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Cavendish Pianos - a new era for British piano makers

I have been playing the violin since my childhood.

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This will have a larger action and longer strings. These allow you to play or practice without others hearing. If there are occasions when you want to be less intrusive then many pianos have practice pedals or can have a practice lever fitted.

These put a felt between the hammer and the strings, so when you play it is a lot softer. The only advantage may be that you can access many other sounds and also use them to record, though for a child learning this can be a distraction. Less than 10, new pianos are sold in the UK annually and well over , pianos change hands each year Only a small percentage of new pianos are made to a good standard — especially when looking at the lower ranges.

Having a brash or uneven tone, unstable tuning, a gradual development of problems in the action after just a few years of use. After 20 years it will need light adjustment and toning of the hammers by a qualified tuner. During all this time it is highly unlikely to go wrong at all. There are over 3 million pianos in the UK. Therefore the number of used pianos sold in the UK far outweighs the number of new pianos sold, which is around 10, per year. In the early s, when most households had a piano, the industry was much larger, competition was fierce, and the quality of good pianos for sale was extremely high.

It follows that a good reconditioned piano from a top maker in the early s is likely to be much better than a cheap new one. The public museum is currently closed for refurbishment, but its vital resources are still available to our students. Arina receives Benjamin Britten Piano Fellowship. ROSL success for Jonathan.

Cello Masterclass with Denis Brott. Piano Masterclass with Marios Papadopoulos. Artist Diploma in Performance, ArtDip. If you have any general queries about brass at the RCM please contact our Keyboard Faculty administration team. If you have any queires about auditions or the admissions process, please contact our Admissions team.

General enquiries about the operation of the faculty and consultation lessons. Discover the amazing range of performance opportunities enjoyed by Royal College of Music students. Find out more about life at the RCM, how our students live, and the fantastic things London offers. One-to-one piano lesson with Professor Vanessa Latarche. Public masterlcass with Lang Lang. One-to one piano lesson with Ian Jones. Performing at the annual keyboard festival.

Harpsichordist playing with musicians from Historical Performance. Performance opportunities Students in the Keyboard Faculty have the opportunity to perform concertos with RCM orchestras who are regularly joined by world-renowned conductors.

Our students enjoy regular masterclasses with the most renowned international visiting artists, including: In addition students will receive tuition to develop the many skills required of a collaborative artist, including: News Autumn Season announced: Your music will sound better if you draw around the edges of your NAS enclosure with a green magic marker, you know.

They also forgot to mention that the temperature of your NAS has to be kept stable for the best sound. Apart from a stable temperature, the cooler has another advantage: By keeping the drives storing bits for high notes exactly 3. My favorite comment on that one: The knobs are connected to little optical encoders that send digital pulses to the logic to increase or decrease gain in a circuit.

Changing the knob will have no more effect on the detectable sound than changing your shorts. Is it immature of me to imagine an audiophile changing through all his shorts in order to get a better sound? When I asked to see the specs on a piece of stero equipment circa , a sales rep tile from Circuit City asked what specs I wanted to see. Mesmerizing and yet containing zero information.

If its any consolation, I doubt they use much paladium, too much impact on the most important aspect of audiophile equipment: It says plating, not solid, a few micrometerer thick layer on a product that requires a combo of a very rich and dumb customer to sell will hardly make a dent in the market…. But seriously in this day and age where most of us have terabyte or multi terabyte drives, why bother with compression? Lossless compression is reasonable if you have good headphones or speakers.

My former studio Koss headphones would let me hear the difference between mid-bit-rate MP3 and FLAC, and for some brass or cymbals you can hear the difference even compared to high-rate MP3. But, they were quality cans. Maybe the encoders have changed since I ripped to FLAC a decade ago, but when I ripped stuff it was still the best choice for me.

Even in a good car stereo is in too noisy an environment to hear the difference. The higher computational requirements of FLAC draws more current and dissipates more heat, both of which muddy the sound, man. Im sorry but all audiophiles are morons.

I had little to no respect to them before this article but now those fools owe ME! Not all audiophiles are morons, but there is an unfortunate segment of their population with more money than intelligence.

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