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Jake stood tall and still, resurrecting Clarence's herculean solo while Bruce kept time with his right hand. Bruce thanked everyone for coming out to the two shows in Melbourne and for supporting his music, adding Australia is "the last place on Earth I can get a beer on the house.

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About Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Everything was covered, brutally and honestly. I only disagree with one thing the maestro said. Thank you Don Powell. Long may you tap those stretched skins and thanks to Pies, Peas and Performances who organised the event - they had great Pies and Peas! You can also grab a selfie and have a chat with Don. Many thanks to Andy Richardson for allowing us to use a copy of his recent interview with Don on the website. The track is included into the upcoming debut album of the band.

The 'Pies, Peas and Don Powell' event will soon be upon us! Tuesday 24 October Location: The poster design is shown below. The album will be available as a Deluxe Edition, featuring additional tracks which were not included on the original release, which was available only in Australia and Asia ex-Japan. We have huge respect for one another and approach our musicianship in the same way. From the first drum beat, bass lick and guitar chord, we knew we had something special.

He will be in attendance at the event with his old mate, Paul Burgess of 10CC. However the next day Don was amazed with the hundreds of birthday messages he received on Facebook. He wants to thank everyone who sent a message - he read them all!

Don had a great time on the Rock Cruise last week. Slade played two gigs onboard on Sunday 3rd September and Monday 4th September.

Cleaned up and finished packing to meet Suzanne for breakfast. Also it was great to find out that our old roadie, Will, and friend Janet were onboard!

I spent a great deal of time reminiscing with them. We all had to have a safety demonstration - in case of an emergency on board! And H can't swim! I made my self-familiar with the boat very big. I watched a bit of the Troggs play. Also dear friends Glenn and Gwen were also on the trip….

I was in bed by Made tea and relaxed. Went to a restaurant to have breakfast. I then went to the gig to sort my drums out. The others turned up so we could do our soundcheck. I went for lunch before watching, Manfred Mann. We left Newcastle to sail all round the Scottish Coast. Manfred Mann went on before us. We had a great full gig. Last time we played a similar boat trip from Sweden, it was a very bumpy trip AND I threw up all over my drums! Ha, should have got a photo! I was in bed by midnight.

Cleaned up and went for tea. Don's doing an interesting event in October. Rock and roll stories and much, much more. Plus a chance for audience questions and the opportunity to get a signed copy of his book.

So, you will all know how absolutely delighted and excited I am to be able to announce that the one and only DON POWELL has kindly agreed to come and be part of a very special evening for us. There will be no bar as such but please feel free to bring your own drinks of choice. There WILL be pie and peas at half time. It will be an evening of two halves, hosted by myself, asking Don a few questions about his book, Slade and beyond.

And - of course - there will be an opportunity to buy Don's book and have it signed as well. There is a warning - I may read a Slade based poem or two and have a few books loitering around too So - that's it. Share it and spread the word. Find out where Retford is. Peter, Don and Kasper. Before the gig he met a Slade fan who happened to be named Peter Schmeichel Don has sent the website the following gig report: I then told him to go back to work.

Don sent the website a report of him buying a new car: We went a,showroom we found on the internet that had what we wanted. Hanne and myself had a test drive in a couple of motors and decided on the one we thought best for us, the family and Ozzy. Monday 24th July - Don was saddened to hear today of the passing of Roger Allen - who for a short time managed The 'N Betweens in the 's and arranged for them to get their first ever record deal with Jack Baverstock's Fontana label - with which the band recorded the 'Beginnings' album.

Don said about Roger: He was a larger than life character - full of energy, always out for a laugh and a good time …. He used to run gigs at a few of the pubs and hotels in and around Wolverhampton. I was in Wolverhampton. I kept seeing this white limousine driving around town. I thought to myself: And who gets out? I was laughing to myself as I went up to him saying: We had a great laugh about our early days together ….

