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Celebrating The King Of Pop: Michael Jackson’s Dating History

If you noticed, this book was written about their 'relationship', a year after the tour. Sheryl Crow took my place.

Tatiana Thumbtzen

Dating History

Michael Jackson revolutionized the music industry, became the undisputed King of Pop, and, in the process, he won over millions of hearts. And we are not just talking about his army of fans from all around the world. Michael Jackson was as successful in love as he was on stage. Models, singers, and actresses—but in the end, all beautiful women—were part of the dating history of the younger member of The Jackson 5.

During his year career until his unexpected death on June 25, , Michael Jackson was seen with more than a dozen women. Some of these relationships were highly mediatic, others even reached the altar, and a couple of them were nothing more than tabloid rumors — but you know what they say, when the river sounds ….

Celebrating The King Of Pop: They started asking me if I knew Prince. I did it as if we already knew each other. Kookie kept saying how disappointed she was because they would not let her take a picture of Prince.

My girlfriend Audra was so mad at herself because she had not made it to my birthday party. She was a huge Prince fan. After blowing out my candles and opening my gifts. When our drink arrived, he offered me a taste of his drink. He took it as a sexual innuendo. I said it was not my intention and we started cracking up. Prince liked innuendos and double meanings, so he enjoyed that.

As this exciting evening progressed, Prince asked me to join him in his limo. He wanted to take me for a ride. When I walked up to the long, white stretch limo, I stopped in my tracks. I wanted to make a mental note of this magical moment. It looked like something from a fairy tale or a Hollywood movie.

I felt like Cinderella and this was the most wonderful birthday I have ever had in my life. We were listening to some of his new music on his demo. He asked me what I thought about his new stuff. One of the songs was a demo of Sheena Easto singing a song that Prince had produced. I told him that I met her once and said hello but she ignored me and that I hated that crap! He invited me to his hotel-the Sunset Marquee in Westwood.

I questioned the thought of going there with him. After all, we had just met. But we were both having such a wonderful time together and neither one of us was tired. When I entered his room, I took a mental picture of everything.

How neat he was, the artwork, even the smell of the air. Although this was a hotel, Prince was living there: He showed me around and we walked down a short hallway that led to the bedroom. I recall staring at a painting that hung above the bed. The detail was so small and faint that from a distance I could not make sense of it.

As I got closer I saw that it wall all nude women intertwined together. Prince was a musical genius and he intrigued me. He walked me towards his closet and it was amazing! It was just awesome beyond words.

Before me hung dozens and dozens of outfits. I was dazzled by the colors, textures,bold prints, and designs. For every outfit, there was a matching pair of boots. His closet was the bomb! It was unlike anything I have ever laid my eyes on. I told him him that would be cool, but I thought his pants would be excessively too short for me. However, I tried on one of his boots, and it was a perfect fit. I thought I was going to bust a gut from laughing so hard.

I thought it was great that he could joke and laugh at himself and make light of his small frame. I thought it was cool for a few seconds anyway. Suddenly, I stopped laughing because of this expression on his face. There was immediate silence. His bathroom bewildered me. Laid out were an endless amount of make-up and toiletries: Any girl would have been jealous.

You could view every piece of lip liner, mascara, and eyeliner. He had more make-up and perfume than any woman I knew. We went back into the living room and he asked me if I was hungry.

I was and minutes later everything I ordered was in double amounts. Prince did not touch any of it. I thought it was odd that he did not have anything to eat, especially since he ordered so much. Why did he order so much if he was not going to eat? Did he think I was a pig? Prince and I sat Indian style on the living room.

We just sat and talked. The conversation quickly switched to Vanity. She was the lead singer of his girl group Vanity 6. I told him that I knew Vanity and knew her real name was Denise Matthews. We met in Tokyo when we both were signed with Zoli. It was during that time she was working with Prince in the studio. They were working on a demo for the single Nasty Girls. I was staying in her New York apartment and she had given me strict instructions not to answer a red phone.

She was the only person that could answer it so I assumed that Prince called her on that phone. It was already 5: We were like two kids defying the limits and boundaries of time.

We did not want to go to sleep. I felt comfortable with him and I was having a ball. He asked me if I wanted to sleep over. Before I knew it, Prince handed me a beautiful pair of silk pajamas. The entire scenario was out of the ordinary for me but we were having fun and there was such trust and comfort that I reasoned with a myself it was okay to spend the night with him.

May 30, - Las Vegas, Nevada -The second award Michael Jackson earned for anothert half-million copies of "Thriller" sold on display at the Michael She explains, "I looked into his eyes and he did this really sexy thing - he bit his lip But the dream of dating a pop superstar as she toured the world with him were shattered when Jackson dumped her. She recalls, "My dates just went by. A friend calls me, Michael's stand-in, and tells me, 'What's going on?

I'm really concerned about you. Sheryl Crow is doing your number

Tatiana Thumbtzen Dating History

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