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Harold Lone Pine was a singer, and guitarist. Hall resigned from the Opry in protest of the move, and the devastating affects it would have on businesses and friends on lower Broadway.

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Hamblen was presented with. Clint Black was the featured artist on the opening show. Contestants included Buddy Jewel and Miranda Lambert. This was Marty's 3 rd 1 hit. Richardson, who died in a plane crash along with Buddy Holly, and Richie Valens in Iowa, one month before this song was released. Richardson never knew that he wrote the first 1 hit for his friend George Jones.

All lost their lives in a plane crash on March 5, Cowboy Copas' daughter was married to Randy Hughes, and lost her husband, and her father in the plane crash. On March 29, , the Opry lost another member when Texas Rudy, age 52, died in a fire at her home.

Riley appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Goode" at a live performance at the London Palladium, in England. The Capitol single charted four days after its release, and went to 1. This was Buck's 18 th 1. Bob Johnston produced the session, John Cash wrote the song. This was a sad evening for a lot of artists and musicians.

Hall quit the Opry rather than move out to the new building at Opryland. Tom returned a few years later, after Ernest Tubb told him it was time for him to come home. Hughes' friend Evergreen recording artist Sammy Sadler, age 22, was shot twice and critically wounded. At the time of this ambush, Hughes was about to go public with information regarding an elaborate chart-fixing scheme at Cash Box magazine. Fourteen years later, on November 7, , Richard D'Antonio, age 56, was convicted of murder, and sentenced to life in prison for the shootings.

Cash Box, a part of the dark underside of Music Row, is no longer in business. George charted 3 country songs in the early 's on the Mercury label. Jimmie Davis, was buried in Fort Worth, Texas. Charles wrote one of the all time favorite Gospel songs "In The Garden. Mitch Miller produced the session, and session personnel included: Originally with the Cathedrals, Roger later co-founded the award winning Legacy Five.

Inducted Gospel Music Hall of Fame in Cline played the "hammered dulcimer. Her first album debuted at 1 on the country charts. All of this on the same day.

Mulkey , singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist and fiddle player died at age His song catalog numbered in the hundreds, and his songs were recorded by the top artists of his day. Her statement came less than a week, before the war in Iraq was to begin. The Dixie Chicks were an all girl band from Texas who use to sell lots of records. Chris was a rodeo champion, and recording artist. Saunders Terrell, harmonica player, died today. Country winners included Kenny Rogers and Barbara Mandrell. Country Music" became officially single again today.

The couple sang so well together, but other than that their marriage can accurately be described as a disaster. Tammy got custody of Tamala, the couple's only child, and the very famous house they owned on Music Cities Franklin Road. Some nights when their relationship wasn't going well, the only dressing room back stage at the Ryman was the Jones domain, and the door remained closed.

I never understood why the door was closed, no one would have purposely tried to entered that disaster in progress anyway. Except maybe George Morgan. He could make even that couple smile while the sparks were still in the air.

The record topped out at Columbia released 5 of the songs on this album as singles, including "Set 'Em Up Joe" and the title cut. This was Alan's first album. The album has been certified Gold by you know who. Guitar's 32 nd chart album. Waylon wrote and performed the song for the television series "Dukes of Hazzard.

Nettles in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Bill was a disabled veteran of World War I, having served in the Navy. Fort guitar, and J. Liz and Lynn are mother and daughter, and both so very talented. Jan was married to Harlan Howard from She joined the Grand Ole Opry in I know of no other Grand Ole Opry artist who has experienced more personal tragedy in their life that Jan Howard. Yet, back stage at the Opry, it is always Jan Howard who first displays a beautiful, and sincere smile for the next person who enters the room.

This was Dick's first chart record. This was Chely's first 1 record, and it remained on the chart for 8 months. Zella was a cast member of Hee Haw , and has charted 15 country singles on Billboards charts between Jann was a member of Asleep At The Wheel from Jann and songwriter Roger Sebner were married in Tommy was inducted into the NSHF in Phil and Anastasia a.

Tony Brown, will be joined each week by a celebrity guest Judge. Carl was married to June Carter from , Carlene Carter is their daughter. Carl later married Goldie Hill on September 7, The CMA refused to allow this country music legend to come to the stage, and thank his fans for their support after his was inducted. They did however, let him stand up in the audience so the camera could show a brief glimpse of this giant of country music past. If Carl had been allowed to speak to the world-wide audience, some Rock-Pop star would not have been able to sing their latest drivel they recorded on Music Row.

What a shame that would have been. Fontana, drummer for Elvis Presley, and a Nashville session player, was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. Fontana played on all of my Empire Record releases in Nashville. Loye Donald Pack died on this date. Parker was also managing Hank Snow at the time.

Roger Miller won six Grammy's this evening. I am listing the categories that he didn't win: And that pretty much covers this evenings awards.

Roger Miller was a genius, and the funniest man in Nashville. When other songwriters were in his presence they recorded, or took notes of the things that came out of Rogers mouth.

The quickest mind I have ever observed in action. The new Opry House at Opry Land would open the following evening. The Ryman Auditorium represented lots of things to lots of people, and all of those things were good. Hall resigned from the Opry in protest of the move, and the devastating affects it would have on businesses and friends on lower Broadway. Tom rejoined the Opry a few years later, after Ernest Tubb told him it was time for him to come home, where he belonged.

The Cumberland River had flooded the parking lot at Opryland, and came within inches of flooding the Opry building.

The Opry set a new attendance record that evening. Over 7, fans attended the show and anniversary celebration. Divorce proceeding were in place by September, and Tracy was convicted of spousal abuse in January His father-in-law sued him, and claimed in court that the marriage was nothing more than a publicity stunt for the singer. Imagine that, a recording company being charged with cheating one of their artists.

