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Stay Longer Studies on SEO show a visually pleasant site keeps visitors longer and improve on conversion. How to watch Apple's September 12 iPhone event 16 minutes ago. Twilio acquires contact center software maker Ytica 21 minutes ago. First IoT security bill reaches governor's desk in California 36 minutes ago. Preparing for Hurricane Florence: Storm trackers and other survival tools 52 minutes ago. AI is fueling smarter collaboration 2 hours ago. Special Feature Tech Budgets The Future of Business.

Special Feature Sensor'd Enterprise: IoT, ML, and big data. Special Feature Tech and the Future of Transportation. The past, present, and future of streaming: Flink, Spark, and the gang Reactive, real-time applications require real-time, eventful data flows.

North Korean hackers' secret tool? A simple phishing email Phishing attacks via bogus emails were a key tool in allowing hackers to gain access to networks.

One thumb up, one thumb down To upgrade or not to upgrade? Here's how to keep your data private, step by step This simple advice will help to protect you against hackers and government surveillance. Video Apple's next iPhones signal a new era for services. Video Why social media fatigue is spreading. Sponsored Intel at Microsoft Ignite Video How XR can be used to combat discrimination. Video Your smartphone's security might be compromised from the moment of purchase.

Video Quantum computing -- building perfect computers from imperfect parts. Video The enterprise, like everyone else, is going voice-first. Video AI for business: Why artificial intelligence and machine learning will be revolutionary.

What it is and why it matters. Video Your brain might be more digital than analog, scientists claim. Video Do these two things to improve cybersecurity strategy. Developing storage for the incoming data deluge. The one reason why I'm all in It's time to go big. Machine automation policy guidelines Many industries rely on machine automation to save money and reduce risk. Alexa's land-and-expand strategy is racking up the numbers While Google is outselling Amazon in global units of smart speakers, other numbers show Amazon is doing just fine in expanding Alexa's reach and usage 4 hours ago by Brent Leary in Innovation.

Here's the next iPad Pro Apple should build: Specs and speculation Apple's third-generation iPad Pro is likely to have important but incremental improvements over its predecessor and include technologies introduced in the iPhone X. Phones, tablets and more tech purchases we regret.

Point of View Dynamics 365: Die Zukunft digit ...

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