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Twanga Pepeta its just a Tanzanianized — Lingala Movement. When I think of the closeness of these two places and the talents that are between the two states its no wonder so many singers are currently from KIGOMA. To give you a run down of the heavy weights on this track here they are.

Sep 02, Categories: Bongo Flava , congolese rhumba Tags: I need to post a few big songs of that are currently being voted on MOAMAS , the reason I dont post these songs is just because GetMziki is not really about commercial music, we break artists here. Really think about it, when was the last time you saw Nameless featured here, or Fally Ipupa? So while we acknowledge that there are thousands of new African songs produced each day — we try to stay focused on our genre of choice which is these EDGY upcoming Urban tracks.

Aug 01, Categories: I was finally able to get my hands on a clear version. The first thing that i noticed is that the production was really good. It is pretty simple and catchy at the same time. The track was a popular hit in Malawi and Zambia and its soon spread to East Africa. It was released by Zambian Singers Shyman and Petersen. Mar 12, Categories: We probably fkuzad the same chics and shared the same rounda festivities and ball sessions.

Although if I think long and hard Kabugi lived in phase iv which was okay but it just wasnt phase v. He he he phase iv had all the nice chiles, actually phase iv and phase iii or phase ii had all the chiles in Buru. Phase v had all the hot jamas evidently. Kabugi was one of my first Mlevi. Its amazing how time flies since to date thats almost 9 years ago when we were building our first Kenyan social network homie.

But real talk am proud to know that the Internet has really lived up to its promise — ensuring people always stay in touch and in communication. Hopefully when we finish 9mixtapes I will get the opportunity to share a lot of stuff he has done but today i am compelled to share this Touch of Africa mix that I have been playing in my car over and over and over again. Funny enough he did this in which is just amazing in itself. Thats why I feel like a lot of these African songs and sounds are so timeless.

You cant listen to a Genge mix today and tell me it sounds as fresh today! This mix has it all, it has your daily dose of Lingala, Magic System, Coupe De cale back in the day… Anyway real talk Kabugi this mix is official. Right Click and [hit save target AS]. Oct 05, Categories: The chart has tons of tracks from worldwide artists, but we will only feature the tracks from Africa.

P-Unit — KaRe Kenya 2. Mad Traxx — Get Down Kenya 5. Kas — Fimile Be Nigeria. Oct 01, Categories: Bongo Flava , cameroun , congolese rhumba , Todays Hit Tags: P-Unit - KaRe Kenya 2. Mad Traxx - Get Down Kenya 5. I threw a challenge at Kaydee a while back.

So whats going to be your differentiator? I have told the same thing to a couple of out DJs I like out there, I keep telling them its too cloudy out there you need to clear things out by being one of the few DJs who can stand out. And for months Kaydee never really responded with what he would do. Each week or two he sends a mix of different genre — to me everything else he sent was just okay and good until he put this together.

Unfortunately I dont have the tracklist nor the artwork to this particular session but I think its a must have. It may be annoying the same music I grew up listening to and hating is the same music I am drawn to and enjoy because I get to dance to it. It may also be that the popular Urban tracks are stealing small bits and pieces of that Benga and Congolese sound here and there that its beginning to closely resemble each other. On the flip side — Side note: He has been the long standing DJ at F2 for years and probably responsible for so many talented guys who are discovered at F2.

May 14, Categories: For a while there i thought the whole coupe decale phenomenon was dying slowly, or being taken over by some new variations of it — that was until this kids came along and decided to step it up a notch with this joint.

Nov 02, Categories: Oct 15, Categories: Fally is not new on GetMziki or on the Internet — actually anyone who wants to befriend Fally just has to point his browser to his Facebook page here — Fally Ipupa on Facebook — he is an avid Facebook user and has a large fan base.

Fally is one of those artists you just respect period — enough said. To collaborate with Olivia and produce this flashy video just brings African Urban music to a whole new entertainment space. Its rumored that Olivia is now signed to Universal and has an upcoming project titled Alone with You.

Jul 13, Categories: His name is rarely mentioned in the Kenyan East African Circles yet he commands the respect and attention many lose DJs get within the community. DJ Mpenzi who also happens to be a good friend and business partner is a soft spoken dude whose politeness can be mistaken for inexperience. DJ Mpenzi has been holding down the Bay area for years, even before I got here — funny enough I am yet to see him hold a Kenyan gig in the region despite his experience.

Which is funny coz his whole brand and image speaks Kenya — his logo has the Kenyan Flag so its always fascinating to see his name and logo on club flyers and then come to realize that there will be no Genge playing just adds to the mystique behind Mpenzi.

Either way dont get it twisted! Trust me, that will be the day. I love Mkonu coz he understands where Africa needs to be and plays these tunes for the Jungu market stone face.

The reaction of the crowd speaks for itself whenever the Coupe decale drops and the Soukous, I respect any DJ who can kick dancehall and then flip it to Africa — because you are not only entertaining the crowd but you are educating them on the roots of their music. To me thats mission accomplished. Thats why I couldnt hold back but yank this mix that he made for some Charity organization he helps out — I felt the mix needed a home elsewhere including the Nuru International events.

But before I over talk his skill or expertise — please be blessed with this African Express, this is the type of mix I keep asking all these other Kenyan DJs to pull off but none has come close to. Please right click here and hit save target as. May 19, Categories: Benga , congolese rhumba , coupe decale , Music Excursions , Zilizopendwa Tags: The thing about Congolese music is that it functions like a school.