Natalie lives on the left coast now. The work will take approximately one year to complete, but according to some sources, will not improve the quality of the Pop-Rock music provided to the audience.

Cochran was inducted into the NSHF in This was the first time the show was broadcast live on TV. Thirteen large dressing rooms were used for the first time. Dressing Room 1, permanently assigned to Roy Acuff displayed a small plaque on the door.

The plaque, hung on the door by Mr. The crash was attributed to Pilot error. Dick was known as the Baron of Country Music. Shirley Collie is one of Willie's ex-wives. Los Lonely Boys won the Band of the Year award. Holiff was the long-time manager of Johnny Cash. Gospel Music singer, songwriter, and pianist. Roger was inducted into Gospel Music Hall of Fame in Both of his parents were pastors Church of Christ. During his career Smiley appeared in more than movies, and wrote hundreds of songs.

Smiley Burnette died in from leukemia. The song went to 1 for 4 weeks. Moon Mullican became a member of the Grand Ole Opry the following year. Post Office issued a postcard featuring the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. The single topped out at 2. Jerome Felder songwriter, musician, and recording artist, died in New York City from lung cancer. That accident almost claimed his life. Inducted Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in Jerry was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in This was the longest running network Country music show in history.

Tommy is known as "Canada's Country Gentleman. This celebration featured performances by some of the greatest country music artists from across the nation. Stan is one of Country Music's good guys. Ronnie is a member of the RHOF. James Arthur Pritchett songwriter, died at age Hall's single "Faster Horses" topped the country charts.

John Thomas Hill, singer, songwriter, guitarist, session musician, label owner, and brother of Goldie Hill died in Nashville. No artist, in any genre of music has ever had 50 1 hits. When the Entertainer of the Year was announced, Toby was the winner. Toby told the press later that he and Willie were in Willie's bus writing songs. But I'll bet it was much too smoky in that bus to write songs.

Boys will be boys. A Celebration Of America's Music: Hoyle and his brother Ben formed the "West Texas Cowboys" in Dave was the 2 nd entertainer hired by Judge George D. The first hired was Uncle Jimmy Thompson.

John wrote the song, and Sam Phillips produced the session. This could have been the most expensive marriage in the history of the entertainment world. Bob McDill wrote the song, it was Ronnie's 13 th 1. His daughter Rosa Lee soon joined her fathers act. She was billed as Moonshine Kate.

John was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in posthumously. Smokey hosted his own TV show in San Diego in the 's. They then took a pay cut and joined the Grand Ole Opry. Miller, age 73, Record Label owner, and songwriter, died in Lafayette, Louisiana.

She then retired from the music industry, and moved to California to pursue a career in acting. Travis Tritt and Billy Ray Cyrus embraced on stage, ending a long running feud. Waylon's guitar was stage front, with a spot light shinning on it.

Many tears were shed, a ticket was required, and Willie was a no show. The name of Miranda's album is "Kerosene. Dierks Bentley and Sugarland will appear on every show. Cline and her hammer dulcimer made their debut appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, accompanied by her husband on guitar.

Robison , singer, songwriter and guitarist died at age The brothers recorded for Bluebird Records in the 's. This duo was a popular instrumental recording duo in the 's. Dallas Frazier and Earl Montgomery wrote the song, and it became Tanya's first 1 hit.

Tanya Tucker and LaCosta are sisters. Irene went to prison in for bringing cocaine across the Mexican border into Texas. She moved to Dallas after her release. Maggie was the first executive director of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. The incident occurred on I outside Norman, Oklahoma. The song became his first chart single, and his first 1 hit. Johnny Cash was originally offered the song; however he didn't think his fans would like it. The Decca single charted in October and went to 1.

Minnie and Elvis were good friends; her husband Henry Cannon flew Elvis to his concerts prior to Elvis buying his own airplane. Capitol records taped the show and released a live album "Carnegie Hall Concert," that spent 5 weeks at 1. On the 40 th anniversary of this very special day in Buck Owens life, he would lose his life to a heart attack, while sleeping in his bed at home. The induction was held in Bakersfield, at Buck's Palomino Club.

Bob Timmers, founder of the Hall of Fame conducted the ceremony. The album went to 1 in England. The charges were filed by Anderson's girl friend, Deborah Marlin. Bonnie's ashes are located next to Buck in the Mausoleum. Dean Dalton, legendary songwriter, and singer born in Lake City, Tennessee.

Inducted into the NSHF in Charly was a cast member of the Memphis based Mid-South Jamboree His first country chart hit was "Stood Up" released on Imperial Records. The single climbed the chart to 8. This was The Story Teller's 2 nd 1.

Harold Lone Pine was a singer, and guitarist. The families of military personnel were entertained as well as the president. The show was viewed live by U. Merle Travis and Tex Williams co-wrote the song, and watched it climb to 1.

This was Tex's 2 nd chart hit, and Capitol Records first release to sell a million copies. Hall recorded "I Like Beer. The single was released by Capitol Records June 21, , and topped out at Buck was quoted as saying after he returned to the U.

Buck enjoyed this project very much, he was a Beatles fan, and being in the studio where the group recorded all of their big hits, was something special to him. Rogers joked at the time that "every 20 years I will record a Don Schlitz song".

The result was a hit single called "The Greatest". Rogers also recorded several more of his songs in for his best-selling You Can't Make Old Friends album. He composed the music for the musical The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. In addition to writing hit singles for other artists, Schlitz has recorded three albums of his own.

The first, titled Dreamers' Matinee , was released in on Capitol Records. In , Schlitz released another studio album of new material, Allergic to Crazy. Singles written or co-written by Don Schlitz include the following.

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