My thoughts go out to his son Guy and ex-wife Sue …. Sunday 16 July - Don reports that he got mistaken for another rock star yesterday at Frankfurt airport A guy came up to him and asked: To purchase the book through Amazon click here. Don contributed to an article about John Lennon's old home Tittenhurst Park Tittenhurst Park was owned by Lennon in the late 's and then sold to Ringo Starr - who renamed the in-house recording studio the 'Starling Studio' Slade spent a couple of days there in the late 's and recorded two songs: She is a good mate of Don's along with husband John - who unfortunately couldn't attend the event As Don and Hanne were out in the lake would you believe it, a Police Patrol boat stopped to see what they were up to!

Don was trying very hard not to laugh.. John will be known within the Slade circle as the author of the 'Flame' novel in which was based on the original screenplay by Andrew Birkin - but was more 'gritty'.. The book sold , copies. Additionally John is also known for being a film and music journalist, a radio producer and a one time road manager of the rock band The Faces.

To read John's obituary from last year click here. Don's write up regarding attending John's Memorial Service follows: Tuesday June 20th I was up at Cleaned up and made my way to the, West-End. Many of the Barnes lunch goers were also there but not Nod??? Bob and myself were telling, Ed and Sandi about Slade and Quo's touring days together - especially having Police escorts during internal flights on our Australian tour together in - along with food fights, stripping off and walking round the plane - mind you the other passengers loved it!!!!!

More details to follow nearer the time. To read about Don's adventure at the Rock Against Cancer gig - click here and look at diary entry 20 May To read about Don's adventure in Liverpool - click here and look at diary entry 22 May He took the photo below of him with the Slade artwork that is in Wolverhampton rail station - and sent it to Don.

Alan is famous for saying " I turned down the offer of working full time with a left handed bass player from liverpool because we were on a run of such success with Slade ". Following the sad passing of Don's beloved dog Rocky, Don and Hanne have decided to help the pain by looking after a new dog.

They will be adopting a new Golden Retriever puppy who they plan to call 'Ozzy' More details and photos to follow in due course. Don's last pic of Rocky - 19 April Wednesday 19 April - It was with a heavy heart that Don and Hanne made the sad decision to have their loyal dog Rocky put to sleep this afternoon. Rocky had been unwell and suffering for some time - and Don had a wonderful last few days at home with him. Rocky was 11 years old. It's a charity gig and this year's line-up is: Pic taken by Brad Elterman.

In future, as requested by Slade's office, we can no longer give details of Slade's forthcoming gigs All future gig information can now be found on the Slade website. Friday 24 March - 'Slade Alive' celebrates being released 45 years ago today! The Slade Are For Life - not just for Christmas Facebook group will be celebrating by publishing videos and articles relating to the album all weekend.

Don has written his own memories of the album which will feature on their timeline. She is a drummer herself and is featuring Don in a book she is writing.

QSP will excite, rumble and erupt long-thought-dead emotions of past memories. The personnel are a remarkable combination. Her vocal and bass drive is infectious and consuming. Andy Scott is a revelation. I never realised how steeped and clinically exact he is as a professional music man: Don Powell, is and has been since the 60s, a force of power and admiration in drumming circles. When I first met him in December , just before Slade went stratospheric, he said that he was getting a bigger, better and louder drum kit.

This trio relies on each other individually and stylistically, and the result is a great album. Sax and keyboards drive it forward, with Don powering away. Long Way From Home: Andy Scott and Suzi wrote this and their vocals are top drawer. Simple cadence can be a little metronomic, but the poignancy of the title is given full rein. Make that geetar wail Andy, and thump out the power beat, Don. Suzi and Andy will grab the well-known lyrics by the throat and sing out loud.

Jez Davies, guesting on keyboards again, is a joy. Another poignant collection of lyrics from Suzi, which her strong, distinctive voice communicates, despite the drive of guitar and drums.

Bright Lights, Big City: Don Powell in complete control: This 80s-style orchestral track is penned by Suzi Quatro and Andy Scott has all the atmosphere of those dramatic times.

