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Lagerstroemia speciosa , Queen Myrtle Flower color ranges from lavendar to pink. Cyperus alternifolius variegated Variegated Umbrella Grass.

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by Jill Collins

There are hoyas with almost perfectly round leaves and others with linear leaves Hoya linearis Wall. Don and Hoya teretifolia Griff. One popular species, Hoya shepherdii Short ex Hook.

Don is covered with fine downy hair and resembles masses of Spanish Moss Tillandsia usneoides hanging from trees in its native habitat. Some Hoya leaves are smooth and shiny; some are covered with hairs. Some Hoya leaves appear to be veinless while others have very conspicuous veins of a lighter or darker colour than the rest of the leaves as in H.

Some have leaves that are mottled with speckles of silvery white Hoya carnosa R. Some hoyas have leaves that are thin and translucent Hoya coriacea Blume ; some are so thick and succulent that they look more like crassulas than hoyas Hoya australis ssp.

One of the most succulent, Hoya kerrii Craib, has obcordate inverse heart-shaped leaves, with the cleft away from the stem. Hoya flowers are all shaped like five pointed stars.

Some of the species' petals reflex so far that the flowers appear to be round or ball-like. They grow in umbels , or in some species singly. Umbels can reach impressive proportions in some species, and many species have individual flowers well over three inches in diameter H.

The single-flowered Hoya pauciflora Wight makes up for its paucity by its flower size of nearly an inch and a half in diameter produced at any time of year. Textures of flower surfaces may be glabrous and shiny, to matte, to finely haired, and some being quite hairy. One of the two clones of Hoya mindorensis Schltr. Blue, purples, and violets do not appear to be represented in the genus Hoya. Many species of Hoya are popular houseplants in temperate areas especially H. Numerous cultivars have been selected for different leaf forms or flower colours.

Hoyas grow well indoors, preferring bright light, but will tolerate fairly low light levels, although they may not flower without bright light. Hoyas commonly sold in nurseries as houseplants include cultivars of H. Jasminum auriculatum, Jasminum molle Jasmine, Jui.

Lagenaria sceraria standi Bottle Gourd. Lonicera japonica Japanese Honeysuckle. Lygodium japonicum Climbing Fern. Mandevilla boliviensis Dipladenia White, Mandevilla White.

Mandevilla sanderi Rose Dipladenia, Splendens Hybrid. Mandevilla sanderi flore pleno Mandevilla Pink Double. Monstera deliciosa minima Mini Swiss Cheese Plant. Monstera deliciosa variegata Variegated Monstera. Monstera obliqua Monstera Window Leaf. Mucuna birdwoodiana Birdwood Mucuna. Odontadenia grandiflora Frangipani Vine Yellow. Passiflora amethyst Passion Flower. Passiflora hybrida Passiflora Hybrid.

Passiflora species Passion Flower Various Types. Philodendron bipinnatifidum Cut-leaf Philodendron, Tree Philodendron. Philodendron hastatum Spade Leaf Philodendron. Philodendron painted lady Philodendron Painted Lady. Philodendron scandens aureum Philodendron Golden Trailing.

Philodendron species emerald duke Philodendron Green Leaved. Philodendron species red duchess Philodendron Red Leaved. Philodendron species tropical sunrise Bronze Leaved Philodendron. Philodendron wendlandii Philodendron Wendlandii, Birdnest Philodendron. Piper betle aureum Golden Piper Betle. Piper crocatum Ornamental Pepper.

Quisqualis indica Rangoon Creeper, Burma Creeper. Quisqualis indica robusta Quisqualis Indica Robusta. Rinchospermum jasminoides Star Jasmine, Confederate Jasmine. Solandra nitida variegated Variegated Solandra. Solanum seaforthianum Star Potato Vine. Stephanotis floribunda Madagascar Jasmine, Wax Flower. Stephanotis floribunda varigata Stephanotis Variegata.

Syngonium podophyllum 'emerald gem variegated' Syngonium Variegated. Syngonium podophyllum albolineatum Syngonium Ordinary.

Syngonium podophyllum infra red Syngonium Podophyllum Infra Red. Syngonium podophyllum lemon n lime Syngonium Lemon N Lime.

Syngonium podophyllum white butterfly Syngonium White Butterfly. Tecoma capensis aurea Tecoma Radicans Yellow. Tecoma capensis golden Tecoma Capensis Golden. Tecoma jasminoides variegata Pandorea Variegata. Tecoma jasminoides, Bignonia jasminoides, Pandorea jasminoides.

Bower Plant, Bower Of Beauty. Tetrastigma voinierianum Chestnut Vine,Cissus Vine. Thunbergia alata Black Eyed Susan Vine. Thunbergia grandiflora alba variegata Variegated White Thunbergia. Thunbergia grandiflora alba, Thunbergia alba Thunbergia White.

Thunbergia laurifolia Thunbergia Blue. Thunbergio laurifolia variegata Variegated Thunbergia. Vernonia elaegnifolia Curtain Creeper, Vernonia Creeper. Vinca minor Periwinkle, Lesser Periwinkle.

