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When he remarried about 2 years later he took on 3 more children and they had twins together. If you disagree with this point, I can on longer carry on this conversation.

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See the following blog entry, posted before Easter http: I received two emails from an older pastor whom I respect very much. In love, he brought to my attention a piece of content from me online that some of my critics have picked up on. It was a message I did out of the country a few years back on the more controversial sections of the Song of Songs.

To be honest, I was unaware the content had been posted on The Resurgence. Apparently it was from , and the file was posted about a month ago as part of clearing a backlog of content. Thankfully, I got to preach the entirety of the Song of Songs at the end of and did a better job with the text than I had done previously.

Some people claimed that by withdrawing this sermon, which had been online for quite some time that Driscoll had repented. But this is not the case. On 18 May , Dick Bott interrupted a program mid-show because it featured the controversial Mark Driscoll. He also cancelled another scheduled interview and ordered all Bott stations not to carry any programs featuring Driscoll.

An article in Baptist Press , posted by Don Hinkle, reports: A third critique came from the Defending and Contending blog. In the past DefCon has taken issue with Mark Driscoll on several concerns including his gutter mouth, lack of reverence for God, and even his mocking of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My wife told me about a sermon Pilgrim Radio was playing on the radio as she was returning home from the grocery store with our young children in the car.

She then told me that this same man began talking about wives in submission to their husbands and how oftentimes men abuse this. Are you kidding me? For crying out loud, my kids were in the car and heard this trash before their mother turned it off. Consider, if you will, all the images that were conjured in the minds of those who heard this man go on about porn yet again he was talking about porn in another sermon just a few weeks ago on Pilgrim Radio.

Does he not care about all those who are struggling with pornography who listened to this pastor expecting to hear the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ preached in reverence, only to have their minds drawn back to the gutter? How dare he stand in a pulpit spewing such juvenile, perverse, and debase ideas under the guise of preaching? And how dare Pilgrim Radio air such filth from the ever-flowing open sewer of the mouth of Mark Driscoll?

The fourth significant event in was Cathy Mickels memorandum to church leaders of the Gospel Coalition. In her carefully documented 11 page article she said that some of the information and material advocated by Mark Driscoll is so tawdry and immoral that she did not feel comfortable in providing details. With the permission of Dr. Judith Reisman, I am also including her professional response to these sites. Words cannot describe the ignorance, arrogance and flagrant homoeroticism of these sites.

John Piper response has been transcribed from an audio recording of the Basics Conference. Now he preached on Song of Solomon in , and what he did with his church was way more mellow, and way more acceptable, which simply says to me, Mark is growing… he is rock solid doctrinally and he is accomplishing things in Seattle which nobody else is accomplishing…. In he again handled the book like a sex manual, and discussed perverted sexual activities. Driscoll organised a question and answer session after the series to answer what he called offensive questions.

In the question and answer sessions, Driscoll again dealt with questions about perverted sexual practices. His website contains links to two pornographic websites. In February John Piper preached at the Resurgence Training Center, and he preached at a public event at the Ballard campus on February 26 th To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser.

Please click here to learn how. Mark Driscoll officially opened the new church in Scottsdale, Phoenix, last week where he spoke about how the storms in his life were used by God to bring him to Arizona. Driscoll served as pastor at Mars Hills Church for about 18 years. He co-founded many parachurch organizations including a church-planting network called Acts Driscoll was removed from its membership in In October the same year, he announced his resignation from Mars Hill Church.

How did he become a pastor and worse yet - can you imagine the crazies that follow him. Thankfully, some of his churches are closing and maybe eventually all of them will and he will fade away. Because, Santa does not exist. You cannot love an unsubstantiated belief. You may love the concept or idea of that belief which you have conceptualized over your lifetime from many different sources. But the substance, the proof, the most important thing needed to make people believe, that you can't produce.

Who follows this man??? It just goes to show. Science starts with a basic understanding, then tests and experiments to expand that knowledge. When something is in error, or proven false, science embraces it as a part of a more comprehensive understanding. Religion starts with a preconceived notion, it resists science, change, or anything that can affect that notion negatively. This has been proven to be a detriment on society as well as dangerous.

Religion perceives, or declares, something as evil or good, which confuses the mind and causes emotional distress, which it then uses as a controlling influence. Everyone has benefited from science, including you. However, most beliefs, including those widely accepted or tolerated, are just as insane.

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