For the past decade, the Amsterdam-based Miss Melera has been perfecting her art, and developing mixing skills that have already been compared to legends such as Sasha and John Digweed.

A triple threat, Miss Melera is as at home in the studio as she is on the airwaves, in the DJ booth at an underground club, or on the stage of an outdoor massive.

In the past year, she has played increasingly high profile dates in India, the Americas, including Canada, the US, and Columbia, and, of course, Berlin. Her monthly radio show on soundcloud, Colourizon, is increasingly popular, and her fast-growing fan base is embrasing her second release, Faith.

In the summer of Monica co -organized with her friend dj Josz LeBon a summer bar called: Bar Tabac, on the rooftop of the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam. This beautiful old factory was a playground for experiment and unforgettable parties took place.

They set the tone with a not often heard sound in the region: Her connection with the Dutch organization Electronation took her dj career a few steps further. A live-time experience and a learning period where she had the chance to upgrade her dj and producing skills. Especially in Belgium there is a mutual affection. As it is one of her favorite places to be, during her residency at club Petrol in Antwerp, she made appearances at festivals like 10 days off, Groovecity, Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop and I love Techno.

Monica has an opinioned way of selecting and bringing her music, both crowd teaser and pleaser combining Electro, Minimal and Techno. International DJ, innovative producer, founder of Superfreq, Plink Plonk, End Recordings, The Shamen frontman and co owner of The End, Mr C emerged as a pioneering force in the house music scene in and has continued to be instrumental in the proliferation of dance music on a global scale.

Richard West aka Mr. C went into the studio to record his 1st house track with Eddie Richards as Myster-E which was released in August On top of this Mr. To say that Mr. C is one of the most iconic DJs in the world would be an understatement. In December Mr. These hits were hits the world over. C released his long awaited Mr. C EP due at the end of February, again all on Superfreq. He is also working extensively in the studio on solo Mr.

You can hear Mr. Tommy Paone and Marco De Gregorio started playing separately in the early nineties in South Italy when they began buying vinyls. The duo adapted to the musical trends and managed to achieve residencies for the most famous clubs in Italy such as Tenax Florence and DocShow Bologna. The summer of found them relocated in Ibiza, the hottest and toughest destination of electronic music, where they gained residencies and regular appearances for Privilege, Space, Zoo Project and Underground.

Neverdogs gained their reputation in the underground scene and influenced the industry circles through their dynamic sounds by being present at the most selective gatherings in Italy, Ibiza, London, Miami, and Punta del Este Uruguay. Their first material produced was shared with selected names of the industry such as Satoshi Tomiie, Pascal Feos, Steve Lawler that started appreciating their work instantly. The summer of caught them playing for the second year for the most famous party of Ibiza entitled Music On and hosted by Marco Carola in Amnesia.

After a great and influential year, comes with special performances for BPM Music Festival in Mexico at Mamitas Beach Club for Music On next to Marco Carola and Joseph Capriati and at the closing party of the Festival that was specially organised just for all the promoters and artists worldwide. After this amazing event the artists also performed in D-Edge Club in Sao Paolo, Brazil, one of the most famous underground clubs in the world.

An important purveyor of international, underground house and techno, Saved has become a global brand, renowned for cutting-edge releases and standout events around the globe. In early Saved celebrated their th release. Despite becoming a household name in his early twenties, Nic has always maintained a humble and down to earth approach throughout his career.

Bearing a strong connection to his hometown of Maidstone and its people, Nic has been staging stellar events there throughout his whole career, perhaps none so proudly as when unveiling his own bespoke festival, The Social in summer But it is his genuine and unreserved love for the scene and bringing through new talent that has given Nic the longevity to remain at the top for so long.

As such, Nick Curly is now focussing on his other main interest, 8Bit Records, and it will be here that the German DJ and producer will hone in once again on the deep and tracky tech house sound that made him so well known in the first place.

On top of this, of course, Curly is a long time DJ who first cut his teeth during his teens with a residency at the legendary Vibration Club in the Karlsruhe region of Germany. Whilst tech house is a genre much maligned; Nick Curly has been, is, and always will be a shining example of just how the genre should sound. The music emanating from the DJ booth is that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound.

By age he was collecting Duran Duran posters and at age listening to UK radio stations playing the first wave of acid house, and by 13, like so many European teens, he was a Depeche Mode diehard. I told the owner that I would only do it if I could buy all the music for the club and decide the music style. In he bought a PC, a Yamaha synth and some Cubase music software. He was very technical and I had the flair for arrangement and detail.

His next mentor was blues musician Palle Kruse Jensen. Why is that dark? Two of this years hottest stars in particular, Hot Since 82 and Finnebassen, first got their break on Noir Music. The team-up with Defected has also proven a great marriage. It was greeted with a mixture of caution and bafflement by his new fans, but today its one of the tracks he gets requested the most. Still based in Aalborg, Noir is now firmly established in the first rank of house DJs with bookings all over the world.