Vitis vinifera flame seedless Grape Flame Seedless. Vitis vinifera thompson seedless Grape Thompson Seedless. Adiantum capillus-veneris Common Maidenhair Fern. Adiantum species Maiden Hari Fern. Adiantum species compacta Compact Maiden Hair Fern. Adiantum tenerum 'hanging pride' Dwarf Maiden Hair Fern. Alsophila australis Australian Tree Fern. Asplenium nidus Fern Birds Nest. Asplenium nidus fimbriatum Fimbriated Birds Nest. Blechnum gibbum Blechnum, Pygmy Tree Fern.

Ceratopteris thalictroides Water Fern, Aquatic Fern. Cheilanthus parinosa Common Silver Fern. Crytomium fulcatum Japanese Holly Fern. Cyathea species Tree Fern. Davallia griffithiana Large Rabbit Foot Fern.

Davallia species Dwarf Davallia, Davallia Mini. Davallia trichomanoides Small Rabbit Foot Fern. Macrosojium pantatum c v. Nephrolepis acuminata Sword Fern. Nephrolepis acuminata crestata, N. Nephrolepis biserrata Fish Tail Fern. Nephrolepis biserrata aurea Golden Fish Tail Fern. Nephrolepis biserrata compacta Compact Fish Tail Fern.

Nephrolepis biserrata nerifolia, N. Nephrolepis dentata aurea Dentate Fern. Nephrolepis exaltata aurea Golden Fern. Nephrolepis exaltata aurea new Golden Fern New.

Nephrolepis exaltata aurea variegata Variegated Golden Fern. Nephrolepis exaltata bosteniensis Boston Fern. Nephrolepis exaltata bosteniensis compacta Compact Boston Fern.

Nephrolepis exaltata dallasii Dallas Fern. Nephrolepis exaltata smithii Cut Fern. Nephrolepis exaltata tripinnata Nephrolepis Species. Nephrolepis exaltata undulata Nephrolepis Undulata. Nephrolepis exaltata undulifolia Wavy Margin Fern.

Nephrolepis exaltata whitmanii compacta Compact Lace Fern. Polypodium species 2 Polypodium Species. Polystichum species holly fern Polystichum Holly Fern. Pteris cretica Pteris Albo Lineata. Pteris cretica crestata Pteris Cretica Crestata. Salvinia auriculata Floating Fern, Butterfly Fern. Abutilon pictum gold dust Abitulon, Jasvandh. Abutilon x hybridum Abutilon Hybrids, Flowering Maple.

Acalypha hispaniolae Acalypha Cat Tails Creeping. Acalypha hispida rubra Acalypha Hispida Red Leaves. Ageratum houstonianum Floss Flower. Ageratum houstonianum album Ageratum White, Floss Flower-white. Amaranthus caudatus Amaranthus, Love Lies Bleeding. Amaranthus tricolor hybrida Summer Poinsettia, Josephs Coat.

Anthurium scherzerianum Anthurium, Flamingo Flower. Antirrhinum majus dwarf Snap Dragon Dwarf, Dragon -jaws. Aster amellus alba Daisy Michaelmus White. Aster amellus magenta Daisy Michaelmus Magenta. Aster amelus flore pleno hybrids Perennial Aster Double Flowered. Azalea hybrids double Azalea Double. Azalea hybrids single Azalea Single Flowered.

Begonia coccinea Angelwing Begonia. Begonia rex Begonia Rex, Leaf Begonia. Begonia semperflorens bronze leaf Begonia Fibrous, Wax Begonia. Begonia semperflorens green leaf Begonia Green Leaf. Begonia semperflorens pleno Double Begonia. Begonia tom ment Cane Begonia. Begonia x hybrida dragon wings Begonia Dragon Wings. Begonia x tuber hybrida Tuberous Begonia. Brassica oleracea acephala Ornamental Cabbage, Flowering Cabbage. Brassica oleracea acephala crispa Ornamental Kale.

Burbidgea nitida Orange Ginger. Caladium hortulanum Caladium, Fancy Leaved Caladium. Caladium hortulanum lance leaf Caladium, Lance Leaf Caladium. Calendula officinalis Pot Marigold. Callistephus chinensis China Aster, Annual Aster. Catharanthus rosea Periwinkle, Vinca Ordinary. Catharanthus rosea alba Vinca White, Periwinkle. Catharanthus rosea pendula Trailing Vinca. Catharanthus rosea x hybrida Vinca Hybrids, Madagascar Periwinkle.

Celosia argentea cristata dwarf Cocks Comb Dwarf. Celosia argentea plumosa var new look Celosia New Look. Chamelaucium uncinatum Geraldton Wax Flower. Clivia miniata Kafir Lily, Orange Lily. Coleus blumei hybrids Coleus Mix. Cosmos bipinnatus Garden Cosmos. Cosmos sulphureus nanus Cosmos Dwarf. Crossandra undulaefolia lutea Crossandra Yellow. Crossandra undulaefolia soundarya Crossandra Soundarya.

