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The typical banana plant flowers in months under ideal conditions, but may take up to a year depending on the climate. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 8.

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If you can, plant several plants in a clump with 2—3m 6. Consider growing it indoors. If your outdoor environment is inadequate, you'll need an indoor location with similar requirements 12 hours bright light and constant warm temperature and humidity. You'll need a large planting container sufficient for its adult size, or be willing to transplant the banana into a larger pot whenever necessary. Always use a pot with a drainage hole in a location where water can drain well. Consider a dwarf variety if you don't have sufficient indoor space.

Use half the amount of fertilizer when growing a plant indoors, or cease entirely if you don't have room for a larger plant. This may be suitable for a houseplant you don't intend to harvest fruit from. Select your planting material. You can acquire a banana sucker small shoot from the base of a banana plant from another grower or plant nursery, or buy one online.

A banana rhizome or corm is the base from which suckers grow. Tissue cultures are produced in laboratories to create higher fruit yield. If you're transplanting a mature plant, prepare a hole appropriate to its size and have an assistant help you. The best suckers to use are 1. Include a significant portion of the underground base corm and its attached roots. Each piece with a bud proto-sucker will grow into a banana plant, but this will take longer than using a sucker.

Cut off any dead, insect-eaten, rotting or discolored sections of the plant. If most of the plant is affected, dispose of it away from other plants and find another planting material. If using a sucker, remove all but a few centimeters 1—2 inches of the roots. This will limit the chance of disease. Dig a hole for each plant.

Remove any plants or weeds that are growing on the planting site, then dig a circular hole 30cm wide and 30 cm deep 1ft. A larger hole will provide greater support for the plant but require more soil. If planting indoors, instead use a planting pot this size or larger. Mostly fill the hole with loose, rich soil. Leave several centimeters a few inches of space at the top to encourage drainage. Do not use potting soil, nor your regular garden soil unless you are sure it is suitable.

Soil mixes intended for cacti can produce good results, [15] or ask other growers of the same banana variety. The ideal soil acidity for bananas is between pH 5. Place the plant upright in the new soil. The leaves should be pointing upward and the soil should cover the roots and 1. Tamp the soil down to keep it in place but don't pack too firmly.

Fertilize monthly a short distance from the trunk. Use store bought fertilizer, compost, manure, or a mixture of these. Add fertilizer immediately after planting in an even ring around the banana plant and repeat at monthly intervals.

Young plants require 0. Increase gradually as your plant grows. Bananas require very high amounts of Potassium, but the other nutrients are important as well.

You can use a balanced fertilizer three numbers roughly equal or a fertilizer that addresses deficiencies in your soil. Water frequently but avoid overwatering.

Underwatering is a common cause of banana plant death, but overwatering can cause the roots to rot. Test with your finger before watering. Reduce the amount of water per session if the plant is sitting in water for long periods. That can cause root rot. In cooler temperatures when the banana is barely growing, you may only need to water once every week or two.

Remember to check soil moisture. Leaves help evaporate excess moisture, so be careful not to soak just moisten a young plant that has not yet grown leaves. Remove dead leaves and banana plants and chop them up to place around the live plants. Other yard waste and wood ash can also be added to return nutrients to the soil. Check the mulch regularly and remove any weeds that are growing. These can compete with the banana plant. Keep an eye out for discolorations, dying leaves, and pests.

If diseased plants are discovered, identify and treat them immediately, or uproot them. Insect pests should also be controlled as soon as they are found. Nitrogen and potassium deficiencies are the two most common nutritional problems for bananas, so learn to recognize the signs. Signs of nitrogen N deficiency: Examples of major plant pests include: Once your plant is mature and has several suckers, remove all but one to improve fruit yield and plant health.

Cut all but one sucker off at ground level and cover the exposed plant with soil. Repeat with a deeper cut if they grow back. The surviving sucker is called the follower and will replace the mother plant after it dies.

Exceptionally healthy plants can support two followers. Support the plant to avoid toppling of the plant due to strong wind or bunch weight.

There are 3 easy ways of doing it: Cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle. Crunch the bottle to make it bendable and soft. Prop up the banana stem on the bottle, and use the wire to pull the stem slightly more upright. Tie the write to a strong support. Use a 3m 10' long bamboo pole or other strong, durable material. Cut a piece of Y-shaped wood 10cm 4" thick and 60cm 2' wide. Let the stem rest on the middle of the "Y" and push the bamboo upwards a little bit so the stem is wedged into the "Y" tightly.

Bury the other end of the bamboo the base deeply into the ground. Use two 3m 10' long bamboo poles. On one end of the poles, tie them together with strong wire 30 cm 1' from the end.

Open up the poles to form a letter "X". Let the stem rest on the short end, push upwards a little bit to create pressure, and bury the other ends of both poles. If temperature during winter months falls too low for your plant, there are several ways to care for it: If there is no frost and the plant is still small, this may be adequate protection until the temperature rises high enough for it to grow again.

Store the plant inside. Uprooting the entire plant, removing the leaves, and store in moist sand in a heated indoor area. Do not water or fertilize; the plant will go dormant until you're ready to plant it outside again. Grow the plant inside. This will require a large pot with drainage hole. If you don't want to grow your banana too big for your pot, you may need to cease or reduce the fertilizer treatments.

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