Strings arranged by Mike Batt Just Like A Woman: Suzi Quatro is that good: Dylan will appreciate this treatment. Mend A Broken Heart: The Price Of Love: I Walk On Gilded Splinters: Intermittent guitar strokes give way to dual vocals — almost a duel — and then an echoing guitar riff, while the drum beat never falters.

Late Nights, Early Flights: The two guitarists, Suzi and Andy, are back at it. Pop music with a Suzi Quatro voice. Oh yes, Suzi owns this number. Suzi winds up the album with some powerful, crying and demonstrably constructive vocals. No orchestra with strings: In the early 70s I nailed my colours to the mast of Slade and for a while they were the biggest band in the world.

The also-rans of Sweet and Mud, and, to an extent, Marc Bolan, were just that. Just listen to his lyrics God rest in peace dear Chuck All three interviewees reminisced about how Quo and Slade met and have been friends ever since, and they especially talked about the late Rick Parfitt.

Exact transmission times to follow. Also - look out for another interview Don did today with the, Express and Star in Wolverhampton. Don recently carried out an interview with author Scott Cardinal who is writing a three volume book about the architecture, grounds and gardens of Tittenhurst Park Don talked about how Slade manager Chas Chandler was keen for them to experience recording in a different location.

Total attendance for the QSP tour was 25, With internal flights in Australia Don travelled 16, kms Add to that Don's flights from and to the UK were 34, kms.

Total — 51,kms Land travel driving in Australia was 2, kms. Claire Gibbons copy of Bibble Brick. Claire has a draft copy - as the book was never actually published. Fans might remember that the book was serialised in the Slade Fan Club newsletters in the 's. Recently Don has admitted to thinking again about what to do with his Bibble Brick book as he still has a full copy of the manuscript Born of Osiris are the quintessential death core rock band: The myth is brutal and murderous, a tale of murder and of restoration.

Born of Osiris have been successful on the heavy metal scene for over a decade now, amassing a huge number of fans as they have made their mark on the metal scene. Or, rather, hammered their mark on the scene. Their music is brutal and powerful, combining heavy guitar riffs and passionate lyrics.

The energy they create at their concerts is out of this world, and it is never long before the crowd form a crazy mosh pit in true metal spirit, conveying their love for the band and expressing the madness induced by such a powerful, heavy and hard core set of metal head rockers.

This show was awesome even with the two stoppages that Born had to take one due to a technical issue with the sound and the other being someone getting injured in the pit. The person was ok and the show went on all the bands did great tho and the most memorable moment for me and probably the crowd was when after the burial came out and talked aboutnthe struggles they went thru in the past year with the passing of one of their guitarists justin lowe and how thankful they were for the support from all of us their fans.

I will never forget the show i seen them play beofre justin played and now this ranks up there with them based soley on the fact of how emotional their setlist was. Ten ot of ten i will go see them again. That performance was amazing. I've been a fan of all the bands there for some time now and hearing them live and moving to the music was a great feeling. I've seen all of them live before except Bad Omens and Veil of Maya, but the entire show kept me on my toes and I'm definitely seeing them all again.

I need another Sumerian tour, hopefully next time with Periphery I saw boo at warehouse live it was about the 6th time I've seen them and they put on a hell of a show. They played with the devil wears prada who killed it too. Though the venues sound management could have been WAY better thats not the boo's fault I fucking love them and will see them again in a heartbeat. It was amazing, great shows, great bands..

I love this app. It was my first seeing a true metal band live and i enjoy seeing them live. It was my first time seeing a metal band from Illinois. I would like to see them again. They play a awesome show. It was really sick.

I enjoyed watching all the bands play. Every band had a really good playlist. See all videos 3. See all photos 3. See all posters See all past concerts This event has been added to your Plans. Get your tour dates seen by one billion fans: Sign up as an artist. Yes, please notify me.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

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