Delphinium elatum Candle Larkspur, Larkspur. Dendranthema big bronze Chrysathemum Big Bronze. Dendranthema blue moon Chrysathemum Blue Moon. Dendranthema bronze Chrysathemum Bronze. Dendranthema hybrids Chrysanthemum Hybrids. Dendranthema pink Chrysanthemum Pink. Dendranthema red Chrysanthemum Red. Dendranthema white Chrysanthemum White. Dendranthema yellow Chrysanthemum Yellow. Dianthus barbatus Sweet William, Bunch Pinks.

Dianthus x hybridum Dianthus Hybrid. Echinacea purpurea Giant Echinacea. Eschscholtzii californica California Poppy. Euphorbia pulcherrima tukai peach Poinsettia Peach Tukai Variety. Euphorbia pulcherrima tukai purple Poinsettia Purple Tukai Variety. Euphorbia pulcherrima tukai rose Poinsettia Rose Tukai Variety. Euphorbia pulcherrima tukai salmon Poinsettia Salmon Tukai Variety. Euphorbia regia Poinsettia Flaming Sphere. Eustoma grandiflora Lisianthus, Paper Lilies. Fuchsia hybrida Fuchsia Hybrids.

Gazania rigens nanus Dwarf Gazania. Gladiolus dalenii Gladiolus, Natal Lily. Gomphrena globosa Globe Amaranth. Helianthus annuus nanus Sunflower Dwarf Varieties. Helianthus annuus nanus plena Sunflower Dwarf Double. Helichrysum bracteatum Straw Flower, Australian Strawflower. Hydrangea macrophylla hybrids Hydrangea Hybrids. Impatiens repens Hanging Impatiens.

Impatiens new guinnea hybrida New Guinnea Impatiens. Ixora hybrids Ixora Hybrids. Ixora nerifolia Narrow Leaf Ixora. Ixora sunkist hybrid pink Ixora Mini Pink. Ixora sunkist hybrid white Ixora Mini White. Ixora sunkist hybrid yellow Ixora Mini Yellow. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana florepleno hybrida Kalanchoe Double. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana hybrids Kalanchoe, Kalanchoe Single.

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana variegata Variegated Kalanchoe. Leucanthemum x superbum Shasta Daisy. Lilium x hybridum Hybrid Garden Lily.

Limonium sinuatum Statice, Sea Lavender. Lobularia maritima Sweet Alyssum. Melampodium paludosum Million Gold, Butter Daisy. Melastoma lepidota, Tibouchina lepidota Melastoma Dwarf. Pelargonium hortorum variegatum Geranium Variegated.

Pelargonium hortorum vegetative Geranium. Pelargonium peltatum Geranium Ivy. Pelargonium peltatum flore pleno Ivy Geranium Double. Pentas lanceolata alba Pentas White. Pentas lanceolata carnea Pentas Dark Pink. Pentas lanceolata electric red Pentas Red, Pentas Electric. Pentas lanceolata hybrida Pentas Hybrids. Pentas lanceolata lilac Pentas Lilac. Pentas lanceolatus karmesiana Pentas Orange - Red. Pericallis x hybrida Cineraria.

Petunia grandiflora Petunia Large Flowered. Petunia grandiflora double Petunia Double. Petunia grandiflora star Petunia Star. Petunia milliflora Petunia Milliflora. Petunia multiflora picotee Petunia Picotee. Petunia x hybrida Petunia Trailing. Phalaenopsis hybrids spotted Phalaenopsis Spotted. Phalaenopsis hybrids striped Phalaenopsis Striped. Phalaenopsis hybrids white Phalaenopsis White. Phalaenopsis hybrids yellow Phalaenopsis Yellow.

Phlox drummondii Phlox Twinkle Stars Mixed. Plectranthus ambiguus Purple Flowered Plectranthus. Portulaca olracea hybrida Office Time, Purslane. Primula acaulis Primula, Primrose Fantastica Violet. Ranunculus asiaticus Ranunculus, Persian Buttercup. Rivina humilis Christmas Berry, Rouge Plant. Rudbeckia hirta Rudbeckia, Gloriosa Daisy. Ruellia brittoniana hybrida, R. Saintpaulia ionantha hybrids African Violets.

Salvia coccinea lady in red Salvia Species Red. Salvia splendens mix Salvia Mix. Salvia splendens red Salvia Red, Scarlet Sage. Solanum pseudo-capsicum Jerusalem Cherry, Solanum Cherry. Solidago nemoralis Golden Rod. Stokesia laevis Stokes Aster, Colorwheel.

Tagetes erecta orange Marigold African Orange. Tagetes erecta yellow Marigold African Yellow. Tagetes patula Marigold French. Tagetes patula naughty marietta Mini Marogold. Tagetes patula safari series Marigold French Safari Series. Tithonia rotundifolia Mexican Sunflower.

