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Want to bridge 2 channel amp to push single 4 ohm dvc sub

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Would it be like have two 2x12s in the same cab no matter what position the switch is set.. Also, like I mentioned in my original post, is there a diagram out there that would allow me to wire the speakers to the switch panel so I can choose between running the cab in Mono at either 4 or 16ohms?

Thanks for the help, -Adam. I pulled the Altair reference because I realized that I might not have had the Altair until after I got rid of the V4. The V4 did not sound good to me at low levels, and when I got to a good sound, the level was way too loud. I never saw a master volume pedal. Two inputs receiving the same sound source would not be 'stereo'. Brian gave you the possibilities. I don't know what you mean by a switch panel, but yeah you could put in a switch to give you various speaker wiring options.

To wire this as a stereo 8 ohm cab you would wire each pair of speakers in paralell , each paralell pair will be 8 ohms To wire it as a mono 16 ohm cab you would wire the each pair in paralell like above and wire each paralell pair in series To wire is as a 4 ohm mono cab wire all 4 speakers in paralell Originally Posted by johnnyc.

In addition to my 4x12 cab running at 16ohms, I also have a 2x12 cab running at 8ohms. I never knew that they could be combined.. Ignoring the impedance of the cabinets Some speakers are more efficient than others. Maybe this will work please check out the photo. Originally Posted by brianroth. Originally Posted by jjones Im Not Sure but this may work Yeah, I've heard they are really loud amps. I bought it broken, brought it to a tech, and it's ready to be picked up.

I haven't played it yet, or any V4 for that matter, I bought it on it's reputation for great clean sounds and from what I've heard on youtube demos.. I noticed that the Stones used the 7 knob models mine is a 6 knob. I wonder if they were using the Distortion model or the Master Volume model..

Steve, wiring racks and organization. What Type of Solder For Cases for 24 ch passive splitter. Good portable light speakers for portable rig? For those we have lost. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Assess your connections carefully before using your amplifier. Plug in a speaker cable from your 8-ohm amplifier to your first 4-ohm cabinet. You will need at least two 4-ohm cabinets to perform this task because a single 4-ohm cabinet will overheat an 8-ohm amplifier.

Ensure you have plugged into the amplifier's speaker output jack and not a line out or other nonamplified output. Those jacks will not power a speaker or cabinet. Plug another speaker cable from the 4-ohm cabinet into another 4-ohm cabinet. This connection will give you a total impedance of 8 ohms for the amplifier. When you run in series, from one cabinet to another, you add the impedance of each cabinet to determine your total impedance.

In this case, it is 4 ohms plus 4 ohms, or a total of 8 ohms. Wire two 4-ohm speakers in the same cabinet in series. This method will raise the impedance to 8 ohms. Since you are dealing with individual speakers, you must wire them in series to get the desired results. Wire the speakers as per the instructions. Plug your single 8-ohm cabinet into your 8-ohm amplifier. This procedure will allow for the most amount of watts going to the speaker cabinet.

Use an impedance matching device. Plug a speaker wire from your amplifier into the impedance matching device. From the device, plug another speaker wire into the 4-ohm cabinet. This method will match the impedance load to the minimum impedance that the amplifier can handle.

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