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Aside from a small worn spot to the silver plate by the right hand thumb area, the instrument is pristine. The serial number is S

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That is great to know. Roberto, Mouthpieces can be anywhere from 50 dollars to dollars. Listen to the clips and read the reviews to find some you like. Each review has a link in it to the site where the mouthpieces are made so you can go there to see how much they are and decide if you want to try it. I think it is one of the most beautiful in my collection and I have probably 60 ligatures. I also thought the angles of the wood rails was strange but I believe this was done on purpose while they were experimenting and they were probably so surprised by the affect and results that they kept it.

It would also probably be really hard to curve the wood rails to fit the shape of a reed I would think. It is smooth and plated and fits a hard rubber tenor mouthpiece perfectly and smoothly. No scratches or marks at all after using it for a month or two. I appreciate your input and comments though. I have ligatures with curved reed plates and bumpers also. I read your review and immediately purchased the new Marc jean ligature.

You described it perfectly. The sound with the neck only was clearly louder to my ears, instantly and to my surprise , compared to my Silverstein ligature, which was my favorite ligature until now.

It sounded clearer and louder on my tenor sax as well. I went from the low to the high notes without an issue. I used the older Marc Jean ligature for a year and I liked it, but the single screw of the Silverstein is so much more convenient than the two screws of the original Marc Jean. They both sound good to my ears. I am going to play with the positioning of the ligature, but my random choice of position has already made me a reluctant believer that the ligature has a profound effect on what I hear.

I also will try a stronger reed, though my regular reed sounds better, I may end up with one step higher. Thanks for the great review. Back to the woodshed. Would be interesting with an audio-example comparing this with others! I had maybe to high expectations. OK maybe some more overtones compared to Versa-x and Vandoren leather, also more bright and spread and not so focused. I think you can get used to it and get out more after a while.

On the other hand, the ligature maybe has more impact on alto and tenor..? Leave this field empty. Find out what's new every month, receive specials deals, discounts, transcriptions and get my 40 Ultimate Michael Brecker Licks FREE just for joining my mailing list below! Now over video and audio lessons to choose from!

You have such a gift for explaining concepts. As I have gotten older, some of the basic things have gotten muddled because I just play, not knowing why. Thank you so much for using your gift! You are a blessing! You have taken it all to a new level and am so grateful. Your lessons are so down to earth and understandable and clear! Thanks so much Steve! I have been using your lesson packages for many months now, and am learning a lot.

The amplification of natural harmonics is comparable to the use of a double reed. I received two sample ligatures mentioned above for free in the hope that I would try them and perhaps review them on my blog. Regardless, I only review saxophone related items that I enjoy playing and believe will be good for other saxophone players to try also.

Saxophone Stuff Tagged With: About Steve Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 25 years.

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Rated 5 out of 5. I just started looking at my lessons and I have to say, dude you are awesome. I spend most of the time on the tenor, followed by soprano, and have only gotten to the alto a few times. Not only are you a great player, you are also a great teacher!

I have new inspiration to play and teach because of you. Also, your written patterns are more interesting than other books I have seen! Keep up the good work.

I will be recommending your … I will be recommending your site to others! I want to let you know that your instructional material is transforming my playing. The instructional material I got from you is by far the best of any I own and I have over books, DVDs, and what not. Cheers, Eddie Eddie Parente. I grew up taking sax lessons from Eric Marienthal when I was a kid and got out of it for a long time.

I ran into you on youtube while searching for sax stuff. You need to already have good tone control, it can't work miracles people. I agree with another reviewer in that it is "fussy" but when you do eventually get it to position correctly, it sounds very nice and keeps the reed secure. Averagej Sound is OK. Plays a bit stiff even with a strength 2. This is a great ligature, it made my sound a lot better and the tone was a lot more even.

The mechanism is very unique and original, and leaving an old reed set up on the mouthpiece after you are done playing will help the ligature adjust to the shape of your mouthpiece faster.

The only other thing that I recommend you do is to dust the inside of the ligature because it tends to stick to the mouthpiece and that makes it slightly hard to adjust it. Also you should take the screw out once in a while and smear a bit of cork grease onto the threaded part to make it function properly.

Made an immediate difference for beginner I played clarinet in elementary school, and tenor sax since high school. I've had a Rovner ligature for my tenor since I started playing. Now that my daughter started playing clarinet we replaced the standard ligature that came with her Selmer clarinet with this rubber ligature and I could hear an immediate difference in her tone.

She said she didn't notice a difference at first, but after playing for a while, she found that she was having an easier time getting a consistently good sound.

Keep in mind that she has only been playing for a few weeks, but I like that it makes her more excited to practice. Now we'll she how long that lasts Leaky and lacks tone density This ligature is very light and allows for extreme reed movement. I do not suggest using this ligature when playing intricate or difficult pieces. It allows for too much air to flow between the reed and the mouthpiece and sounds "airy.

It also scores well because it is practically indestructible. While I am sure that a motivated person could figure out how to destroy it, the average student in class can't. It can't be squashed underfoot if it rolls away in class and it can survive being rolled over in a car. Be careful to make sure that the reed doesn't move around when positioning the ligature or it won't sound right. I was excited to find that I could purchase these on Amazon! I am not a professional player. However, I have tried both regular metal ligatures and string.

I like it so much I'm now going to try their other model "Excellente" , to compare the sound as they claim it is different. Overall Great Purchase I really like the simplicity of this ligature.