Verbena x hortensis Verbena Hybrid. Viola x wittrockiana hybrida Pansy. Zinnia x hybrida orange Zinnia Mini Orange. Zinnia x hybrida pink Mini Zinnia Pink. Zinnia x hybrida white Zinnia Mini White. Aegle marmelos var banares hybrid Bael Fruit Hybrid. Aegle marmelos, Feronia pellucida, Crateva marmelos Bael Fruit.

Annona cherimola Cherimoya, Clustered Apple. Annona squammosa Custard Apple, Sugar Apple. Areca catechu dwarf Dwarf Areca Nut. Artocarpus integrifolia Jack Fruit, Phanas Seedlings. Artocarpus integrifolia grafted Jack Fruit, Phanas Grafts. Artocarpus integrifolia hybrid orange Jack Fruit Orange Hybrid. Averrhoa bilimbi Belimbi, Belimbing, Sour Cucumber. Carica papaya Papaya, Melon Tree. Carica papaya red lady Red Papaya. Carica papaya var disco Papaya Disco. Carissa carandas Karvand Ornamental.

Carissa congesta Karvand Edible. Citrofortunella mitis variegata Kumquot Variegated. Citrofortunella mitis, Citrus mitis Orange Kumquot. Citrus fortunella marginata Edible Mini Oranges. Citrus limon Lime, Italian Lime. Citrus medica Citron, Buddhas Hand. Citrus medicalimonia Lime Kagdi, Acid Lime. Citrus sinensis Sweet Lime, Sweet Orange. Citrus x paradisii Grapefruit, Pomelo, Pamplemousse.

Coccoloba uvifera variegated Variegated Cocoloba. Cocos nucifera malay yellow Yellow Coconut. Cocos nucifera singapore dwarf Coconut Singapore Dwarf. Cocos nucifera var chenangi, Cocos nucifera var gangabandam Coconut Chennagi. Cocos nucifera west coast tall Coconut Tall, Banawali, Tiptur. Coffea arebica Arabian Coffee. Feronia limonia Wood Apple. Ficus carica Fig, Poona Fig. Ficus carica variegata Anjeer Variegated. Flacourtia inermis lovi lovi Lovi - Lovi, Tomi - Tomi.

Garcinia dulcis, Xanthochymus tinctoria Gourka, Mundu. Litchi chinensis, Nephelium litchi Litchii. Fruiting Lychee, Leechee, Lychee. Malpighia species Barbados Cherry. Mangifera indica variety alphonso Mango Alphonso. Mangifera indica variety baramasi Mango Baramasi. Mangifera indica variety beneshan Mango Beneshan, Mango Benganpally. Mangifera indica variety chausa Mango Chausa.

Mangifera indica variety keshar Mango Keshar. Mangifera indica variety neelam Mango Neelam. Mangifera indica variety payari Mango Raspuri, Mango Pairi. Mangifera indica variety rajapuri Mango Rajapuri. Mangifera indica variety royal Mango Royal. Mangifera indica variety sindhu Mango Sindhu.

Morus indica, Morus alba White Mulberry. Morus macroura Silkworm Mulberry, White King. Morus nigra Black Mulberry. Musa x paradisiaca red Red Banana. Musa x paradisiaca velchi Velchi Banana.

Phyllanthus emblica variety na7 Amla Banares Variety Na7. Psidium gujava allahabadi Guava Allahabadi. Psidium gujava kg guava Guava Large Fruited. Psidium gujava l49 Guava Sardar,Guava L Psidium gujava red Guava Red, Apple Guava. Punica granatum arakta Pomegranate Arakta. Punica granatum bhagwa Pomegranate Bhagwa. Punica granatum ganesh Pomegranate Ganesh.

Syzygium cumini seedless Seedless Jambolan. Syzygium jambos Rose Apple, Malabar Plum. Syzygium malaccense pink carpet Pink Satinash. Syzygium samarangense round fruit Water Apple Round Red.

Syzygium samarangense variegated Java Apple Variegated. Syzygium samarangese green fruit Water Apple Green. Tamarindus indica red Tamarind Red. Ziziphus mauritiana Indian Jujube, Indian Plum. Abelia x grandiflora, Abelia chinensis x uniflora Glossy Abelia. Acalypha wilkesiana rosea twisted Acalypha Rosea Twisted Dwarf. Aeschynanthus species Lipstick Plant. Aglaonema dove Aglaonema Dove. Aglaonema ernesto hybrid Aglaonema Ernesto Hybrid. Aglaonema marantifolium Aglaonema Marantifolium.

Aglaonema pseudobracteatum Aglaonema Pseudobracteatum, Golden Evergreen. Ajuga reptans Ajuga, Carpet Bugleweed. Ajuga reptans variegata Ajuga Variegata. Allamanda schotti ashfolia Allamanda Mini Ash Leaves. Allamanda schottii compacta Allamanda Mini Green Leaves. Allium schoenoprasum Chives, Schnittlauch. Alocasia triangularis Triangular Alocasia. Alpinia purpurata pinecone Alpinia Kimi, Kimi Ginger.

