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How Much Can You Contribute to a Roth IRA for 2018?

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IRA contribution limits

Traditional IRA Deductions and Roth IRA Eligibility Phaseouts

At risk of sounding like a fanboy, I truly think that robo advisors are the way of the future. So much of wealth management involves a dispassionate look at the numbers and the discipline to stick with proven strategies for the long term instead of chasing the latest fads. And frankly, computers are better at both of those things. Companies like Wealthfront are making huge strides to cut the human error out of finance.

Being familiar with this space will serve you well as more companies and investment products incorporate techniques like this into their offerings. Fidelity is one of the biggest and most pedigreed investment providers in the US.

Of course, a big business like this can often forget the little guy. For example, you can link accounts between immediate family members to stay involved in the finances of spouses, parents, or children. This kind of integration is very attractive to higher-end investors. Tons of commission-free funds: Since Fidelity is such a big name, it has plenty of in-house mutual funds you can invest in commission-free. Its relationships with other providers also provides access to thousands of outside mutual funds and almost exchange traded funds that are commission-free, too.

Any experienced investor can easily navigate this massive menu of investments to find what they are looking for and invest in a cost-effective way. If you have a decent account balance, not only does Fidelity provide perks specific to its Roth IRA platform, but the investment firm is also eager to cross-sell you into other products with similar bonuses. When you get older and want to open up a college savings plan for your kids, or buy an annuity for yourself, Fidelity has you covered there too, at highly competitive rates.

That kind of stuff is admittedly a non-issue for a year-old grad student, but those who have more complex financial needs and a bit more cash in the bank will see a ton of benefit to doing business across the board with Fidelity. But a Roth IRA is a great way to pay a low tax rate now and save more of your hard-earned cash down the road.

And in some cases, even higher income investors can benefit from a Roth by opting for current tax rates in order to protect themselves from the risk of higher taxes in the years to come. Thankfully, there are a host of great providers out there to fit your personal Roth IRA goals. The one exception is for a "spousal IRA" where a contribution can be made for a spouse with little or no earned income provided the other spouse has sufficient earned income and the spouses file a joint tax return.

The government allows people to convert Traditional IRA funds and some other untaxed IRA funds to Roth IRA funds by paying income tax on any account balance being converted that has not already been taxed e.

Prior to , two circumstances prohibited conversions: These limitations were removed as part of the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of One major caveat to the entire "backdoor" Roth IRA contribution process, however, is that it only works for people who do not have any pre-tax contributed money in IRA accounts at the time of the "backdoor" conversion to Roth; conversions made when other IRA money exists are subject to pro-rata calculations and may lead to tax liabilities on the part of the converter.

The pro-rata calculation is made based on all traditional IRA contributions across all the individual's traditional IRA accounts even if they are in different institutions. Returns of your regular contributions from your Roth IRA s are always withdrawn tax and penalty-free.

First, the seasoning period of five years since the opening of the Roth IRA account must have elapsed, and secondly a justification must exist such as retirement or disability. The simplest justification is reaching Becoming disabled or being a "first time" home buyer can provide justification for limited qualified withdrawals. In addition, the beneficiary may elect to choose from one of two methods of distribution.

The first option is to receive the entire distribution by December 31 of the fifth year following the year of the IRA owner's death. The second option is to receive portions of the IRA as distributions over the life of the beneficiary, terminating upon the death of the beneficiary and passing on to a secondary beneficiary.

If the beneficiary of the Roth IRA is a trust, the trust must distribute the entire assets of the Roth IRA by December 31 of the fifth year following the year of the IRA owner's death, unless there is a "Look Through" clause, in which case the distributions of the Roth IRA are based on the Single Life Expectancy table over the life of the beneficiary, terminating upon the death of the beneficiary.

Subtract one 1 from the "Single Life Expectancy" for each successive year. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved October 7, Department of Finance Canada. Retrieved April 15, Retrieved December 12, And you can add funds to it at any age, provided you have earned income from, say, a job or self-employment.

But, he adds, "the younger you are when you start investing in one, the more advantageous it'll be because that creates more time for your contributions to compound tax-free. There isn't a minimum age limit to open a Roth IRA, and you can contribute to another person's Roth account as a gift—perfect for parents looking to kick-start a child's retirement savings.

Roths can also provide valuable tax diversification in retirement. Roth IRAs are great "for people who want to balance out their sources of income—meaning that they may already have considerable sources of income that will be taxable in retirement, like a pension, k s or Social Security, and they want to build up another pot of money that will permit tax-free withdrawals," says Mari Adam, a certified financial planner in Boca Raton, Fla.

Adam also recommends Roth accounts to anyone planning to leave money to heirs. Though heirs other than a spouse must take distributions from the IRA over time, that money comes out free of any taxes. Finally, note that if you invest in both a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA, the total amount of money you contribute to both accounts can't exceed the annual limit.

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