Papa Wemba himself was a member of Zaiko Langa Langa so there is definitely some kind of artistic education system. As for Fally, he definitely has a HipHop swagger but manages to remain rooted in Congolese rumba. Dec 12, Categories: Outside Africa, most music from the Democratic Republic of Congo is called Soukous , which most accurately refers instead to a dance popular in the late s.

The term rumba or rock-rumba is also used generically to refer to Congolese music, though neither is precise nor accurately descriptive. People from the Congo have no single term for their own music per se, although muziki na biso "our music" was used until the late s, and now the most common name is ndule , which simply means music in the Lingala language ; most songs from the Democratic Republic of the Congo are sung in Lingala.

Since the colonial era, Kinshasa , Congo's capital, has been one of the great centers of musical innovation. The country, however, was carved out from territories controlled by many different ethnic groups , many of which had little in common with each other. Each maintained and continue to do so their own folk music traditions, and there was little in the way of a pan-Congolese musical identity until the s. Congolese musicians appropriated rumba and adapted its characteristics for their own instruments and tastes.

In the s, record labels began appearing, including CEFA , Ngoma , Loningisa and Opika , each issuing many 78 rpm records; Radio Congo Belge also began broadcasting during this period. Popular early musicians include Feruzi , who is said to have popularized rumba during the s and guitarists like Zachery Elenga , Antoine Wendo Kolosoy and, most influentially, Jean Bosco Mwenda. Alongside rumba, other imported genres like American swing , French cabaret and Ghanaian highlife were also popular.

Both would go on to be some of the earliest Congolese music stars. Into the s, Kinshasa and Brazzaville became culturally linked, and many musicians moved back and forth between them, most importantly Nino Malapet and one of the founders of OK Jazz , Jean Serge Essous. Recording technology had evolved to allow for longer playing times, and the musicians focused on the seben , an instrumental percussion break with a swift tempo that was common in rumba.

Tabu Ley Rochereau and Dr. Nico then formed African Fiesta , which incorporated new innovations from throughout Africa as well as American and British soul , rock and country.

African Fiesta, however, lasted only two years before disintegrating, and Tabu Ley formed Orchestre Afrisa International instead, but this new group was not able to rival OK Jazz in influence for very long. Many of the most influential musicians of Congo's history emerged from one or more of these big bands, including the colossus Franco Luambo Makiadi usually referred to simply as "Franco", Sam Mangwana , Ndombe Opetum , Vicky Longomba , Dizzy Madjeku and Kiamanguana Verckys.

Mangwana was the most popular of these solo performers, keeping a loyal fanbase even while switching from Vox Africa and Festival des Marquisards to Afrisa, followed by OK Jazz and a return to Africa before setting up a West African group called the African All Stars.

In Congo, students at Gombe High School became entranced with American rock and funk , especially after James Brown visited the country in Los Nickelos and Thu Zahina emerged from Gombe High, with the former moving to Brussels and the latter, though existing only briefly, becoming legendary for their energetic stage shows that included frenetic, funky drums during the seben and an often psychedelic sound.

This period in the late 60s is the soukous era, though the term soukous now has a much broader meaning, and refers to all of the subsequent developments in Congolese music as well. A smoother, mellower pop sound developed in the early s, led by Bella Bella , Shama Shama and Lipua Lipua , while Kiamanguana Verckys promoted a rougher garage -like sound that launched the careers of Pepe Kalle and Kanda Bongo Man , among others.

By the beginning of the s, the Congolese popular music scene had declined terribly. Many of the most popular musicians of the classic era had lost their edge or died, and President Mobutu 's regime continued to repress indigenous music, reinforcing Paris' status as a center for Congolese music. New genres like madiaba and Tshala Mwana 's mutuashi achieved some popularity.

Kinshasa still had popular musicians, however, including Bimi Ombale and Dindo Yogo. In , many of the biggest individuals and bands in Congo's history were brought together for an event that helped to revitalize Congolese music, and also jumpstarted the careers of popular bands like Swede Swede.

Another notable feature in Congo culture is its sui generis music. The DRC has blended its ethnic musical sources with Cuban rumba and merengue to give birth to Soukous. Congolese modern music is also influenced in part by its politics. Zaire, then in , Mobutu Sese Seko took over, and despite massive corruption, desperate economic failure, and the attempted military uprising of , he held on until the eve of his death in , when the president, Laurent Kabila.

Kabila inherited a nearly ungovernable shell of a nation. He renamed it the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Kabila could not erase the ruinous effects of the Belgian and Mobutu legacies, and the country is now in a state of chronic civil war. Mobutu instilled a deep fear of dissent and failed to develop his country's vast resources.

But the walls he built around his people and his attempts to boost cultural and national pride certainly contributed to the environment that bred Africa's most influential pop music. Call it soukous, rumba, Zairois, Congo music, or kwassa-kwassa, the pop sound emanating from Congo's capital, Kinshasa has shaped modern African culture more profoundly than any other.

Africa produces music genres that are direct derivatives of Congolese Soukous. The same Congolese Soukous, under the guidance of "le sapeur" Papa Wemba, has set the tone for a generation of young guys who dress in expensive designer clothing. The numerous singers and instrumentalists who passed through Zaiko Langa Langa went on to rule Kinshasa's bustling music scene in the '80s with such bands as Choc Stars and Papa Wemba's Viva la Musica.

His chief rivals are two veterans of the band Wenge Musica, J. Mpiana and Werrason each claims to be the originator of ndombolo, a style that intersperses shouts with bursts of vocal melody and harmony over a frenetic din of electric guitars, synthesizers and drums.

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