Alpinia purpurata rosea Pink Ginger. Alpinia zurumbet variegata, A. Alternanthera snow top Reep White Top. Alternanthera species red Alternanthera Red, Reep Red. Alternanthera species variegata Reep Large Leaved White. Artemisia pallaris, Artemisia vulgaris, Artemisia vulgaris var. Asparagus densiflorus compacta Compact Asparagus. Asparagus meyerii Fox Tail Asparagus. Asparagus sprengerii Asparagus Sprengerii, Sprengeri Fern.

Aspidistra elatior 'variegata' Variegated Cast-iron Plant. Aster amellus lilac Daisy Michaelmus Lilac. Barleria lawii Law's Barleria. Barleria montana, Barleria purpurea Mountain Barleria. Barleria species alba Marleria White.

Begonia rex confetti Begonia Confetti. Beleperone guttata flava Shrimp Plant Yellow. Beleperone guttata rubra Shrimp Plant Red. Beleperone species, Justecia species Shrimp Flower Orange. Beta vulgaris Beet Root. Breynia nivosa nana, Phyllanthus nivosus nanus Snow Bush Mini. Callisia repens, Tradescantia minima Turtle Vine. Callistemon viminalis little john Dwarf Bottle Brush. Canna gernalis red Canna Red Leaved. Canna gernalis shocking pink Canna Shocking Pink Tall.

Canna limbata Canna Single Flowered. Canna malawiensis variegata Canna Yellow Variegated. Canna malawiensis variegata rubra Canna Red Variegated. Canna x generalis alba Canna, Indian Shot. It reacted badly and within a couple days many of the window-facing leaves had started to shrivel and brown. I repotted it, adding some coarser soil to help drainage, and moved it back to the original location by the bath.

More than a month has passed and I see no change in the plant at all: I tried a second dose of fertiliser, but no response. Any ideas what to do? Should I remove the 20? When I repotted I moved to a larger pot. Apologies for the delayed response. How are things going? Just be sure not to over-water since there is extra soil space. Yes remove brown shriveled leaves. Would you say that the Hoya carnosa leaves are pubescent? Or is it just some varieties of Hoya that produce a funny leaf?

In my experience, most Hoya leaves are not pubescent. Sorry not to be of greater help! I have a hoya in a small pot that has been there for over 30 years.

One by one the leaves are dyeing. Should I cut it back and repot? You can certainly cut back the dying leaves. I have a Hoya Carnosa. One side of the main plant the part in the soil has beautiful long green tendrils and leaves. But the other side has short pink tendrils and white leaves. Hey Cyndi — You probably have a bit of a variegated hoya species in there, as well!

I have it hanging high in a south-facing window that has a lace panel over it. Glad the obovata is doing well! I think that yes, you might need more light for the tricolor. I inherited 2 hoya from my mom when she passed, and do not know much about plants, but obviously want to keep these healthy. They are outside on a screened in porch in florida, filtered light. One is doing great, but my curly leaf hoya had mealy bugs on it.

I treated it a few times with neem oil diluted according to the instructions. The plant still looked healthy, but still had a few bugs on it. So I dabbed all the leaves and stems with a diluted soap and alcohol mix. Now the bottoms of the tendrils look fine, but some of the leaves on the top are drying out and yellowing. Did I kill it and can it be fixed?

I water it weekly and allow the top of soil to dry out first. Does the plant have to be a certain age before it will flower? However, Hoya soil often gets compacted making watering challenging.

You could try re-potting to loosen up the soil a bit. I was wondering if that is ok and if I could make anything out of it? In the four years I have had it, it has never bloomed. I keep it in my office at work, on top of a cabinet. I occasionally fertilize her, and water only when she has dried out. My other office plants tend to be more needy when it comes to water, so when I water them I will water her lightly.

How do I encourage my plant to further grow? The plant was shipped in 2 days from Texas to Wisconsin. Unfortunately the weather became very cold overnight and the plant arrived barely alive. I did get my money back from the seller, but am wondering if the plant can be saved…..

Not sure if I should cut it way back to the top of the soil or not…Am new to growing Hoyas and want to try to save it if I can.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I have a hoya carnosa that was given to me years ago. The plant has strands that are probably eight feet long. I wonder about taking multiple cuttings and restarting the plant. I repot her every Spring with new potting mix. This year put her next to a North facing window where she gets morning sun.

Her leaves have gotten darker because she was in a garden window before and her leaves were turning pale. Now her leaves are getting dark green, and some white-only leaves. Should I remove the white leaves? I have my Moms original Hoya! I have given starts to my daughter and have started 2 more pots for myself. My question — is the Hoya toxic? I bought my hoya carnosa 42 years ago as a tiny 4 or 5 leaf plant when my husband and I were about to marry. It is now two HUGE plants that are blooming and trailing everywhere!