It is easy to slip on and off. It fits my mouthpiece perfectly and I love the color. I definitely feel that it is overpriced but it actually seems that it was worth every penny.

I've been using it for months now and it still looks like new both the ligature AND the cover. Great control at high register- daughter loves it.

A professional clarinet player recommended this ligature to me at a music store and I eventually gifted it to my daughter who is in high school.

She is a very good player who is interested in getting her high register to sound better. The professional clarinet player told me that this ligature was just the thing for that problem. Not being a player myself, I can only relay that she said that it 'stabilized' the high register. If that makes sense to you, great! In any case, my daughter told me that she can truly feel a difference with this ligature. She feels she has more control and that her notes are clearer.

One of Rovner's best ligatures. Rovner Rules I've been playing tenor and alto sax with Rovner ligatures for years and I love them. Finally got the Rovner platinum ligature for my clarinet and it's another winner.

Right away , I noticed my tone seemed richer and fuller. I would definitely recommend this ligature. Works great with my Vandoren mouthpiece I am very happy with this ligature. Bought it after trying a Rovner leather one on my Vandoren M15 mouthpiece. The Rovner didn't seem to ever shape to the mouthpiece. I noticed improved ease of play in all registers with the first use. It was hard to adjust and I wasn't always happy with the pressure on the reed I had been using a cheap, double-screw ligature for my Bb and A clarinets.

It was hard to adjust and I wasn't always happy with the pressure on the reed. I received the MO today and tried it out for an hour on both clarinets. It's very easy to put in just the right spot on the reed, and the single screw adjustment is seamless to use. I'm very pleased with this ligature and would recommend it for serious players.

Some may find it flimsy, but I call it delicate. I believe this trait allows the reed to vibrate more freely. There are no fancy interchangeable plates, just two bands that hold the reed in place. The Vandoren Optimum fits more mouthpiece and reed combinations because the pressure plate pivots. Good ligature Works well, and looks nice. It is tightened with two sliding string windings. I feel that it holds the reed securely. There are no "interchangeable pressure plates". It would not make sense with this and it must be a labeling mistake.

Bigger , brighter sound also flexible size , great quality! I purchased this lig on a chance for my soprano. It is a fantastic ligature. It goes on easy, allows the reed to properly vibrate and allows very rapid changes of tricky intervals. Good job Vandoren on this one! Plus the mouth piece cover is proof that ithe ligature does go that way since the mouthpiece cover only goes on one way. By Shannon, "Your Mechanic". Needed to replace my daughter's broken ligature, and this did the trick!

Wanted something a little better quality than the last one. This one fit the bill! Ill conceived design This ligature is shaped to make room for the reed under four little dimples. Unfortunately, the shape of the ligature is such that it doesn't fit on a standard rubber mouthpiece well at all, and tends to slide around unless you tighten it very tightly.

Due to the excessive tightening required, the "dimples" permanently indent the reed, and besides that, some sax players myself included think that having to tighten a ligature very tight affects the sound. Just not a good concept, in my opinion. Everything I have read about this ligature is true. It is a well made, excellent ligature. I believe my reed is vibrating better. By Jennifer Kay Peoples. Five Stars Fantastic ligature! They're not a nice as the Vandoren Prestige ligatures but waaaay more affordable I've been a fan of rovners for a while now.

They're not a nice as the Vandoren Prestige ligatures but waaaay more affordable than them. I use a rovner on my Contra-Alto Clarinet, too.

Worth the price and way better than the stock ligatures. The cap is a added bonus! Just what I needed Good quality, easy playing and great price. Great Price I have played the clarinet for 15 years and I like this ligature. I have a much more expensive Rovner ligature for my Bb clarinet, but I thought this inexpensive bass ligature works great for the price. I would recommend trying it. It improves my sound because it holds the reed snuggly in place.

My other one was over 25 years old and it was tired. My reeds would slip down at times Not good when you are playing a concert or solo! My only thing I had to get used to was the turn screws are on the left side and am right handed.

My other one they were on the right. It's no problem now. Figured it's good exercise for my left hand! Yes, I know I can use my right hand, but I like a challenge.

So there you have it! Purchased at the request of a music professor as a Purchased at the request of a music professor as a decently priced ligature for my secondary instrument. It arrived packaged very well within a plastic box, but was bent out of shape very badly, and I had to bend it back into shape over my mouthpiece.

It is still very loose and does not stay in place well on the mouthpiece, hopefully a new mouthpiece will fix that issue. Much too small I use a Bonade inverted ligature on my Bb clarinet and thought my son might want to try one on his alto saxophone. The ligature clearly says alto sax on it but it's way too small.

I had purchased one for his tenor sax also and that one was even a little small. I sent the ligatures back for exchange since this company does not provide refunds. I've submitted a picture of the replacement they sent. We noticed It was bent out of round right out of the box. I would guess this is someone else's returned item.

Her metal ligature needed to be replaced after many, many years of use by me long ago and her band instructor recommended a leather ligature. I came across this option and decided to give it a try, it seemed like the best of both worlds and she is very pleased with it.

Works fine but doesn't seem to last long It's inexpensive and lasts 3 to 6 months before the screws start stripping out. Buy several of these, or buy a higher quality one; our band director likes the Rovner Dark so I bought that one after my second Luyben. Do not buy this!!! Mine started to get bent a week after using it and it has already stripped out. I would recommend buying a metal one over this. My band director said he would not recommend these to high schoolers.

Maybe for middle school band, but I would definitely upgrade to a better one than buy this.


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