Not that Noir is too bothered. For quite some years now, oliver moldan, our man from the rhine river, has been behind the turntables of the leading clubs not only in germany but worldwide. His international residency is the exit club in lithuania. From dave seaman to deep dish, nick warren or Tiesto, oliver is the man who supports the higher level artists from all over the world in germany.

His inspirational mixing skills and eclectic record choice contributed to his individual, trailblazing style. All of these were mixed live with no technical assistance. As a producer and remixer, oliver has remixed top acts from the club, dance and pop scenes over recent years.

From underground icons such as slam, scanners, pete lazonby, jimmy van m or phil k. For the past few years, oliver has been mainly producing with the top labels, names such as therapy u. Just like the functional dial that governs the left and right axis of the stereo field, it would be nothing if those two polar opposites failed to meet in the middle. Such is the story of Pan-Pot. Patchwork ist angesagt, so suggerieren die Gazetten seit geraumer Zeit. Wo ist das Problem?

Doch genau das ist das Problem! Viele Menschen — Eltern wie Kinder — leiden darunter, dass sie diesem Ideal nicht gerecht werden können. Klare Verhältnisse lassen sich in jedem Fall leichter ertragen als ein Durcheinander von Bezugspersonen, Eltern, Ex-Eltern und einer Flut an doppelten Verwandten, wie es die Patchworkfamilie bietet.

Was ist, wenn das, was eine Familie ausmacht — Geborgenheit, Glück, Offenheit und Selbstvertrauen —, in einer Patchworkfamilie einfach nicht gelebt werden kann? Wie geht man mit Eifersucht, Unwillen, Resignation der verschiedenen Familienmitglieder um? Wie weit soll man sich einmischen bzw. Aber es gibt noch ein paar trotzige Einzelgänger, die ihr Unglück nicht einsehen und ihren sozialschädlichen Lebensstil nicht reuig aufgeben wollen. Ihre Klopfzeichen aus der Lepra-Station verbreiten sie nimmermüde unter www.

Wie es zu dem neuen Familienfundamentalismus gekommen ist, erläutert auf originelle Weise ein kämpferischer Essay. Ihre Story liest sich wie ein Märchen aus Alpträumen: So nahm der Junker also die rotlockige Schönheit Alexa Hennig von Lange zur Frau, die eine zweijährige Tochter hatte, zeugte mit ihr ein weiteres Kind und fand sich fortan in einer so genannten Patchwork-Familie wieder.

Er fühlte sich gar nicht gut. Nein, nicht weil seine Frau als Schriftstellerin ungleich erfolgreicher war als er - zumindest überliefern dies die Zeugnisse nicht. Sein Problem war vielmehr das Patchwork-Prinzip: Der private familiäre Raum, in dessen Abgeschiedenheit er sich einzugraben gedachte, stand unter dem Störfeuer des bösen Dritten, des Vaters des Patchwork-Kindes. Die Rückzüchtung der Form: Die Zustandsbeschreibungen sind sich ähnlicher als man glaubt, nur die Lösungsversuche differieren.

Eine schrecklich "heile Patchworkfamilie": Wie Joachim Bessing und Alexa Hennig von Lange vergeblich versuchten, mit einem Mythos aufzuräumen, von dem niemand gehört haben will, in: Und natürlich dürfen auch die entsprechenden Schreckensszenarien nicht fehlen ",.

Der Popliterat Joachim Bessing will das Beziehungsleben rückzüchten, in: Weiter erläutert die Rezensentin den Unterschied zum Konservatismus: Wir Maschine München: Als der Student Gumbo eines Nachts in einem Hamburger Szenelokal von der Werberin Barbara aufgelesen wird, um tags darauf in ihren Latexlaken aufzuwachen, glaubt er sich vor seinem endgültigen Durchbruch.

Ob der Erfolg nun winkt oder nicht: Bissig, sarkastisch zeichnet Joachim Bessing das Porträt einer verlorenen Welt. Alles am Dandy ist müde.

Über Typen, denen der Spiegel das Brett vor dem Kopf ersetzt, in: Junge Menschen werden mit Börsengeschäften schwerreich, alle sind unglaublich sexy und tragen Designer-Chic: Was in den 80ern zu Hipness und Lebensstil erklärt wurde, ist im Jahr endlich Realität, in: Financial Times Deutschland v. Wie es ist, wenn wir nur noch Hunger haben, aber nicht mehr kochen wollen. Ein Abgesang auf Fertignahrung und Designerfood, in: Plädoyer für ein Leben im Abseits, in: Welt am Sonntag v.

So unfrei war die freie Liebe. Was vom Protest übrig blieb. Ein Kongress in Kassel beerdigt die Bewegung. Und merkt es nicht, in: Verpuppte blicken dich an. Die Menschen wollen keine Kinder mehr, sondern selbst welche sein. Eine haarige Expedition zu den "Furrys" - zur wachsenden Gemeinde der Stofftierfetischisten, in:

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