I put them on my deck every summer for ease of watering and fertilizing. They are getting indirect sunlight. The other day, I notice some leaves were getting black spots, the spots went through to both sides, the leaf becoming very thin at the spots. Is this a fungus? Or maybe an infestation of some kind? Hey Cathy, Had you used that fertilizer prior, or was this the first time? I have had my Hoya for over 40 years. Do I leave the plant as is? I am going to try to propagate some new ones from the vines with leaves because I also have that mealy bug problem no matter how much I try to eradicate them.

Hey Bev, sounds like a great specimen! I have had one Hoya for over 40 years and many many more that I have started and given to friends. In fact I have them in several rooms in the house and 2 outside for the summer. This past month, every single on has developed hundreds of little yellow balls on them , In fact even the one that is in bloom is covered with it. I am pretty sure they are not insects but I have no idea what they are or what to do with them. Please help as the oldest one especially is like an old friend.

I bought hoya seeds and they sprout already. They are about 2 inches tall now. They have 4 leaves on each of them but dont seem to be growing as quickly. Any sugestions to keep them growing to adult plants. I have tried growing them 3 times and this is the luckiest i have been so i want to keep them going strong. I have a Hoya plant that was given to me over 30 years ago. It came from a family friends plant that was very old.

It is growing like wild fire. It has been flowering for the last 7 years. Mine just this year has been flowering none stop. I have pots all over my home.. Wish my mom could has seen the flowers, hers never bloomed.. I have a very large hoya which I inherited from someone at work who retired many years ago.

It bloomed regularly for many years in two different offices but has now stopped blooming. Also when you mention fertilizer, what ratios are you recommending in the fertilizer? I have a beauty grown from a cutting maybe 4 years ago now. The parent had filled an apartment room with vine, all of it seeming to be flowering — sweet almost overpowering scent from pink composite flowers.

I was told to feed it black tea as it would give it the acid soil it preferred. I have a hoya cutting I got from a friend. It has rooted nicely in water and I want to plant it. I was going to put it in a terra cotta pot with a trellis so that it could stay in the same pot for years. I have many other plants on shelves in an East facing window and I was going to put it on the floor next to the shelves.

I want to use the trellis for the tendrils to grow around to keep them off the other plants. Is this a good idea? I have recently potted a group of succulents purchased in tiny pots. I researched soil recipes on line and ended up with a mix of succulent soil, coarse sand and perlite. It is too soon to tell if the plants are thriving in this soil but they have not died.

My research turned up another idea: I could not find activated charcoal and was told in the fish supply department of a pet store that activated carbon is used instead so I put that in the bottom of my succulent planters. Do you think the same soil mix would be good for hoyas? I was going to use a pot big enough to support the trellis but think it might be too big for a small cutting. Some more tips from the succulent care websites: Use a ceramic pot with a hole in the bottom available on line from bonzaijack.

It has adhesive on the back to keep it in place and will keep the soil from coming out of the bottom without interfering with the drainage.

Start with a bottom layer of lava rock, then a layer of activated carbon. Everyone has their own recipe for mixing potting soil for succulents. I combined several and came up with this recipe: Do not use vermiculite or peat or soil that says on the bag that it retains water longer than other soil.

For cactus, use a little more sand and perlite. When I asked about using succulent soil for my hoya in my first comment, I was referring to a bag of purchased succulent and cactus soil, not to my own mix. Hi Karen…I got 6 little straggly crinkle hoyas 3 years ago. Nursed them to health the first year, then repotted them the second year.

Now in their third year I have the most amazing plant……some vines about 5 ft long, others vary. Been rewarding to watch these grow.. Recently picked up 3 carnosas and now to watch them thrive. I live on Vancouver Island, Bc, so keeping plants well through our winters can be a challenge but have southwest exposure which helps!

I live in Penzance, Cornwall, UK. My problem is that she has produced many tiny flowers already but before they get bigger than a pinhead they turn yellow and drop off.

The leaves are all perfect. It was in 4 ft. I brought it home and cause the water came out of the bottom on my floor, I repotted it in a 5 ft. Since then, it has lost about 8 leaves on it from turning yellow and then falling off. Did I overwater it and what should I do in the future? Should I leave it alone and see or put it in a smaller pot. Please help me, cause I am concerned about this watering thing with Hoyas. It would blossom in Spring with too many to count. I need help please!!!

I have a wax plant that I propagated from a cutting many years ago. The plant has been doing great for about 16 years! Until…we moved, and I placed it in a three season porch during summer. When I repotted it, I separated some parts and placed them in the soil as their own plant to propagate from.

My younger sister Heidi bought a baby hoya pant for my mother at a school carnival event when she was in 2nd grade about My sister was killed in a car accident in My mother just passed away in January , I now have this plant.

It is more than 40 years old, it has never bloomed, until now. I find the soil is almost always moist — like it can go weeks without getting dry. I get nervous sometimes that its not getting enough water because it has the long kind of tendrils but with no actual leaves on them and water it even though the soil is kinda damp. Do I actually have to wait for it to dry out completely? This seems like ti could take weeks!

