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In the Helvetic Republic , established , it was divided between the two new cantons of Bellinzona and Lugano. The creation of the Swiss Confederation in saw these two cantons combine to form the modern canton of Ticino. The name Ticino was chosen for the newly established canton in , after the Ticino river which flows through it from the Novena Pass to Lake Maggiore. Johann Kaspar Zeuss attributed Celtic origins to the name, tracing it to the Celtic tek , itself from an Indo-European root tak , meaning "melting, flowing".

In ancient times, the area of what is today Ticino was settled by the Lepontii , a Celtic tribe. Later, probably around the rule of Augustus , it became part of the Roman Empire. Around it was the centre of struggle between the free communes of Milan and Como: In the fifteenth century the Swiss Confederates conquered the valleys south of the Alps in three separate conquests. Between and some of these lands were already annexed by forces from the Canton of Uri , but subsequently lost.

Uri conquered the Leventina Valley in The third conquest was fought by troops from the entire Confederation at that time constituted by 12 cantons. Subsequently, the upper valley of the Ticino River , from the St.

Gotthard to the town of Biasca Leventina Valley was part of Uri. These districts were governed by bailiffs holding office for two years and purchasing it from the members of the League. The lands of the canton of Ticino are the last lands to be conquered by the Swiss Confederation. The Confederation gave up any further conquests after their defeat at the battle of Marignano in by Francis I of France.

The Val Leventina revolted unsuccessfully against Uri in Between and , during the Helvetic Republic , two cantons were created Bellinzona and Lugano but in the two were unified to form the canton of Ticino that joined the Swiss Confederation as a full member in the same year under the Act of Mediation.

The canton minted its own currency , the Ticinese franco , between and , when it began use of the Swiss franc. In , however, Bellinzona became the only and permanent capital. The — period saw a surge of political turbulence in Ticino, and the authorities needed the assistance of the federal government to restore order in several instances, in , , and — The current cantonal constitution dates from The previous constitution, heavily modified, was codified in , nearly 20 years before the constitution of the Swiss Confederation.

The canton of Ticino is in the south of Switzerland, almost entirely surrounded by Italy to its west, south and much of its east. To the north are the cantons of Valais and Uri , to the northeast the canton of Graubünden. Lying entirely in the south of the Alps , the canton can be split into two at the Monte Ceneri pass.

The northern, highest part, the Sopraceneri , is formed by the two major Swiss valleys around Lake Maggiore: Ticino valley and Maggia valley. The southern part, the Sottoceneri , is the region around Lake Lugano. The Ticino river is the largest river in the canton. It drains most of the canton, flowing from the northwest through the Bedretto valley and the Leventina valley to enter Lake Maggiore near Locarno.

Its main tributaries are the Brenno in the Blenio valley and the Moesa in the Mesolcina valley in Graubünden. The lands of most of the canton are shaped by the river, which in its mid portion forms a wide valley, commonly known as the Riviera. The western lands of the canton, however, are drained by the Maggia River. The Valle Verzasca is between the Ticino and the Maggia. There is also a smaller area that drains directly into the Lake Lugano.

Most of the land is considered within the Alps Lepontine Alps , but a small area is part of the plain of the River Po which drains the north of Italy. The climate of Ticino, while remaining alpine , is noticeably milder than the rest of Switzerland's, enjoying a higher number of sunshine hours and generally warmer temperatures. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Lugano is co-extensive to the canton.

Ticino is one of the wine regions for Swiss wine. The defined region encompasses all of the canton plus the neighbouring Italian-speaking district of Moesa Misox and Calanca valleys in the canton of the Grisons. The current Constitution of the Republic and Canton of Ticino, originating from a draft approved on 18 August during the Helvetic Republic, [12] was approved on 14 December The Grand Council Gran Consiglio is the legislative authority of the canton, exercising sovereignty over any matter not explicitly delegated by the constitution to another authority.

The Gran Consiglio meets in Bellinzona, the cantonal capital. The five-member Council of State Italian: Consiglio di Stato , not to be confused with the federal Council of States , is the executive authority of the canton, and it directs cantonal affairs according to law and the constitution. It is elected in a single constituency using the proportional representation system.

Currently, the five members of the Government are: Each year, the Council of State nominates its president. The most recent elections were held on 10 April ; the turnout was Since a referendum in September , Ticino is the only Swiss canton where wearing full-face veils is illegal.

In September , Ticino voters approved a Swiss People's Party -sponsored referendum that gives precedence to Swiss workers, as opposed to foreign workers, defying freedom of movement agreements between Switzerland and the EU.

The canton is divided into eight districts: Leventina was a subject of the canton of Uri until , the year the Helvetic Republic was founded, when it became part of the new canton of Bellinzona along with the Swiss condominiums of Bellinzona, Riviera and Blenio.

The condominiums of Locarno, Lugano, Mendrisio and Vallemaggia became part of the new canton of Lugano in These two cantons formed into one canton — Ticino — in when it joined the restored Swiss Confederation as a member canton. The former condominiums and Leventina became the eight districts of the canton of Ticino, which exist to the present day and are provided for by the cantonal constitution.

There are municipalities in the canton as of April [update]. These municipalities comuni are grouped in 38 circoli circles or sub-districts which are in turn grouped into the eight districts distretti.

The most populous municipality — Lugano having merged with numerous other municipalities — is subdivided into quartieri quarters [26] which are grouped into three cantonal circles. In the modern day, the circle serves only as a territorial unit with limited public functions, most notably the local judiciary.

Ticino has a population as of 31 December of , The largest groups of foreign population were Italians The official language, and the one used for most written communication, is Swiss Italian. Despite being very similar to standard Italian , Swiss Italian presents some differences to the Italian spoken in Italy due to the presence of French and German from which it assimilates words.

Dialects of the Lombard language such as Ticinese are still spoken, especially in the valleys, but they are not used for official purposes. Despite the dominance of Italian-speakers, fluency in Standard German and Alemannic German is taken to be an important prerequisite for employment, regardless of sector or sphere of work.

Tertiary sector workers make up Lugano is Switzerland's third largest financial center after Zurich and Geneva. Foreigners in general hold

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