Also, do you recommend misting the leaves? I have a Hoya Carnosa in my little plant menagerie. It has flowered for me a few times but then stopped because I disturbed it by repotting. I hope it gets over the shock and again flowers this year! I find it fascinating, and somewhat creepy, to watch as the now 3 foot long tendril stem? The cutting was given to me by a wonderful woman in my office just before I retired 11 years ago. I just bought a tricolored Hoya plant just recently.

I live in a north-south facing house with windows in all directions. Where is the best place to hang my hoya? I live in the Midwest MO so in the cooler months I am nervous to have in in front of a window!

Could I hang it in a corner where it would get bright north east light? Hey, I keep mine in a cold room. It also gets direct sun in all months but July, but then again sunshine in sweden is weak..

It blooms every year. Its pretty old at least 40 years and the plant was cut from another big adult plant so its genes is proably at least 60 years. Actually once it didnt get water at all for almost 2 years and was fine, crazy.

Be sure not to break off the bud after the flower has died and fallen! The same bud opens over and over again and once you break them off they will not flower in that spot again. If you touch it or it will die off on the end and stop growing. Without it it will probably not flower. And yes… it prefers to be root bound. Ours has been in the family for at least 60 years and generations that I am aware of more , many babies have been made over the years.

Not sure of the variety… the one in the last picture with white velvet flowers and all green almond shaped leaves. Our classroom Wax Plant doesn;t look good. It is in the window. I think it is getting too much sun. I have a window in my apartment that has an opaque film on top of it and indirect light comes through this for about 4 to 5 hours out of the day.

Would this be enough for Hoya curtisii, H odorata, H lacunosa? I just wanted to know detailed care instructions regarding light and water. I live in a west- east facing housing in Toronto so it does get quite cold and hot.

I used to do cleaning for this little old lady who was turning years old and she moved into a Care home. So I adopted her plant. A few months ago I knocked it over accidently when vacuuming nearby it. Then realized it was very root bound. I got a new pot and some more potting soil and all of a sudden my plant was happy and began flowering lots of flowers more then usual. But the fragrant that emminates from it in the middle of the night is a rather strong smell not the nicest.

It wakes me up every night during the flowering stage about 1: I have to always remember to close the door of the spare room where my plant is before I go to sleep. A very strange plant to say the least. I have a Hindu rope hoya for yrs it has not produced one leaf.

It is in the same pot as when i bought it. It is in a south window but protected from direct sunlight. What am I doing wrong.

Also I have some hoya seeds but no instructions on how to grow them or what they look like as a seedling can you help. The blog has given a lot of information about Hoya Plants, in it you have propagated stem cutting or air-harvesting plants. At present, the temperature in India is 28 degrees Celsius. Is it possible to propagate this time, I want to plant its plant in my garden… http: Hello all, just inherited from a neighbour a Hoya plant over 20 years old with with white blooms that smell like honey.

Living in Alberta with currently hot hazy days will be outdoors for a bit. Will prune abit and perhaps give away cuttings. Sign me up for the newsletter! Add an image to your comment JPEG only. Pistils Nursery N. Mississippi Ave Portland, Oregon Jann August 10, I got my Hoya off a friend potted it soon after and it has been growing on my side fence for many years with no particular care and flowers all the time pink.

Jesse February 29, Paula, thanks for these wonderful and helpful tips! Sonja January 21, I have a similar problem, the tendrils are brown and the new leaves keep dropping and some leaves are dying with big patches where the green is disappearing as if the life is being sucked out. Cathy September 29, Yes! Jane November 22, I have a Hoya obtava and it is on my front porch in a huge pot Reply. Mike April 18, I got my Hoya plant from my mom about 20 years ago.

Jesse April 24, Wow — wonderful story. Julia May 28, How beautiful. Sandy Mills July 12, Hi Mike, My hoya used to belong to my mother and for many years it bloomed on her birthday. Sheila August 11, How awesome that is. I believe it is your mom, I would love to experience something like that. Stacie Jeffery August 22, Mike, that is such a wonderful story and so special, brought tears to my eyes!

Carrie November 13, Hello Mike, It is a strange universe we live in. Christy August 11, There are no coincidences. Thank you for sharing that heartfelt story. Carol Smith January 8, What a Wonderful thing!! Michele May 5, What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing! Lou May 5, I believe that your mum sent you a sign and still keeps doing it.

Christy August 11, beautiful story, thanks for sharing Reply. Rhonda August 14, No I tryed this 3 years ago and it almost died completely. I placed it on the east side of my house up close to the building where it had a little shade but direct light it did not like it at all it almost died I brought it back in about a month later and it was very unhappy but now is doing well Reply.

Suwaree September 7, Yes, my Hoya has always been outside, it flowers profusely every year. Virginia Drake November 13, I have an Indian Rope hoya which has been hanging outside in the patio under shadecloth. Jesse July 1, Hey Elaine, Thanks for getting in touch! Jenny October 5, I inherited a 60 year old Hoya from a friend who moved away. Jesse October 20, Hey Jenny, Try pulling it out of the pot and seeing what the roots look like.

Carole July 11, Are any part of the leaves or flowers poisonous to dogs or cats. Take care, Jesse — Pistils Nursery Reply. Kathy May 28, My bird cage was too close to my hoya. Jesse June 3, So sorry to hear of this. Definitely great info for all bird owners. Victoria August 20, How do I prune my plant?

The other problem that I have is that it flowers on its back far from light Reply. Jesse August 21, Hey Victoria, You can prune back your hoya without worry using a pair of sharp, clean shears or a knife.

Jesse — Pistils Nursery Reply. Deb April 24, Hi. Dorothy August 26, About 30 years ago I snipped a piece of Hoya from a family members plant and rooted it. Jesse August 31, Hey Dorothy, Wow! Best, Jesse — Pistils Nursery Reply. Vinod August 10, We have Hoya plant from Jesse October 20, Thank you! Antonette Lobo September 15, I have been growing Hoya carnosa ,indoor and it was a happy plant, recently i discovered mealy bugs on it and some of my other hoyas, cant get rid of them as they keep coming back, i am using soap water and manually picking them, can u help with any ideas?

Jesse September 15, Hey Antonette, Mealybugs can be very troublesome once they take hold. Al November 8, Hi. Abi December 25, Jesse can I just say a big thank you — your responses to all the comments have helped me immensely. Jesse December 28, Of course, Abi! Glad to be helpful. Feel free to write in with your own questions any time!

November 14, I have a plant — similar to the picture -top right. Anita November 19, About 10 yrs ago, I repotted my now 25 yr old Hoya carnosa in a larger pot because it had become top heavy. Jesse November 20, Hey Anita, Sorry to hear that your plant is feeling a bit sad. Hope this helps, — Jesse — Pistils Nursery Reply.

Anita November 30, Thanks, Jesse, for your help. Erin November 28, I was recently given a Hoya Carnosa by my mother-in-law who inherited it when her mother-in-law passed away over 20 years ago.

Jesse December 3, Hey Erin, Thanks for writing in! Hope this helps, Jesse — Pistils Nursery Reply. Karen May June 17, Wow, yrs! Taylor December 27, Hello! Jesse December 28, Hey Taylor, 16 degrees!

All the best, Jesse — Pistils Nursery Reply. Moira January 1, Hi there. I live in Cairns in far north Queensland, which is tropical. Jesse January 4, Hey Moira, Thanks for writing in! Moira January 6, Thanks so much — I feel much better!! Jesse January 12, Sounds like a great method — thank you for sharing! Jesse January 12, Hey Trieva, They definitely sound like flower buds to me.

Kim March 21, Hi Jesse, Thanks for your advice. Jesse March 22, Awesome! So pleased to hear it. Happy gardening, Jesse Reply. Larry G January 31, Should the long leafless tendrils be cut off, or can these be used as starters. Hope you can help me…… Reply. Jesse February 11, Hey Marylyn, Wow — Hoyas are incredible, and your story only adds to my respect for the plant! Hope this helps, and best of luck, Jesse Reply.

Moira February 15, Hi again Just wanted to tell you that you were absolutely right!!! Jesse February 15, So glad to hear it! Louise March 5, What kind of fertilizer should I use on my hoya plant? Jesse March 7, Hey there! Penny October 10, Please forgive the late response of this comment, but I only just now stumbled across your site as I just acquired a new hoya, and was searching for info!

Jesse October 20, Wow! Thanks for the tip. Jean March 17, Are you plants succulents? Jesse March 22, Hoyas are somewhat succulent. Josephine vargo March 24, Mine only booms one blossom. But it blossoms frequently. Jesse April 6, Wow- What a cool story about the origins of your plants!

Marie April 25, Mine is a cutting from a plant my father had who passed away in Best of luck, Jesse Reply. Stacy April 6, Hi! Jesse April 6, Hey Stacy, Hoyas tend to like to be kept slightly root bound. Kelly April 13, I have a hoya that is nearing 20 years of age. Jesse April 15, Hmm. Jesse April 28, Hmm. Liv April 29, Is there a specific type of fertilizer I should be using for my Hoya?

Is this due to too much or too little light do you think or maybe it needs more feeding…? Thanks for your time and love your Insta account Rose Reply. Jesse May 11, Hey Rose, Thanks for the kind words! Jesse May 11, Hmm. Sarah May 23, Hi, you have such wonderful knowledge and advice for these awesome plants. Jesse May 23, Thanks for the kind words, Sarah!

Debbie June 13, Hi! Thank you for any help Robin Reply. Jesse July 7, Hey Robin, Sorry for the delayed response! Marnie June 21, Hi Jesse. Thanks for your advise Reply. Jesse July 7, Hey Jessica, I think it should be fine to re-pot while flowering, though the flowering may have actually been triggered by the root-bound pot. Joan Brown June 24, I have had a Hoya for many years. Karen July 1, My grandfather recently passed away and left me a Hoya plant , tricolor I think.

General tips for all Hoya Plant Care

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